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The next meeting of Parwich Parish Council is 7-30pm Tuesday 6th October in the Pavilion at Parsons Croft.  Click here to access the Agenda as a pdf.

As always the first 10 minutes of the meeting are available for questions and comments for the public, who can also observe the remainder of the meeting.  This is particularly relevant at present if people want to pass on any concerns relating to roads.

The Parish Councils audited accounts for the year ending 31st March 2009 are now available for inspection.  Click here to find out how to see the year’s annual return.

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Bob Matthews Quiz

Bob Matthews 2009
Click poster to enlarge

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How well do you know your pubs?


Here are some Derbyshire and Staffordshire pubs signs,  obviously the one above has a very large clue on the sign, but how many of the others can you locate. (more…)

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Hartington Surgery Patients Group AGM

Thank you to Parwich Parish Council for passing on the following notice:

Hartington Surgery Patients Group
20th Annual General Meeting
will be held on
Monday 9th November 2009 at 7-30pm
at the Surgery, Dig Street, Hartington

all patients welcome

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Temporary Closure on B5056 at Longcliffe

Please note that in addition to the closure at Fenny Bentley there will a further planned temporary closure of the B5056 at Longcliffe.  The closure will probably be for one day sometime late next week, when we have more detailed information we will pass it on.  This will be by Curzon Lodge, north of the crossroads at Longcliffe.

Highways are in contact with the local quarries and lorries will be diverted towards Brassington at the Longcliffe crossroads, then along Manystones Lane over Carsington Pastures and onto the Via Gellia (A5012) by Ryder Point.

Added 1st Oct 2009: the closure will be for longer than expected see post above.

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This week in the Stunner

ANT 30 SepIt’s a quiet week for stories of local interest this week in the Stunner.  Available as always online or in the Sycamore, I could only find one local mention – of an application for planning permission for a lean-to in Pikehall.

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Abstinence Week: what would YOU give up?

According to Wikipedia: “Abstinence is a voluntary restraint from indulging a desire or appetite for certain activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure.”

Now that our Memorial Hall fund-raising drive is reaching its final stages, perhaps it’s time to think once again about ways in which we can help to raise additional funds for the project.

With this in mind, here’s one possible idea: a sponsored “Abstinence Week”, in which some of us will pledge to give up some of our favourite indulgences, in return for donations (from friends, relatives, colleagues, and anyone else outside the village who might be feeling supportive) to the building fund.

For example: if you enjoy a drink, then why not give up alcohol for a week? Or if you’re a smoker, could you be persuaded to give up tobacco for seven days? For younger people, how about pledging to stay away from sweets and fizzy drinks?

There are loads of other possibilities. Ladies could spend a week “au naturel“, without using make-up or other beauty products. Gentlemen could go without shaving. Internet addicts could refrain from surfing the web. Telly addicts could switch off their TV sets. Game players could shut down their Playstations or Xboxes. Or perhaps users of “colourful language” could promise not to swear!

These are just a few suggestions. But before we commit to organising anything, we’d like to hear from you.

If you had to give something up for a week, what would you choose? Please let us know in the comments box!

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