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Snow falling

5am – there is a covering of snow in the Village, with more on higher ground. Buxton Weather Watch report there is over an inch in Buxton. More snow is possible over the next few hours but sunshine is forecast by this afternoon with today’s maximum temperatures getting up to around 8°C, so it is not likely to last.

However, take care on the roads this morning and if you meet any difficulties do let other readers know through the comments below.

(No road problems or school closures are currently (5.30am) reported on the County Council Snow Information page of their website.)

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After the Eclipse

First there was the crescent sun, then later, can you spot the crescent moon? Photo by David G.


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More local eclipse shots


Photos by David G

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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A timely gap in the clouds

Well, surprisingly there was a gap in the clouds just at the maximum of the eclipse.


Thank you Cheryl W for sending us this ‘Villager Jim’ photo.

(Added 12.30, have found out that ‘Villager Jim’ is an Eyam based photographer, so though looking pretty much as the eclipse did from Parwich, this photo is likely to have been taken from a little further north. To find out more about Villager Jim and his work click here to see his Facebook page. It is well worth checking out and if you are a Facebook member clicking his ‘like’ button.)

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This is a picture of my niece, Emma Hacking, following the BBC’s advice on how to safely watch the solar eclipse using a colander.

Hopefully something to make you smile on a Friday morning


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Friday’s Eclipse

Just in case you have missed the hype, or have been overwhelmed by information on

  • Vernal equinoxes (corrected to – for this year 10.45pm Friday 20th March), this is the mid point between the longest and shortest days, when night and day are approximately the same length.
  • Super moons (moonrise tomorrow Friday 6.05am), occur when the moon orbits closest to the Earth, meaning this is when it appears largest from Earth. Tomorrow morning sees a new/crescent moon, click here for a sun and moon timetable for Derby.
  • Solar eclipses occur when the moon travels in front of the sun. Tomorrow morning’s partial eclipse sees for our area at its maximum the moon obscuring some 90% of the sun.

here is the timing of tomorrow’s partial solar eclipse:

Eclipse Timing
Day Time Event Location
Fri 20th 8.30 to 10.40am Solar Eclipse
90% maximum at aprox 9.30am

With some lovely clear weather this afternoon, let’s hope there is a similar break in the clouds tomorrow morning. Click here for the Met Office information relating to tomorrow’s eclipse. Also for instructions on eye safety when observing the sun and the eclipse click here.

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Promising start to the day

Photos by David G – it must have been a busy morning for planes!

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