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As of 11pm Wednesday 5th November, our recent poll, here at, indicates that some 19% of respondents use the Vodafone mobile network and of these 90% have no mobile reception at all. Also it would appear that Vodafone reception is poorer than other networks, though only three individuals (9%) reported an adequate signal. (NB. If you do have a good signal, do share which network you use.)

A majority of respondents (91%) are in favour of local participation in the Vodafone Rural Sure Signal programme. (Click here for information on the scheme.) To move this forward, it needs volunteers to identify a site for the required unit and to liaise with Vodafone and with the Parish Council(s). The Blog Team would be happy to support anyone taking this on.

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Terry P would like to let people know about the potential impact neighbouring trees can have on household insurance:


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Martin C suggested we run a post in response to a recent article in the Ashbourne News Telegraph, where our MP, Patrick McLoughlin, urged villages to put themselves forward for the Vodafone ‘Rural Open Sure Signal’ programme. Click here for more information on this Vodafone scheme.

This scheme uses a local booster using broadband, which “… creates 3G signal. It’s also ‘open’, so as long as you’re within range and have a 3G device, you’ll automatically connect to it. This means you’ll be able to make clear calls and get online in rural locations where you couldn’t before“.

The closing date is soon, so please respond promptly to the following questions, in order to evaluate whether or not there is any local interest:

Also, out of general interest for non-Vodafone users:

Feel free to add any relevant comments below, especially, if you have a good signal, let us know which network you use.

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Parwich Telephone Directory

With people having options other than BT as a call provider it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the number of the person you want to contact in the village. I have been thinking for sometime about creating a Parwich Telephone Directory, not to be shared on but for individuals to have as a hard copy. Does anyone else think this would be useful? I am looking for a winter project…………………………..!!

Fiona H

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School Closed Day 2

The main has burst again and the vast majority of the village including school is without water. We have no other option in cases like this other than to close the school.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Jenny W

Caroline H messaged at 8am:

I spoke with the men from Severn Trent who are working on the burst pipe. There is no intention to turn the water off again today but the pressure will be much lower for the time being, while repairs are taking place.

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