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In the Mist

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Thank you David G for these photos captioned “Although they can be a blot on the landscape, they can also be MISTYcal“.

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Debbie’s Nest Watch

Photos continue to be added to the story of these American goldfinch chicks. Click here to see the slide show.


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Thank you John F-S for this reminder of sunnier times and addition to our (albeit very short) series of places to visit this holiday season.

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A Parwickian in New York

Thank you Debbie W for responding to our call for more photographs, though these are perhaps a little outside our area. However in August we allow some latitude (some 72 degrees in this case):

Although I’m no John F-S or David G, thought people might enjoy the attached. I write this while on holiday here at my dad’s house in upstate New York (Canandaigua, Finger Lakes region).

I found a nest on his property while picking wild blackberries. Field research means I now know it is a bird called an American Goldfinch? I decided to take one photo a day, at the same time each day (10:00 am) and gave myself approximately 1 to 2 minutes to get the shot to ensure as little disturbance as possible to the nest and contents. I’m being watched closely by ‘mom’ who flies to a near by tree and watch – and scold me rather loudly – during each photo ‘session’.

The story so far…

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Three more photographs added 22nd August 2014, and a further three photos added 23rd Aug:

Yesterday all was quiet on the nest front, everyone was asleep. Today they were awake and hungry! It is really interesting to note that some birds are now opening their eyes, and also the feathers are beginning to come in for their wings. I counted five little beaks – so far all eggs are still accounted for.

Another photo added 25th Aug:

They are getting so much stronger and really stretching out of the nest for food. Not making a lot of noise yet.

Another photo added 26th Aug:

This angle gives you a bit better idea of how far the little guys are stretching out of the nest. They still aren’t making any peeping noises, which seems rather strange to me. I’m wondering if they only do that for mum and not Parwikians with a camera rather than worms?

Another three photos added 27th Aug:

The wing feathers are beginning to form on the bigger babies and their eyes seem to be fully open now. There is one bird that is a lot smaller, I’m calling him Horace. Hoping he manages to fight past the others and get enough to eat to grow…

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Mystery Tour


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Things to do in August?

After tonight’s Parwich Panoramic Five things usually go quiet on the Blog until the start of the School term and Annual Flower & Vegetable Show in early September, though this year we do have the Local Authority sponsored Family Games events. However if you have any suggestions or photographs of things to do or places to go in August do email them to and we can share them on the Blog.

Here are a few photographs I have taken yesterday and today at Arbor Low, Robin Hood’s Stride and Hobhurst Cave in Deepdale. These are on my list of places to take visitors, so, as I now have visited them quite often, I am looking forward to getting ideas of new places to add to the list.

Peter T

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Over 60s June Trip


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