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Parwich Telephone Directory

With people having options other than BT as a call provider it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the number of the person you want to contact in the village. I have been thinking for sometime about creating a Parwich Telephone Directory, not to be shared on but for individuals to have as a hard copy. Does anyone else think this would be useful? I am looking for a winter project…………………………..!!

Fiona H

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School Closed Day 2

The main has burst again and the vast majority of the village including school is without water. We have no other option in cases like this other than to close the school.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Jenny W

Caroline H messaged at 8am:

I spoke with the men from Severn Trent who are working on the burst pipe. There is no intention to turn the water off again today but the pressure will be much lower for the time being, while repairs are taking place.

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School Closed today

Apparently Parwich School is closed today because the water is off. Earlier there was no mains water running in at least part of the Village. At present on the Green (8.45am) I have water but with very low pressure.

Please add comments if you have any updates.

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Aluminium Foil for Charity?

I have a bag of used foil (milk bottle tops, trays, wine bottle tops, no cans). I gave it to the RNIB in the past, but don’t know whether there is a charity, with a local base, that still collects foil. Far too little to take it to the scrap merchant!

Before I put it in the recycling bin, has anyone got another, charitable suggestion?

Saskia T

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Important New Arrival


Parwich is now the proud owner of its very own static defibrillator!! Thanks to Lottery funding, Waitrose and local charities and the organisational efforts of Martin C, on behalf of Parwich First Responders, villagers will have this kit at their disposal to use in the event of a heart attack when there are no First Responders available to assist.

How does it work? As always the first step will be to dial 999. If there is no First Responder to be dispatched the caller will be advised that they can get our static defibrillator and given instructions how to operate it. This equipment can then be used until such time as an ambulance arrives.

How will I know what to do? The defibrillator will “talk” you through what you need to do. However, training for the entire village will be provided (hopefully at the end of September) to ensure that you are confident to use it. Parwich First Responders strongly recommend that you attend this training so that you know exactly what to do to save the life of a loved-one at what will be a traumatic time.

Remember: the earlier chest compressions followed by use of a defibrillator (if appropriate) are started, the better the outcome for the patient.

Please watch this space for further information. We also hope to deliver information to each household.

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