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Important New Arrival


Parwich is now the proud owner of its very own static defibrillator!! Thanks to Lottery funding, Waitrose and local charities and the organisational efforts of Martin C, on behalf of Parwich First Responders, villagers will have this kit at their disposal to use in the event of a heart attack when there are no First Responders available to assist.

How does it work? As always the first step will be to dial 999. If there is no First Responder to be dispatched the caller will be advised that they can get our static defibrillator and given instructions how to operate it. This equipment can then be used until such time as an ambulance arrives.

How will I know what to do? The defibrillator will “talk” you through what you need to do. However, training for the entire village will be provided (hopefully at the end of September) to ensure that you are confident to use it. Parwich First Responders strongly recommend that you attend this training so that you know exactly what to do to save the life of a loved-one at what will be a traumatic time.

Remember: the earlier chest compressions followed by use of a defibrillator (if appropriate) are started, the better the outcome for the patient.

Please watch this space for further information. We also hope to deliver information to each household.

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Carpet Fitter Wanted

Does anyone know a local carpet fitter?

Many thanks

Rona & Stuart C

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LPG Boiler Servicing

LPG boiler servicing

As a number of people in Parwich, we have an LPG boiler, and have had mixed experiences in getting it serviced every year. There seem to be fewer qualified engineers around locally who can offer this, but I wonder if anyone has a good reliable LPG engineer recommendation they could offer?

Graham and Amanda

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Vodaphone Signal Query

We are moving to Creamery Lane at the end of the month, I wondered if anyone has had experience of using a “Vodafone Sure Signal” device in their homes to boost the reception for Vodafone or Orange mobiles (currently no signal at all). We are aware that we will get a good 02 signal in the house but as we all still have existing contracts with Vodafone and Orange, I am investigating to see if we can avoid having to have two contracts each for the next year!!
I can be contacted at if any one has any experience of this.
Many thanks
Lynn & Nigel

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Saturday Tidy Up


Chip butties at the Sycamore Inn afterwards for all involved in the Village Tidy Up.

(Note: if you can’t make Saturday, you can still join in by doing some tidying or trimming by your house another day.)

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Missing Post?

We have contacted customer services at Royal Mail delivery and discovered there has been an incident in the Alfreton area whereby post has been wilfully delayed by an employee. Some of the mail concerned was for DE6 and may explain why certain items of post we were expecting have not arrived.
Apparently the mail has been recovered and will be posted out. That is all I can tell you but maybe might explain why others in Parwich have not received expected mail.

Sue C

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e-on Electricity Bills

A personal note:

Is anyone else having problems with their e-on electricity bills? I received, this lunchtime, an electric bill for the last quarter, based apparently on actual readings, that amounts to well over twice the normal charges for the full year. This would mean I have increased my consumption some eight fold. This is for a one-roomed cottage, in a very mild winter, when I had been away for nearly four weeks of that time. A near neighbour reports they are currently in dispute with e-on in a similar situation.

Peter T

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Derbyshire Dales District Council have issued the following update about Easter rubbish and recycling collections:

Easter waste and recycling collection changes

Derbyshire Dales residents are being warned to expect changes to their usual waste and recycling collections over Easter.

The District Council’s contractor Serco will work as normal on Good Friday (18 April), but there will be no collections on Easter Monday (21 April).

It means collections that week will be one day later than usual and will include a Saturday collection on 26 April.

Looking further ahead, the same applies in the weeks beginning with Monday 5 May and Monday 26 May, both of which are also Bank Holidays.

The District Council is urging residents to use the online search at to see which containers to put out and download a collection calendar.

Local people can also sign up for a free e-newsletter at to be kept informed of any changes to bin collections.

This means that our Grey bin and food caddy collection this week is on Wednesday as normal, but that next week’s recycling (Green bin, Blue bin and food caddy) collections are a day later on Thursday 26th April. Local collection days are shown on our Diary page here at

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Has anyone else had problems with their Freeview reception in the last couple of days, especially BBC1 but other channels as well?

Martin C

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Encore Reuse is a furniture recycling charity based in Ashbourne and they are in need of your good quality unwanted furniture, electrical’s and bric-a-brac. They take:

  • sofa’s, armchairs & beds (must have fire safety labels attached)
  • wardrobes
  • tables & chairs
  • bookcases
  • TV stands
  • display units
  • office furniture
  • garden furniture
  • bedside cabinets
  • bureaus
  • chest of drawers & dressing tables
  • books
  • utensils, crockery & glassware
  • pictures & decorative housewares
  • working electrical items ( PAT tests are carried out on site)

How do I donate items?

You can either drop them off at Henmore Trading Estate Warehouse on Mayfield Road, Ashbourne (Mon-Fri 9.00-4.30 or Sat 9.00-2:30) or arrange free collection of larger items by telephoning Encore Reuse on 01335 300907.

You can also visit Encore Reuse or their adjoining upcycling shop Vintage Green to view/purchase their low cost furniture.

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Mystery Night Time Phone Calls

A number of people on the local exchange received a mystery phone call in the early hours of this morning. At approximately 2.20am their phones rang until answered, but they then were greeted with approximately 20 seconds of silence before the line went dead.

1471 responded with ‘we do not have the caller’s number’. So far we are aware of six local numbers involved (the numbers are not consecutive, the last three digits ranging from the 200s to the 600s). Interesting that all seemed to be rung around the same time. Any answers to this mystery?

Updated 3.15pm: although not every one got this night time call, a significant proportion of Parwich seemed to have been woken.

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Somewhat belatedly here is an update on the situation re. the ‘bring’ recycling point at the Sycamore Inn. The general recycling here has now been removed.

Following a reader request we ran an on-line poll here at on this ‘bring’ recycling point, to which some 78 individuals responded, with a large minority (45%) in favour of retaining some form of central recycling point in Parwich (click here to see our report in pdf format). This report was sent to the Parish Council, who were supportive of the need to retain some form of central recycling point in Parwich (click here to see their response posted here at

We also forwarded it to our District Council, Sir Richard FitzHerbert, along with a request for further discussion of what action could be taken to enable some central recycling to continue in Parwich. He passed the information on to Heidi McDougall (Head of Environmental Services) asking her to respond on his behalf. She has sent a full email (the text of her response is reproduced at the end of this post), explaining reasons why it would not be possible to retain the then existing service at the Sycamore. The District Council is strongly stating that any problems residents have must be dealt with on a house by house basis. Residents can contact the waste helpline on 01629 761122 to discuss their own particular situation.


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The review of part-night street lighting in Parwich by is ending shortly. So if you have not had your say vote now by clicking on this link.

So far, despite the strong views last spring, there is no consensus on individual street lights with only small numbers voting, however on the overall poll there has been 39 votes with strong support for the idea of part night lighting (77%), with making all lights part night the most popular option (31%). Do continue to vote!

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Mobile Library Consultation

Derbyshire County Council have sent us the following:

 Consultation on mobile library proposals starts next week

Residents will be asked for their views in a consultation starting next week on proposed changes to our mobile library service to help us deal with budget cuts. (more…)

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Sign of the times?

Seen in the village this morning, where four cheerful chaps were putting in a new pole to keep us all in the light!
– Lynette C

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No longer required!


Derbyshire Dales are removing the general recycling bins at the Sycamore Inn in the week beginning the 20th January as they are ‘no longer required’. Here they are photographed this morning:


With overflow:


What do you think? Though they do want to keep the clothing recycling bin:


We will be collating the information gathered here at (see also Recycling at the Sycamore and Sycamore Inn Recycling Site to Close) and passing it on to Sir Richard FitzHerbert, our Councillor, and to the Parish Council. You can have your own say by contacting them directly or commenting on this post.

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Christmas Tree Recycling

Derbyshire Dales District Council have issued these instructions on the recycling of Christmas trees:

You can recycle your real Christmas tree by:

  • Placing it at the edge of your property on your green/recycling day collection (between 2 – 31 January). Trees should be no longer than 5 feet in length so it may be necessary to break/saw the tree into a manageable size. Please remove the decorations and plant pot.
  • Taking it to your nearest household waste recycling centre. It will then be composted along with other garden materials.

The next recycling collection for Parwich is Wednesday January 15th.

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Broadband Speed?

Has anyone noticed broadband speeds dropping in the evenings recently? Last night, for instance, it was incredibly slow just to load up web pages. I am with TalkTalk.


Previously when this problem has been raised before it was a matter of which service provider you used. Have other readers noticed any change in their broadband?

(Note. I am using AOL TalkTalk at present but receive a very variable download speed, it varies by a factor of 1,000, between aprox. 2 or 3am, when there is a good speed and 8 or 9pm when it is virtually unusable. I plan to change providers when I move. It does seem to have got worse recently. Peter T)

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Grey bins and food caddies will be emptied a day earlier on Christmas week (Tuesday December 24th), and recycling bins/food caddies will be emptied a day later on the following week (Thursday January 2nd).

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Success of the household recycling collections means that Derbyshire Dales District Council are considering reducing the number of ‘bring’ recycling points. The sites under consideration for closure includes the one at the Sycamore Inn.

A council spokesman says:

Derbyshire Dales can probably now boast the top home recycling figure in the county thanks to local people recycling 8% more than at this time last year. Everything that can be recycled at bring sites can now be recycled at home.

We always anticipated the convenience of the household scheme would impact on our bring sites – that’s why we agreed to annually review the contract with H W Martin. To ensure the contract continues at no cost to Dales Council Tax payers it makes sense to close sites that require long travel distances or currently produce very low recycling yields.

We will of course clean and remove any screening from the sites that are scheduled to close and monitor each site to identify any potential fly-tipping issues.

To find out more go to the Derbyshire Dales District Council’s news update on their website.

What do you think about this in relation to the Parwich ‘bring’ recycling point at the Sycamore Inn? Do you still take any recycling to the containers at the pub? Do complete the poll below and add comments to this post.

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In March of this year we undertook a poll of our readers’ views on the planned introduction of part-night street lighting (click here to see the poll results). In May part-night street lighting was implemented in Parwich village. Many of our poll’s recommendations were implemented, but some were not (click here to see what was not implemented).

How have you been effected by part-night street lighting so far? At the time, our Councillor, Simon Spencer, expressed a strong commitment to responding to any changes we felt were needed once we had experience of part-night street lighting. After Christmas, here at, we will be offering readers a chance to have their say again. This will include polls on individual lights where our readers’ wishes were previously over ruled, and any other street lights that our readers have subsequently raised.

Let us know, using the comments facility with this post, about any street lights that you want to ask Derbyshire County Council to reconsider (be it part-night lights you feel should be on all night, or all night lights you feel only need to be on part-night) and we will include them in our review.

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Hartington Surgery Patients’ Group

Hartington Surgery Patients’ Group AGM
The 24th Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 11th November 2013 at 7.30 pm at The Surgery, Dig Street, Hartington.
All patients are cordially invited to attend.

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Boiler Servicing?


New to Parwich. Anyone recommend someone for oil boiler servicing and installation. We seem to have a very smelly old boiler!

Dawn & Steve

Please add any information as a comment below or send an email to, marking it for forwarding to Dawn and Steve.

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Is your electric blanket safe?

Thank you Carl and Derbyshire Fire & Rescue for this information:

Electric Blanket

Click on image above for more information.

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Leatherbritches 6Oct13

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Electric Blanket check-ups

Thank you Carl and Derbyshire Fire & Rescue for this information:

Electric Blanket

Click on image above for more information.

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Curries on the Green: a new dish

I have just made a batch of rich and spicy chicken balti with an extra special sauce, containing twelve different ingredients.

It is £6.50 a for a generous portion.

Telephone: 01335 390488.

Cheers Paul B.

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Reading on the blog that super-fast broadband will be here in the next ten years, would anyone know of a reliable broadband supplier at the moment with decent speeds? I am looking for a bundle with anytime calls. Look forward to any comments.

Thanks, Terry P.

Note: There was some previous discussion of broadband speed in February this year and, more relevant, of recommended providers in 2010, but things are likely to have changed since then.

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A £27.67 million project to transform broadband speeds for thousands more businesses and residents across Derbyshire was announced today

Derbyshire County Council, which has spearheaded the Digital Derbyshire programme, has signed a contract with BT to make fibre broadband available to a further 88,000 premises across the county, bringing access to more than 95 per cent of homes and businesses by 2016. The project builds on BT’s existing commercial fibre deployment in the county.

The project aims to ensure that the remaining premises will also see an uplift in speed and deliver a minimum of 2Mbps or more to almost all homes and businesses, fast enough to use online services such as BBC iPlayer.

The council chose BT to work in partnership on its Digital Derbyshire programme after an extensive procurement process using the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) framework.

BT is contributing £12.87 million to the project while Derbyshire County Council is contributing £4.9 million. A further £7.4 million is coming from the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) funds as well as £2.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Openreach, BT’s local network division, will now begin the work on the ground with engineers surveying locations around the county and analysing the best way to roll out the network and to identify which areas of the county will be upgraded for fibre broadband. There will be a phased approach to the roll-out, with the first areas predicted to be upgraded in 2014.

Fibre to the Cabinet will be the main technology deployed. This can deliver wholesale downstream speeds of up to 80Mbps, and upstreamspeeds of up to 20Mbps. Fibre to the Premises technology − delivering ultra-fast wholesale speeds of up to 330Mbps − will also be deployed in certain areas and will be available on demand throughout the  fibre footprint should local businesses want the ultra-fast speeds it offers.

For more details see

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We get a lot of information and press releases from the County and District Councils and the Peak Park Authority. Many are not of specific interest to our immediate area or are too general for However today there are few that may be of tangential interest to some of our readers, not enough to warrant separate posts, but perhaps worth a brief listing here:

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Judith B writes:

Our Aga is broken and the engineers Phil suggested “Blakemore & Chell” but they don’t service electric Agas. Neither could/would they recommend anyone. Can anyone recommend a service engineer for electric Agas?

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Cottage Curries

Home made curries prepared to authentic recipes using the best ingredients, frozen in microwaveable containers.

  • Chicken Balti*** or Chicken Tikka masala***, £5.95
  • Lamb Jalfrezi, £6.75, ***
  • Lamb Vindaloo, £6.95****
  • Chilli con carne, with lime juice, dark chocolate & Chipolti smoked chilli. £5.25***
  • Rice, plain or pilau, £1.50.

Please telephone 01335 390488 for orders or enquiries, Cottage Curries is fully registered and has a five star hygiene rating.

Special requests catered for with sufficient notice.

Paul and Evie Burlinson
The Cottage On The Green, Parwich
Tel. 01335 390 488. Email

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Derbyshire Consumer Hub

New website helps people stay a step ahead of rogue traders

Derbyshire residents now have a new weapon against rogue traders and scammers as a new website is officially launched to help protect local consumers.

The Derbyshire Consumer Hub has been designed to highlight scams, tackle rip-offs and provide information about people’s rights when a product is faulty or a service goes wrong.

Derbyshire County Council has partnered with Citizens Advice Bureaux across Derbyshire who have developed the site − (opens in a new window) – funded by Consumer Empowerment Partnership.

The site brings together a network of advice agencies and local campaigners working to ensure people can find information and guidance about consumer affairs.

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Derbyshire Dales District Council have made their new waste collection calendar available for download. This covers the period from May 30th to December 18th 2013.

Please click here to view it.

You can also find a link to this document on our INFO page, on the SITE MAP, and in the ELSEWHERE ON PARWICH.ORG section of the sidebar to your right. Weekly details are also published on our DIARY page, and on the weekly “What’s On” posts.

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This email has been sent to the blog by Parwich Parish Council, the following appeared in a circular from Rural Action Derbyshire and provides information from a charity offering refurbished computers with some software and a warrenty for people in rural areas at a small cost.

Arthur Rank Centre – Computers for Rural People

Living in a rural area, whether on a farm miles from anywhere, or even in a country town, means spending time and money travelling about to get things done.

Email and Internet provide enormous opportunities when you can’t just pop round the corner to the shop or library etc, yet computers are usually expensive items, and few people want to buy one “just to see if one day it might be useful”. Once you have one and know how to use it, and appreciate what it can do, you don’t mind paying but that first step is often inhibited by the cost.

The Arthur Rank Centre is committed to supporting the rural community, and has set up the “Computers for Rural People” scheme to provide computers at very low cost to encourage people to take the first step.  (more…)

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Free caddy liners distributed across the Derbyshire Dales

The distribution of free compostable caddy liners to all 33,000 households across the Derbyshire Dales is set to be completed this week.

An annual supply of liners for residents’ kitchen food caddies was part of the agreement between Derbyshire Dales District Council and contractor Serco when a new recycling service was launched last autumn.Residents received an initial supply of the liners with their new recycling containers from October last year. From now on they will receive a free annual supply of 52 liners each year.

Additional liners can be bought online at or from the District Council’s reception desks at the Town Hall in Matlock, Bakewell Agricultural Centre and the leisure centres in Ashbourne, Bakewell, Matlock and Wirksworth.

A District Council spokesperson said: “Local people might notice their annual supply of caddy liners differs from the initial supply as these have no printing on them, but they do comply with the strict compostable standards set by the recycling company.It’s important that only liners approved by the District Council are used to transfer food waste from kitchen caddies to kerbside caddies for the weekly collection. Alternatively, our message to residents is don’t use a liner at all; simply wash out your kitchen caddy after use.”

A wealth of information about waste and recycling in the Derbyshire Dales is available online at

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Ashbourne Community Transport

A message to local groups and individuals from Ashbourne Community Transport:

Ashbourne Community Transport 1Ashbourne Community Transport

Dear Local Groups,

We would like to introduce our services. We have 12 wheelchair accessible vehicles available for hire for trips out etc. during the week, evenings and weekends. Our vehicles range from 12 seats to 16 seats.  (more…)

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We are updating the directory of local businesses and services – – which can also be found using the INFO tab at the top of this page.

If you run an enterprise based in Parwich, Alsop, Ballidon or Pikehall and would like to be included in this list, contact  or any member of the Blog team. Please give a brief description of the business/service together with contact details. If you are aware of anyone not on this list but think they might wish to be included please pass on the message.

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The final results for our Street Light polls have now been counted. It may be possible to still vote for several days, but these votes will not be included in the information sent to Derbyshire County Council (DCC).

You can still comment on
the County Council’s own website until Tuesday (2nd April 2013)

Our full poll results and workings out can be down loaded as a pdf by clicking here, and will be forwarded to the County Council. However here is a summary:

PARWICH.ORG readers supported the general principle of ‘part night lighting with decisions being made on a light by light basis’. The poll results agreed with DCC’s proposals for 16 lights, did not reach any consensus for one light, and disagreed with the proposals for 16 lights.

There is a clear recommendation that more lights be part night than the County Council proposes,  (more…)

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