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Variable Broadband Speed

I had been away for a couple of weeks, but when I got home on Sunday evening I noticed my BT broadband has become much more erratic. It is very variable, with download speed varying from 0.1 Mb/s to 7 Mb/s, and surprisingly upload varying too (this week I have recorded speeds between 0.4 and 4 Mb/s).

In part this must relate to the number of households on line as it is slower in the evening. So far, Tuesday afternoon and evening have been the worst, when it was at its slowest with repeated breaks in connection. It was for a while on Tuesday unusable. However, since starting with BT in April, I had previously had a very consistent service.

BT had increased the capacity in the Parwich exchange in April, and attempted to upgrade the service in June, though this failed and left at least one household without any broadband. Is this current blip just effecting BT customers?

I have no wish to go back to my experiences with AOL TalkTalk when I was getting a daily fluctuations in download between 7 Mb/s and 0.001 Mb/s. Was I wrong not to have gone with W3Z?

Peter T

Other Blog Team members report their broadband has slowed recently too. What has been your experience on the Parwich exchange recently? Do we need to contact the BT Press Office to ask for an explaination? Is this effecting only BT customers or are other suppliers involved too? Please let us know about your recent experiences.

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Bin Collection Next Week

DDDC have reminded us that due to the Bank Holiday on Monday, next week’s bin collection will take place one day later than usual.

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As can be seen from Ian Sneap’s comment on a previous post here, W3Z are extending their wireless broadband service to Parwich village. They are installing an additional relay on a private house in Creamery Lane which means over 85% of Parwich will be able to utilise their service. Click here to visit the W3Z website.

(With BT having resolved the capacity issues in the Parwich exchange, their plans to provide later this year a super fast fibre optic connection, and with the W3Z super fast wireless option open to more in the next week, hopefully things can only get better.)

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Next Week’s Bins

We have had a reminder from DDDC that the next week’s bin collection will be one day late as a result of the bank holiday

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Broadband Update

BT have resolved the capacity issues at the Parwich exchange and are now connecting new customers to broadband. (I was connected this lunch time.) Also for those not wanting to rely on phone lines W3Z are currently extending their coverage of our area so more people will be able to get a signal.

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Volunteers Needed for Samaritans

We have received the following information from Buxton and High Peak Samaritans:

Volunteers sought for Buxton branch of Samaritans

Could you support people who are struggling to cope and need someone to turn to?  If so, Samaritans of Buxton and High Peak are looking for volunteers.“If you’d like to know more about learning the skills needed to support people in distress or despair, we would love to hear from you.” says Director Maria Kenyon. (more…)

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‘BT broadband nightmare’

The following has been provided by Peter T as a local resident, rather than in his capacity as a Blog Team member

Apologies for hijacking the blog for a personal rant about BT’s appalling customer service. Foolishly I allowed the allure of faster download speeds to outweigh others’ warnings of BT’s bad customer service. I made my arrangements for my recent move on the basis of BT’s advice and commitments on ensuring no gap in my broadband provision. Some 15+ hours of phone calls later, after some eight assured connection dates between the 30th of March and the 17th of April, some five agents and managers failing to ring back when they promised, never speaking to the same person twice, conflicting and inconsistent explanations of what the problem is, repeatedly being cut off when placed on hold and over two weeks of no broadband, I was told yesterday that because of capacity problems in the exchange BT are unable to connect any new Broadband customers in the Parwich exchange before 31st of July 2015.


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