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Important New Arrival


Parwich is now the proud owner of its very own static defibrillator!! Thanks to Lottery funding, Waitrose and local charities and the organisational efforts of Martin C, on behalf of Parwich First Responders, villagers will have this kit at their disposal to use in the event of a heart attack when there are no First Responders available to assist.

How does it work? As always the first step will be to dial 999. If there is no First Responder to be dispatched the caller will be advised that they can get our static defibrillator and given instructions how to operate it. This equipment can then be used until such time as an ambulance arrives.

How will I know what to do? The defibrillator will “talk” you through what you need to do. However, training for the entire village will be provided (hopefully at the end of September) to ensure that you are confident to use it. Parwich First Responders strongly recommend that you attend this training so that you know exactly what to do to save the life of a loved-one at what will be a traumatic time.

Remember: the earlier chest compressions followed by use of a defibrillator (if appropriate) are started, the better the outcome for the patient.

Please watch this space for further information. We also hope to deliver information to each household.

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Carpet Fitter Wanted

Does anyone know a local carpet fitter?

Many thanks

Rona & Stuart C

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LPG Boiler Servicing

LPG boiler servicing

As a number of people in Parwich, we have an LPG boiler, and have had mixed experiences in getting it serviced every year. There seem to be fewer qualified engineers around locally who can offer this, but I wonder if anyone has a good reliable LPG engineer recommendation they could offer?

Graham and Amanda

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Vodaphone Signal Query

We are moving to Creamery Lane at the end of the month, I wondered if anyone has had experience of using a “Vodafone Sure Signal” device in their homes to boost the reception for Vodafone or Orange mobiles (currently no signal at all). We are aware that we will get a good 02 signal in the house but as we all still have existing contracts with Vodafone and Orange, I am investigating to see if we can avoid having to have two contracts each for the next year!!
I can be contacted at if any one has any experience of this.
Many thanks
Lynn & Nigel

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Saturday Tidy Up


Chip butties at the Sycamore Inn afterwards for all involved in the Village Tidy Up.

(Note: if you can’t make Saturday, you can still join in by doing some tidying or trimming by your house another day.)

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Missing Post?

We have contacted customer services at Royal Mail delivery and discovered there has been an incident in the Alfreton area whereby post has been wilfully delayed by an employee. Some of the mail concerned was for DE6 and may explain why certain items of post we were expecting have not arrived.
Apparently the mail has been recovered and will be posted out. That is all I can tell you but maybe might explain why others in Parwich have not received expected mail.

Sue C

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e-on Electricity Bills

A personal note:

Is anyone else having problems with their e-on electricity bills? I received, this lunchtime, an electric bill for the last quarter, based apparently on actual readings, that amounts to well over twice the normal charges for the full year. This would mean I have increased my consumption some eight fold. This is for a one-roomed cottage, in a very mild winter, when I had been away for nearly four weeks of that time. A near neighbour reports they are currently in dispute with e-on in a similar situation.

Peter T

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