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The hawthorn blossom is certainly spectacular this year, as can be seen in these photos sent to us by Mike Goulden (taken from Pasture Lane towards Rainster Rocks on Friday 30/5/08).


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The last allotments in Parwich went at the end of the Second World War.  However, a few people have expressed an interest in again finding a place locally to grow some vegetables.  It could be an unused part of someone’s garden or part of a field.  If anyone has any land that they would be happy for others to use (rent could be in kind: vegetables or a bit of gardening) or if you also want to find somewhere yourself in or around Parwich please email and we will pass the information on.

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Our 500th comment was left on PARWICH.ORG this morning – and for anyone interested in the issues relating to the history and future of the Spar shop, it’s a must read.  Our thanks to Stuart, for taking the time and trouble to leave such a detailed and informed analysis.

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Ideas for Sunday

Stanton in the Peak Open Gardens – 1-5pm with 20+ gardens open, cream teas, plant & craft sales.  This is a small estate village on a steep hillside with some stunning panoramic views.  There are twisting roads & paths by which you can explore some hidden gardens.  £3 per person, all funds go to the British Heart Foundation & the Village Fund.  It is within 20minutes of Parwich, between Birchover & Bakewell.

Sunday evening – Quiz night at the Sycamore – 7.45 for a prompt 8pm start.  This quiz has been organised by Don & Audrey for Project Parwich.  It’ll be a real good fun evening, a mix of questions & a chance to catch up with friends & neighbours.  Raffle Prizes will be gratefully received so look through your cupboards for any unwanted gifts or an odd bottle or two.

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Brassington Tour

For more details contact Andrew Robinson tel 202 or Peter Trewhitt tel 287

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Thank you to Chris Elton for pointing out a press release on the Communities and Local Government website. Hazel Blears, Communities Secretary, speaking to the National Association of Local Councils in Eastbourne on 21st May praised Parish Councils, saying:

We are seeing a new era of modern ‘parish power’. It’s high time we got away from stereotypes that parishes are sleepy, out of touch operations. Parishes are about local democracy in action and I’m proud to be strengthening their arm.

As the smallest unit of local democracy, their small size belies the big impact they can have. The truth is new parishes can revive democracy, and modernise communities by putting more power into local people’s hands. That’s why we are boosting the power of parishes, devolving more power from central and local governments to local people.

Our forthcoming Empowerment White Paper will herald a significant shift of power, giving people a real say over the local issues that matter to them – schools, hospitals, police and housing. We need to learn from the best, and many parish councils are past masters at giving local people a voice. (more…)

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We have just expanded our “Photographs” page to include almost all the original images that have appeared on PARWICH.ORG to date.

Click here to take a look, and then click on each image to enlarge it.

New images will be added to the top of the page on a fairly regular basis, so it’s worth checking back from time to time. There’s a permanent link to the Photographs page in the ELSEWHERE ON PARWICH.ORG section, over on the right hand column. You can also get to it via USEFUL INFO and the Site Map.

We’re always delighted to receive your photos, so do please keep sending them in.

Oh, and don’t forget the online jigsaws! They’re great stress relievers!

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This week’s News Telegraph

So far I have only found three snippets in the Ashbourne News Telegraph directly relating to our immediate area:

Indirectly linked to Parwich, there is an article relating to the Ashbourne Volunteer Centre, which is holding a photographic competition to coincide with the National Volunteers’ Week which runs from Sunday (1st June) to Saturday (7th June).  (more…)

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Church Cottage Planning Appeal

Today, Wednesday 28th May, saw the informal hearing of the planning appeal relating to the garden room at Church Cottage in Parwich: the Peak District National Park Authority seeking to enforce a solid roadside wall on the scheme and the appellants wishing to retain it as built.

The change from Aldern House to a more local venue (Fenny Bentley School) was successful, as some dozen local residents attended. Despite this, we still think that the Memorial Hall, in Parwich itself, would have been more suitable.

The Planning Inspector presiding was Katie Peerless, a chartered architect. It had been originally arranged for a specialist ‘enforcement’ inspector to hear the case, but at the appellants’ request he was replaced by an architect, as both the appellants and the Authority were arguing on design grounds. The meeting opened with the Inspector summarising her understanding of the written representations.  (more…)

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Following our previous post on Kids’ Activities, we have updated the ‘Where to go‘ guide.  As well as an index of our relevant posts it now has links to lots of Peak District and surrounding area attractions, under the following headings:

Hope everyone is having a great half-term and do let us know about any places you enjoyed visiting or any fun activities.  Do add comments below or email any reviews to

Also for any budding young photographers out there, we would welcome any photos of your half-term to post on this site.

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Hobb’s Cafe at Monsal Head, near Ashford in the Water has been a cafe/tearoom for more than 80 years.  Ray & Rose took it over 2 years ago & have completely refurbished it and it is fantastic, tasteful quality.  It is made up of a series of small rooms, just like walking through several cottages – throughout tables are dotted around with the occasional sofa.  You can sit outside & enjoy the marvellous views of Monsal Dale.  Interesting craft bits, cards & potential presents fill the rear rooms.   The light lunch menu consists of sandwiches, pannini’s, oakcakes and salads with cakes & scones available all day.  We had two types of oatcakes one filled with mushrooms in a garlic & creme fraiche sauce the other with Wensleydale & Cranberry cheese with extremely imaginative salad garnish and not a boring lettuce leaf in sight.  All the cakes looked fantastic, I did resist but not next time.  Ben had this amazing chocolate squigy cake with liquid chocolate in the middle “the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had”.  Proper cappuccino’s are served as well as a good range of other drinks.  Everything seems right here, the food, the service & the surroundings.  We look forward to going back very soon.

Open Tuesday to Sunday until the end of October with reduced Winter openings.  Tel:01629 640346

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Coffee Morning next Wednesday

Wednesday 4th June
The Old Farmhouse (The Simpson’s)
Creamery Lane

Do come along and support this coffee morning, a great opportunity to catch up with friends and have a gossip.  All proceeds will go towards helping to provide flowers for our Church Flower Festival over the weekend of July 4th. 

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Hawthorn and cow parsley.

Photos taken by Kevin Slater, during this afternoon’s (decidely windswept) tour of “the outer ring road”. Please click each image to enlarge.


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Ashbourne Radio is now on-air.

Our local community station Ashbourne Radio was successfully launched at 10:00 this morning, and is now broadcasting on 96.7 FM. Reception from this end of Parwich (Creamery Lane) is loud and clear. How’s yours?

If you’re further afield, then the station can also be listened to online.

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As a direct result of the classified advert which I placed on PARWICH.ORG last Wednesday, I have just handed over two tickets to see The Osmonds in Birmingham tonight, in exchange for a £40 donation to Project Parwich.

Hopefully this will encourage more people to place classified adverts on this site. Just e-mail, and we’ll do the rest.

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Tea & Cakes

Don’t forget Tea & Cakes (homemade) in Alsop Churchyard today 11am to 4pm

Also this is the last day of the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend with exhibitions in Lewis’ studio (opposite Parwich Hall) and at Ruby’s house (Church Walk).  Look out for the balloons.

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Spar Shop: Change of Use

Given the potential significance to our community, here is an interim post to update last month’s information on local planning applications, prior to our next full listing of ‘active’ applications at the end of this month:

An application for change of use of the former Spar Shop has been submitted (Application ID: 0408/0307) for conversion of Parwich Shop from retail to domestic residential use. It seems to be for living accommodation ancillary to the existing flat. The reason for the application given is: The shop, once prosperous, has suffered since the opening of supermarkets in Ashbourne and Matlock, the latter being the “final nail in the coffin”.

The application also includes two proposed new windows: one facing onto the Square at the front (right of the existing shop door) and one facing sideways (in an old blocked doorway) towards the old farmhouse next door and the access to Hideaway Cottage. It also appears that it is proposed to close up the doorway from the the extension (garage/store) into the footpath through past the Memorial Hall. This garage/store would be used as a two car garage.

Information has been sourced from the search facility on the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) website.

The application was announced in the last Ashbourne News Telegraph (21st May ’08 ) saying comments had to be in within 21 days, which would give a deadline of 11th of June for interested parties to comment. Comments can be in writing or by email (see PDNPA’s How to comment on planning applications). We do not know if the application is to be decided on the Officers’ delegated authority or if it will go to the Planning Committee, though this may be influenced by whether there is any local opposition or not.

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Parwich Chapel to be auctioned

An interim update on our last Properties for sale/rent post:

Parwich Methodist Chapel is now on the market and is due to be auctioned by Fidler & Taylor on Thursday 3rd July at 7pm at the Green Man Hotel in Ashbourne.

Note, this is a Grade II listed building with the front boundary wall and railings included in the listing, and there is a private right of way across the site.

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Recycle your old carrier bags.

If you have any spare carrier bags can you drop them off at the pub so that Janet can use them in the shop.

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Carolyn’s corner (No 6)

From Graham and Amanda:

This post should have been written a week ago, but events transpired against us. However, we just wanted to let everyone know that we were fortunate enough to visit Carolyn in the stroke recovery unit of the DRI recently, and were obviously delighted to see her again, and to see at first hand what a remarkable recovery she is making.

All who know Carolyn will be very pleased to know that she has lost none of the characteristic strength of character which will undoubtedly ensure a full recovery. Although she is having a little difficulty with speech at the moment (a good time to have an argument with her), she demonstrated unbidden her ability to count to 20 in perfect diction, and to stand up without aid.

We laughed and shared jokes about Parwich life, – she certainly hasn’t lost her sense of humour. I ribbed her mercilessly about the rather trendy line in footwear (black and white trainers with a pink skull motif!) and alluring surgical stockings she’s been given in hospital, and she seems very adept at careering around the corridor of the hospital in a motorised wheelchair with a very appropriate “No.1” written on the back of it.

She appears comfortable in the DRI, who are looking after her well and helping with her rehabilitation therapy, although she is understandably frustrated not to be back in Parwich. Judging by her progress, we are sure it won’t be long before she is back with us here.

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Balloon landing in Parwich.

Colin Beesley writes: “I thought your readers may be interested to see this picture of the balloon that landed in Parwich last Tuesday evening.”

Please click on the photo to enlarge it.

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I have been doing some looking at other village websites for our MORE LINKS page, and wanted to share some local links.  There are several very good sites for neighbouring villages, that are also interesting because of their ‘What’s on’ pages.  Look out for events that you might want to travel to.  Perhaps the most extensive sites are Bonsall and Winster, which have both been going for several years and cover most aspects of village life.  It is also worth looking at the Birchover, Brassington, Elton and Youlgrave sites. (We especially recommend the Elton site, because they have a link back to our site.)

Although PARWICH.ORG is not yet the most comprehensive, it is perhaps the most active in terms of community participation and certainly the most interactive (mainly due to the Blogging approach we have taken).  If you come across any other Peak District community sites do let us know about them.  Also if you are interested in looking at village sites elsewhere in the country it is worth going to the A to Z directory at Villages On-Line, which has a large number of links.

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A fabulous day of Art.

If you haven’t taken time out today to explore some of the Derbyshire Open Arts you still have time.  Today we spent a wonderful 4 1/2 hours driving around the Peak District, exploring lanes that we might never have seen, admiring hawthorne trees laden with blossom & loads of tiny calves.  On top of all this we have been able to enjoy seeing some amazing talent in the form of local “artists”.  We went from Middleton in Youlgreave (lunch at Monsal Dale – but that is for another blog) to Cressbrook, Taddington, Earl Sterndale & Glutton Bridge.  Everyone has been so friendly & welcoming at each venue (some have tea & cakes on offer as well).  We’ve admired the skill & work in the wide range of paintings, photos & textile that we have seen, some we have fallen in love with & others are just not our style, but it is a unique opportunity to see such a wide variety of mediums.  At no point are you ever made to feel that you should be buying, so if you have the time on Sunday or Monday get out and enjoy the art.  We are looking forward to exploring the work of four artists who are exhibiting in Parwich tomorrow.  Let’s hope that the Arts Council see sense and continue to provide funding for future years.

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Graham Johnson writes:

We are looking for a few more public-spirited grass enthusiasts to help with mowing the grass in the church yard.

At the moment, we are struggling to keep the grass under control, and a couple more willing helping hands would really make a difference.

Anybody willing to help out of a regular (but not onerous) basis, please contact Stuart on 336 or Graham on 344.

Any help will guarantee an invitation to the Parwich social event of the year: “The Mower’s Ball”.

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Old posts don’t die, …

The other day someone was asking me what happens to posts after they fall off the bottom of our HOME page.  So for anyone else also wondering how to find old posts here is some guidance.

At present the HOME page shows the 40 most recent posts (this number can be altered but 40 seems to about work).  When a new post is added to the top the bottom one moves down off the page.  Depending on how many new posts are being added it usually takes between a week and ten days for a new post to reach the bottom of the HOME page and fall off.  However, they are not lost and there are a number of ways of accessing them:

  1. The simplest is to click on the link ‘Older Posts‘ at the bottom of the HOME page.  This will give you the 40 previous posts.  Again by clicking on ‘Older Posts‘ at the bottom of this second page you can access the 40 posts before them, and so on.  At the time of writing this post there are some 8 pages of older posts.
  2. At the bottom of each post you will see categories (e.g. ‘Project Parwich‘ or ‘Gardens‘), if you click on the category name it will give you a list of all the posts assigned that category.  You can see the full list of category names about a third of the way down the short cuts column on the right hand side of most pages.  At present there are 39 categories, but more can be added as the need arises.  (You can suggest further categories by adding a comment below or by emailing us at  (more…)

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Affordable Housing Meeting

Last Wednesday’s meeting of the Village Action Group at the Sycamore was very positive.  Unless we identify local need, the District Council and the Peak Park Authority will not push forward.  Dales Housing and Nottingham Community Housing Association are very positive, but funding and planning consent depend on demonstration of need.  At present the authorities work to the rule of thumb that ‘one home will be created for every three households identified as needing it’.

It was agreed that all those who require now, or will require in the next few years, affordable housing in or near Parwich be asked to write a brief letter to the Village Action Group stating their need.  If you, or anyone you know, also want to be included, get in touch.  Writing a letter does not commit you to any future course of action, as it is understood that individuals’ circumstances may change in the time taken to provide any new homes.

If you have any questions contact Ann Wheeldon (571) or Peter Trewhitt (287).  Please give your letters to Ann or Peter or leave them at the Sycamore Inn by Sunday 8th June.  (Information in the letters will remain confidential although they will be passed on to Derbyshire Dales District Council.)  We will take the numbers to the Parish Council and with them work out the best way to approach the District Council.

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Derbyshire Open Arts – Sat – Mon at various venues across Derbyshire, but locally call in & see Ruby Hickmott, Lewis & Mandy Noble & Laura Stevens

Hognaston Flower Festival – until Wed 10.30-6pm – Definitely worth a visit

Wirksworth Well Dressing – Sat – Tue & their carnival on Mon at 1pm

Artists & Designers Fair at Pavilion Gardens Buxton – Sun & Mon 10am-4.30pm

Ashbourne Town Band Concert – Memorial Gardens, Ashbourne – Sunday 25th -3pm

Craft and Gift Fayre at Hartington Village Hall – Sun & Mon  10am-5pm

The Burrows Garden Open Day at Brailsford – Sun 10.30-4.30pm

Sheffield & District Orchid Society Annual Show at Cavendish Hall, Edensor – Sun 11am-5pm, Mon 10.30am-4pm

Tea & Cakes at Alsop Church – Mon 11am – 4pm

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New arrivals in Parwich…

Posted by Heather H:

No, sorry, not children this time; but puppies! Late last night, five puppies were born to Jill L’s Maisy. There are three girls and two boys, all black and with their eyes tight shut for ten days or so. We went to visit them earlier this evening, and found all of the puppies well…and cute of course. Maisy’s learning how to look after her pups and looks fine. Oh and please keep the newspapers coming!

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Since originally posting this the Big Lottery Fund have asked that we do not currently use the logo as it may seem to indicate that the grant is more certain than it currently is.  Only if we are successful with the final stage of the application process should we be using the logo. (2nd June 2008 )

As most people will know the Memorial Hall has received a £23,350 grant from the Big Lottery Fund to help us go for planning permission and prepare the final bid.  A condition of the grant is that publicity for the redevelopment project includes reference to the Big Lottery Fund.


If you are creating any publicity for Project Parwich and want to include the Big Lottery Fund logo click here to download it from their website.  It is not strictly necessary to use it in publicity just for Project Parwich events, however with some events you may feel it is helpful to include it. 

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Many thanks to Mike Goulden for sending us these views over Parwich, there is much to be said for a room with a view (click on the images to see full size versions):



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Sunday 1st June

Quiz Night at the Sycamore

Bit of sport, Bit of film, Bit of General Knowledge
& a Bit of Something Different!!

In Support of “Project Parwich”

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Wakes Week Village Market

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School Newsletter 32

Parwich Primary School


News 32:  23 May 2008

Dear Parents,
What a busy term we have had! The children have of course completed their tests, KS1 have been on a trip and School Council held their first fundraiser! Thank you to all staff, children and parents for all your support and hardwork during my first term as headteacher.
This morning’s assembly was a delightful experience for all those who joined us – the tea and coffee served afterwards was a great success where everyone was able to applaud the children’s efforts.
Golden Coins & Golden Table
(not included in on-line version)
New School Logo
All the entries have been collected and are displayed in the middle classroom; they will be there until Monday 16th June. Everyone is invited to view the logos and choose their favourite with a discreet tally system. The winning design will be announced in assembly on Friday 20th June – Good luck!
Lunch / Fruit Money
For those parents who wish to pay for their child’s lunches for the next half term the amount is £1.70 a day for 38 days at a total of £64.60, cheques payable to Derbyshire County Council. Could all fruit money please be paid half-termly, at a total of £4.56 (38 days x 12p), cheques payable to Parwich Primary School, Thank you.
Matlock Farm Trip
The children in Mrs Black’s class had a very enjoyable and interesting day at the farm this week. We fed the lambs and goats and we were able to handle some of the animals, including 3 day old chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits. (not to mention the rats!!!)
Bag 2 School/PSA
All children should have received a blue bag. Please fill the bag with any quality second hand clothing. All the bags are weighed and school receives £200 per tonne. Please see the bag for further information. Collection is Tuesday 10th June – Please bring your bag to school on MONDAY 9th or TUESDAY 10th JUNE.
Tempest Photographer is in school on Tuesday 3 June at 1.00 p.m. If there are parents with younger children who would like their photographs taken, please aim to be at school by 1.15 p.m.
Swimming Gala
On Friday 6 June many of the children in years 5 and 6 will be taking part in the Dove Valley Swimming Gala. We will not be able to finalise which children are participating until Tuesday 3 June. If selected your child will require the normal swimming kit including the 20p but with an additional towel. Transport has been booked for the children.
Key Stage 2 Visit to St Peter’s Church
Reverend Christopher Harrison kindly invited children to visit St Peter’s Church, Parwich on Thursday afternoon. We had a really interesting time investigating the church and its history. Thanks to the parent helpers and to Reverend Harrison for a very enjoyable afternoon.
Would you prefer to receive our School Newsletter by Email? Please complete the slip attached and we will email the Newsletter to you.
It only leaves me to wish you all a very relaxing half term.
Best wishes

Caroline Rodgers

Email Address for Newsletter

I / We would like to revive the school newsletter by email.

Name (Capitals) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

The email address I would like you to use is …………………………………………………………………


Signed: ……………………………………………………………………………………. Date: ……………………………………………..


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If you have any comments on the Peak District National Park Authority’s draft Appraisal of Parwich Conservation Area, you must get them in today (by 5pm Friday 23rd May).  The Appraisal process draws on guidelines from English Heritage, which can be seen at their website.  You can see the draft itself at the Peak Park’s website, and should email any questions or comments to Sue Adam ( today.

If you want to share any responses you get to your comments on the draft Appraisal we will be happy to post them here (just email them to  The Environment Group in particular feels strongly that we should all have some idea what the local consensus is and how the Authority has responded.

At present we understand the Authority plan to consider the Draft (with any amendments from the Consultation) at the July Planning Committee Meeting (click here for details).  The final draft will posted as an attachment to the Planning Committee Agenda in the week or so leading up to the Meeting.  It may be that the only way to see the amended draft will be on the Authority’s website or by visiting Aldern House.  When accepted by the Planning Committee the Appraisal will then be part of the Authority’s planning policy and will be taken into account for any local planning applications.

We also understand it is intended that the Appraisal will be used to create a Conservation Area management plan in the future, but that no timescale for this has been set.

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Wednesday’s trip to Sheffield Botanical Gardens seems to have been enjoyed by all.  We started with coffee and biscuits in a portacabin-type building, before the garden tour.

Our guide was Sue Kohler a very impressive lady who as Chair of the Friends of the Gardens (with others) has directed her energy and intellect to the restoration of the gardens. (more…)

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Police Community Newsletter


                UPDATE FROM YOUR LOCAL OFFICER   June 2008



The past 2 months has seen a lot of good calls from yourselves reporting suspicious vehicles and people. Some have been checked and details noted. We had a few thefts, and we do need to stay alert. Now is the time to improve your shed security, and remember to lock your bikes away. Thieves realise that people will have bought new mowers, strimmers, and also leave items lying around in the garden. If ringing in with any information, please give clear details, and please bear in mind the person answering the phone may not know our rural area that well. Your call will go to one of our Police Call Centres based at Ripley, Derby, or Chesterfield. These are staffed by civilian employees alongside some Police Officers. If you can give them a Post Code, it is a big help.


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Hognaston Flower Festival

For details on 2009 flower festival click here


Hognaston has a really professional flower festival and everywhere you look there are flowers.  I also highly recommend their cakes!!

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I have spotted three stories with local links in the Ashbounrne News Telegraph this week.  The main one being an article on the closure of the Chapel several weeks ago.  Also our own Debbie Webster featured in an appeal for volunteers for Ashbourne Arts Festival (to find out more contact the Volunteer Centre).  Finally congratulations to Charles Bunting for his success in the Ashbourne Farmers’ Club judging of beef cattle last Friday.

As always let us know about anything I missed.

Five hours later: so far you have pointed out the following

  • A letter from Patriotic of Parwich p.12
  • Guided walks in Tissington, led by Sir Richard (10-30am Sat 31st May, 10-30am Sat 14th June and 6-30pm Tues 29th July) p.32
  • Planning Application for change of use of former Parwich Shop to domestic use, application no. NP/DDD/0408/0307 (any interested party comments must be in within 21 days) p.44
  • Ashbourne Town Darts, both the Legion and the Sycamore Teams will be playing in the Divisional Finals on Friday 30th May p.53

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Hanging Basket Competition

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Wild West in Parwich

Don’t forget the Wild West Night at the Legion
this Saturday (24th May) – 8pm onwards.

Cowboy/cowgirl is attire optional, but there is a prize for the best costume.

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