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Here are the trophy winners and placed runners:

Local Mothers Race

Paula Lynam Trophy

  • 1st Sue Purvis
  • 2nd Janice Wigley
  • 3rd Sandra Chadfield

Junior Hill Race

The Hauliers Trophy for the outright winner

  • 1st Harry Stafford
  • 2nd Rannoch Linnell
  • 3rd William Beesley

The Dorothy Foden Memorial Trophy for the first Girl (outright)

  • 1st Amy Stone
  • 2nd K Round
  • 3rd Isabel Purvis

The Russell Shield for the first Local Boy

  • 1st Harry Stafford
  • 2nd Rannoch Linnell
  • 3rd William Beesley

The Foden Shield for the first Local Girl

  • 1st Isabel Purvis
  • 2nd Shannon Jewitt
  • 3rd L Dale

Senior Hill Race

The Harley Lowndes Cup for the outright winner

  • 1st Paul Mannion
  • 2nd S Margiotta
  • 3rd G Tighe

The John Lees Memorial Shield for the first Lady

  • 1st C Howard
  • 2nd C Coonan
  • 3rd L Holmes

The Russell Trophy for the first outright Veteran

  • 1st D Motley

The Wainwright Cup for the first runner to the top of the Hill

  • 1st Paul Mannion

The Slater Shield for the first local runner

  • 1st Robert Drummond
  • 2nd Clive Russell
  • 3rd Nick Bird

The Tilcon Cup for the first local Lady

  • 1st Eleanor Purvis
  • 2nd Sue Purvis
  • 3rd Helen Pitts

The Chambers Trophy for the first local Veteran

  • 1st Clive Russell

Taymac Trophy for Oldest Local to finish

  • 1st Clive Russell

Click here for this year’s time sheets.

Click on ‘continue reading’ for photos of some of the prize-winners.


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Senior race



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Hill Race 2009

Thank you to Graham, our roving reporter for this evening:

Our Roving Reporter

Our Roving Reporter

No Haile Gebrselassie ( -spell that without Google!), no Ron Hill, no Roberto Buntingo, no Paula R (she told us the lack of course toilets prevented an appearance this year) – no matter – 80 of the region’s best runners (and me) lined up for the annual Parwich Hill Race this evening.

The weather was warm and sticky but much more pleasant than last years deluge.

Even if I wasn’t a keen runner (enthusiasm here being a definite talent substitute), the Hill Race night would be one of my favourites of Wakes week. With the fair in full swing, and crowds congregating on the streets around the pub and the green, it tends to maintain a good natured carnival atmosphere which is starting to be lost on the evening of Wakes Saturday, (which I find is becoming sadly marred by the intimidating groups of marauding binge drinking youth’s largely from outside the village smashing glass, throwing firework’s and racing cars).  (more…)

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Those entering the Parwich Hill Race this evening may be interested in adding another date to your diary.

The Parwich Panoramic five poster

click on poster to enlarge

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Wednesday 1st July: Parwich Strongest Man

8-00pm Strongest Man Competition at the Sycamore Inn

Click here to see the event poster.
Click here to see the full Wakes Week programme.

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Hanging Basket Competition

Hanging basket competition 2009
click on poster to enlarge

Click here to download an entry form as a pdf.

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Thank you to Colin B for these photos (click here for Nia’s write-up):

wakes sports-1

Children's Sports during Wakes 2009

wakes sports-18

Storm cloulds over the sports field


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Hill Race tonight

Parwich Hill Race


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The 2009 Wakes Programme

We hope everyone is enjoying their Wakes Week, and as always are impressed by the organisation and hard work put in by the Carnival & Recreation Committee and all the other organisers and helpers.  Make the most of the rest of the week by clicking on the image below to access the 2009 Official Wakes Programme as a pdf.

ParwichWakesProgram2009a 1

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update of Sunday’s post

Milestone Day for the New
Memorial Hall:

Less than £100,000 to go.

Today we have not one but two great pieces of news. The first is that confirmation has been announced of a massive £41,653 grant from the Sustainable Development Fund (Peak District National Park Authority) and the second is that leaves only £86,032 to raise. The committee have known about the grant for a couple of weeks but couldn’t announce it until today. They would like to say a special thank you to the Peak District National Park. Following the Community Visit in January, they have been instrumental in demonstrating their support for our new hall by helping and advising us. This has given the committee a tremendous boost.

This grant now means that the fund for the New Memorial Hall tops £781,768.

What an achievement for a small community the size of Parwich and its surrounding villages. This amounts to approximately £1,000 for every man woman and child.

Although the end is in sight it’s imperative that we don’t stop now. Every £10 that we can raise will make a big difference – it will help to equip the spacious kitchen designed particularly with our important Oddfellows lunch in mind but will also let us hold all those milestone celebrations like birthdays and weddings. It will help towards the new meeting room where we can hold all our current meetings such as the History Society and Horticultural Society as well as all those extra things that the survey indicated people wanted to do – art groups, talks, and just general get togethers. So please continue with your efforts for that last £86,000.

The village has worked hard to make its contribution but it was always acknowledged that an amount as large as this could not come from the village alone, so true to its promise, the Committee and the funding group particularly, have sourced every contact and available grant (with hopefully more in the pipeline) Contributions have come from village fundraising, Project Parwich, individuals, local politicians, local and national grant sources. All have been impressed by our small communities’ big dream.

That new hall, talked about for years, voted for five years ago and two years in the planning, is now going to be a reality that we can all use and enjoy.

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Thank you to our roving reporter for the evening Nia:

It all started well, with Dennis, missing his usual side kick – Brian- getting the races off to a flying start at bang on 6.30pm. Children were clutching their brown envelopes of money and sucking on revolting looking purple chews with more additives in them than a bag of candy floss from the fair, by the time the roving reporter made it down to the sports ground…..

The birth explosion in Parwich around the millennium meant the tape holders had to work doubly hard as heats had to be run before the finalists could be decided. The ‘smarter’ children quickly realised they needed to ensure they got in the right heat in order to guarantee a place in the final. For the boys that meant avoiding Jack G. and Jacob B. and the girls had to avoid Bethany F. These 3 youngsters were obviously under strict instructions to bring home to the dosh as they were flying down the home straight into 1st place in every race they entered.(unless it was against each other of course….) (more…)

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With these high temperatures and humidity, the energy in the atmosphere has to go somewhere, and tonight, it came to Parwich. This picture was taken at 7:30 pm tonight 29th June 2009. The cloud formations were spectacular, and what you don’t get from this still picture is the turbulent movement in the formations. Though there are rumblings and flashes, so far, as of writing this, we have been spared the storm.


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Tuesday night Hill Race

Tuesday 30th June: Hill Race

7-00pm Local Mothers’ Race
7-30pm Junior Hill Race
8-00pm Senior Hill Race

For more details on the evening click here and for enquiries about the Hill Race call tel. 01629 732004.

For last years’ times click here.

Westledine’s funfair will be in full swing for the evening.  Click here to see the full Wakes Week programme.

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Thank you to Amy H-G, who is visiting Parwich, for these photos (taken before the storm clouds arrived).  Click here for Nia’s write up of the evening.





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Lou Matthews ran her very popular jewellery stall again at the Village Market on Saturday. At the end of the day she generously donated her takings of £200 to the New Memorial Hall Fund. Lou is anxious that all the people who bought jewellery from her should also be thanked.

The fund also received another anonymous donation of £2000. We are a very lucky village to have people who are working so hard and giving both time and money to help us build our hall. Thank you to all of them.

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Wakes photos

Do you have any Wakes photos that we could add to the blog?  Or any Wakes photos that we could use in a caption competition?  Please send them to our email address –  If we get inundated, we may not be able to post them all but will post as many as we can.  We would also like photos from the campsite games if anyone has any.  Thank you.

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St Peter’s Day

St PeterHappy St Peter’s Day

St Peter’s day (29th June), along with St John the Baptist’s day (25th June), is an important marker for mid-summer celebrations.  Bonfires were lit on both St John’s Eve (Midsummer’s Day, this was the Summer Solstice before changes in the calendar) and St. Peter’s Eve. In Tudor England both these celebrations included music, processions, garlands of flowers, drinking ale and feasting.

Locally St. Peter’s Day is the fixed point for the timing of Parwich Wakes, and gardeners in the village used to regard this as the best time for digging your first new potatoes.

The Odd Fellows Ale drunk at their feast on Saturday is a recent revival of a very old tradition.  Chris and the A52s are keeping alive local music making.  Our Carnival Parade is a reminder of the Tudor processions, and the floats in the parade echo the decorated carts popular in the north as part of the build up to hay making.

Being currently between vicars there is no St Peter’s Day service in Parwich Church this year, but Andrew Robinson, lay reader wrote the following on St Peter for us: (more…)

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Wakes Week got off to an excellent start yesterday. The weather became progressively better and much fun was had by all who participated.

Here are some more photos from the Odd Fellows’ Procession, the Village Market and the Fancy Dress Parade. See if you can spot yourself!

The Odd Fellows' Procession

The Odd Fellows' Procession

Click on ‘continue reading’ for the photo gallery.


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Monday 29th June: Children’s Sports

6-30pm Children’s Sports at Nether Green and call in at the funfair on your way home.

For a list of events click here to see the full Wakes programme.

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Strongest Man Competition soon

Strongest Man 2009
Click on poster to enlarge

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The tea and cakes in Parwich Churchyard went down well, and all the proceeds will go to the Church restoration fund.

St Peter's Churchyard


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A lazy Sunday morning

morning after

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School news + Sports Week

No swimming tomorrow as there is a problem with the pool in Ashbourne.

9.30am PC Cassidy in school leading assembly on local links – parents welcome.

11am Opening Ceremony of Sports Week – all children make a pledge to sport.  The objectives of the week are to raise awareness of the 2012 London Olympics and to improve awareness of PE and Sport across the school.

And don’t forget, children’s sports on Nether Green at 6.30pm on Monday and the Junior Hill Race at 7-30pm on Tuesday.

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What’s on Where this Week

What’s on Where this Week

Date Time Event Location
Sunday 11am Campsite Service
if wet in the Church.
Parwich Cricket Ground
Sunday 12pm Fun & Games with the Campers Parwich Cricket Ground
Sunday 2-4.30pm Teas & Cakes in the Churchyard
Donations to Church Fabric Appeal
Parwich Church
Sunday 4pm Funding Meeting  
Sunday 2.30pm Parwich v Kings Newton Away Bowling Match
Sunday 6pm Treasure Hunt Village Green
Sunday 8pm BBQ British Legion
Monday 6.30pm Children’s Sports Nether Green
Monday 8pm Memorial Hall Committee Meeting Memorial Hall
Tuesday from 7pm Hill Race Night  
Wednesday 8pm Strongest Man Competition The Sycamore
Thursday 7pm Children’s Film Memorial Hall
Thursday 8.30pm Wheelbarrow Race
Start – Pump Shed. Finish – The Legion
Friday 10.30am-3.30pm Liberation Day Event
free for 50+,free lunch & refreshment.  All services present – Police, Age Concern, Council, Fire Service etc
Pavilion Gardens
Friday from 7pm The Ball Race & Race Night British Legion
Saturday 9am-10.45am Saturday Morning Rubbish Collection Parwich
Sunday 6.30pm Evensong Parwich Church
Sunday 2pm Senior Cup Competition Bowling Club

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Less than £100,000 to go!!!

Up-dated Monday 29th June 2009.  Sorry the Blog Team have slipped up and put this information on-line prematurely.  Watch out for a corrected post tomorrow (Tuesday 30th June 2009).

Click here for the corrected post.

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Weather in the lead up to Wakes

Here is last week’s data from the weatherman on the hill, it looks like it is set to continue hot and sultry in Wakes week:


in mm


in Mb am


in Mb pm

Temperature in ºC



Sun 21st






Mon 22nd






Tue 23rd






Wed 24th






Thu 25th






Fri 26th






Sat 27th











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More Wakes photos.

To view the whole gallery: (more…)

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Hill Race 2009

Parwich Hill Race


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Ah, the sound of the band, the sight of a parade of rather smartly turned out gentlemen (or ‘Odd Fellows’ take your pick…) wearing white gloves and carrying sticks, the sparkling of Lou’s jewellery stand at the ‘Market Place’, the smell of Janet and Paula’s burger stand…it could only be the start of Wakes!

As usual it was great fun for both participants and observers. I always enjoy a spot of shopping, and very much enjoyed my little spree on the green this afternoon. Two necklaces, three bracelets and one 1930’s koala bear later I then strolled over to the beautiful garden at The Fold for a quick sip of beer. The atmosphere there was fantastic! It is great to see to many Parwichians (that sounds like a Native American Tribe, doesn’t it?!) in one spot – especially loved seeing Barbara and Brian McCormack and their gorgeous grandchildren.

What’s next on the agenda? My own lovely Oddfellow (every girl should have one) coming home, full of roast beef and beer, falling asleep on the sofa.

I suppose it is only once a year…

Thank you to Deb for her perspective on the afternoon, she is joining the team for this week as one of our overworked and underpaid roving reporters.

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Sunday’s events

Sunday 28th June: Campsite Service, Treasure Hunt and Bar-B-Q

11-00am Campsite ‘Songs of Praise’ at Parson’s Croft (or if wet in the Church)
12-00am Fun & Games with the Campers

2pm to 4-30pm Tea & cakes in the Churchyard (if raining inside the Church)

6-00pm Treasure Hunt (start on the Green)

8-00pm Wakes Bar-B-Q at the Legion

Click here to see the full Wakes programme.

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This post is an active one and will grow throughout the dayThis post is packed with photos, all will enlarge, just click on them.

By 10am the village is alive with people, the Odd Fellows have already visited 2 venues and quickly marching up the hill for their 3rd pint whilst the Village Market stall holders are busy preparing their goods for the start of the sales at  11am.


The 3rd stop for the marchers after The Sycamore and Flaxdale House is The Hall, with the Shields family serving refreshments for the thirsty participants, it’s a long way up the hill!

10.15 Some of the suspect faces up at The Hall.




IMG_1932 IMG_1935


Loads more photos of the day, just click. (more…)

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Welcome to 2009 Parwich Wakes

Welcome to the first day of Parwich Wakes, which starts each year on the Saturday nearest to St. Peter’s Day (29th June).  The Derbyshire village wakes have their roots in the celebration of each village’s patron saint, dating back to before the Reformation.  So Parwich has been celebrating Wakes at this time of year for at least four hundred years; though it could be as long as nine hundred years or more.

Village wakes are a time of celebration, but also from medieval times they have been a time for fund raising for village causes, and equally importantly a time for the consumption of beer!

Saturday 27th June: Odd Fellows Parade & Carnival

9-30am Odd Fellows Parade starts from the Sycamore Inn (an earlier start than usual to fit in the popular new stop at Flaxdale)
11-am Odd Fellows Service in Parwich Church
1-15pm Odd Fellows Dinner in the Memorial Hall

11am to 4pm Village Market (with some 14 stalls) & Children’s Entertainment (including bouncy castle and face painting) & refreshments

6-00pm Fancy Dress & Carnival (parade assembles at the School)
6-15pm Fancy Dress Parade, followed on the Green by a Hog roast, the A52s (until aprox. 8-30pm) and then Chris Houlihan

Also Westledine’s funfair

Click here to see the full programme.

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You need balls

Forget the Hill Race; disregard the Strongest Man; it is on Friday night when you’ll need real balls.

Buy your balls at the bargain price of £1 each (available today at Wakes market and the other events all week), and they will be set rolling on Friday evening at the start of Race Night.  First prize is £50, second £25 and third £10.

ballsThe Grand Ball Race

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Teas in the Church Yard


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Maths is Fun.

Today saw the culmination of Numeracy Week, and what a day it was today.  The children had the challenge of dressing up as something to do with maths.

IMG_1879 IMG_1865 IMG_1876

IMG_1868 IMG_1872

IMG_1916 IMG_1870

The afternoon, with parents taking part, involved a maths relay with all the school involved.  With 7 teams of mixed ages, each team had to run to collect their first of 30 questions, as each one was answered, each child taking it in turns had to return to the the teachers to have their answers checked.  Once they received the OK, it was back to their group for the next one.



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Crash! Are the summer verges a problem?

On Wednesday there was a crash on the back lane between Town Head and the A515, fortunately no-one, on this occasion was injured.   Certainly the increase in traffic on these roads because of the closure of the B5056 is more likely to increase the chances of an accident, but are the overgrown summer verges exacerbating the problem.    On both this road and the Alsop road it is extremely difficult to see vehicles coming around the bends because of the hight grasses, it may be that some of the time cars are driving to fast, but others are crawling round mindful of safety.

Would safety be improved if these verges were cut back?

Please ring  Police Non Emergency 0345 1233333 or email the police and Derbyshire County Council at Call Derbyshire – 08456 058 058if you have any concerns.  The more phone calls, the more likely something will be done.

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School Eco Club

Weeding the vegetables.  (Click on any photo to enlarge)

IMG_1882 IMG_1885


Harvesting the first vegetables – Red Potatoes, guess what is on the menu at school next week. Thank you to the Horticultural Society for their support.


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Do you know your Parwich?

Can you identify where these photos were taken (click on photo to enlarge):

1) where is this? (more…)

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Tom’s Strictly Come Dancing Trophy is on display at the Sycamore Inn:

Strictly Come Dancing Trophy

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B5056 re-opening

Highways have confirmed that the B5056 is to re-open tonight (Friday 26th June) at 6pm.

Highways will let us know when the scheme of works for repairing the road has been agreed.  (The two lots of temporary traffic lights will still be in place.)  It is hoped that the road will stay open until until the repairs are due to start, however if there is further movement in the landslip this may not be possible.

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