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There were some very scary creatures prowling the streets of Parwich this evening! If you were brave enough to  open your door, you were highly likely to be confronted by a monster, a witch or a vampire! Well done to all who transformed into creepy creations. We were all very very spooked!

If you have any creepy pics, email them to and we’ll put them here on the ‘gruesome gallery’!

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Trick or Treat Take 32

In my heart of heart I don’t really like Halloween, it’s not so much Halloween but the Trick & Treating, it’s yet another Americanism that we have adopted.  However the effort put in by all the callers tonight was amazing from Witches to Devils, Bin Laden to Skeletons – well done to you all.  We had 32 youngsters call, and it was a pleasure to see them all.  Admittedly they were scary, but all had a smile and a thankyou.  I made up 28 bags of sweets and I’m sorry that the final group had to share – I’ll do better next year.  

The youth of Parwich do us proud.

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Trick or Treat

Come ‘Trick or Treating’ with PARWICH.ORG

click here to be tricked

click here to be tricked

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Select which you want by clicking above.  (If you have enjoyed this you might want to consider giving us a treat by making a small donation to Project Parwich.)

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Planning surgery in Parwich

Are you thinking about making a planning application but want to informally discuss the issues with the Peak Park Planners? Is it difficult for you to arrange to meet Officers during office hours? Then this is for you:

Peak District National Park Authority Planning Surgery
5pm to 8pm Wednesday 12th November
Parwich Memorial Hall

This is the second in a series of surgeries planned across the Park. For more information and to book a slot phone the Peak District National Park Authority Customer Services team on 01629 816200.  (more…)

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Happy Halloween

Tomorrow the 1st November is All Saints Day, making the 31st of October ‘All Saints or All Hallows Eve’; this has been elided to give us the name Halloween.  The 2nd of November is All Souls Day when we remember all who have died, but most particularly our departed friends and family.

There are a wide range of customs liked to these festivals including: visiting family graves at this time, to decorate with flowers or lighted candles; watching over family graves through the night; taking food to the graveyards for a family picnic but with provision also being made for the needs of the dead; or leaving food out in your own home for any deceased relatives who make use of the this time of year to visit their old haunts.

Aspects of these grew out of older pagan traditions, including the Celtic Samhain, the night of the 31st October when it was believed that the doors between this world and the next were open so that the dead could return during the hours of darkness.

An associated British tradition is the telling of ghost stories and tales of the supernatural.  There are a number of local ghost stories: there are the various ghosts of highwaymen on the A515, usually Dick Turpin, associated with the old Newhaven Inn and the Bull i’the Thorn; there are ‘the things that go bang’ in the night at Hallgates in Parwich; there is the mysterious horseman at Two Dales Barn; there is the mysterious beast of Carsington (sightings started in the 1990s); and even UFOs over Minninglow.  Do feel free to add your ghost stories as comments below, or email them to to be made into separate posts.  (more…)

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Dawn over Parwich

Thank you Mike G for this photo taken last Saturday:

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Parish magazine now online

The November magazine for the parishes of Parwich, Alsop, Fenny Bentley, Thorpe and Tissington has just been printed – and for the first time it is now available online by clicking here.

There are usually a few spare copies of each month’s magazine in the respective parish churches, and in the Sycamore Inn in Parwich – or to have it delivered to your door each month (cost £5 per annum) contact Andrew Robinson on 390202.


The magazine covers both church and general community matters for the five parishes and is well worth reading regularly.  Contributions are welcome and can be emailed to me by 20th November for the December/January issue.


For a number of years Professor Young very ably edited the magazine, and when he stepped down I took over on what was always intended to be a temporary basis.  Obviously a new editor will now be needed – any offers?  The work is now made much easier by the fact that the great majority of contributions are sent by email.  The editor has a certain amount of scope for creative input, under the general oversight of a committee of people from the various churches (which, however, has not met for a very long time!).  Contact me if you would like to know more and could perhaps help in this way.


Christopher Harrison

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