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Severn Trent claim form

Our thanks to Andy Larkin for providing us with a high resolution scan of the Severn Trent claim form, suitable for printing out.

Please click here to access the form.
If you wish to save it to your computer, please right-click on the link and select “Save As”.

Note: The form is too big to display in full size on most computer screens.

Severn Trent’s reference for the letter is Fcr 7446.

Update: Thanks to Martin C for providing an alternative version in PDF format. You may find this easier to print out.

For more information, please refer to our earlier post on water compensation.

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This week’s Stunner

This week’s (31st Mar 2010) Ashbourne News Telegraph is available in the Sycamore or on-line.  Click on the image of the front page to access the paper on-line.

Recently the folks of Parwich, Alsop, Ballidon and Pikehall seem to have had a low profile in the news with the exception of the sports pages.  This week seems no exception:

  • p.2 The Ashbourne Breast Cancer Walk is at Carsington Water on Saturday 8th May.  For more information see
  • p. 2 Parents should shortly receive notification of places for children starting primary school in the autumn.  Parents who applied on-line can view their response at
  • p.5 Attendance figures for Derbyshire Schools have improved and are better than the national average.
  • p.6  Dog walkers in the Peak District are asked to keep the dogs on a short leash to protect wild life, lambs and calves during the breeding season.
  • p.6 In a national survey Derbyshire is the fifth highest region for unfaithful partners, with Devon coming top. (more…)

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If you would like a hard working, efficient and reliable cleaner to make your life easier and keep your house sparkling clean, a local cleaner is looking for more clients in the Ashbourne area and surrounding villages. She currently cleans three houses in Parwich so references can be given if needed. Email the blog, leave a comment on this post or call Lynne on 474 for more information.

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This film will be shown in the Church next Wednesday.

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Water compensation

Martin C writes:

On the back of the letter that we received from Severn Trent re. the water repairs on Saturday, there is a form for claiming compensation if they don’t restore services by the stated time.

Could we encourage people to claim, and then give the money to the people who were flooded? I know of at least two – they had turned taps on and forgotten about them, and then had floods during the night after the water was restored and overflowed the basins. (I suspect the water pressure is higher now than it was before.)

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Some discount vouchers for Alton Towers were given out a few weeks ago via the school. If anyone has any vouchers that they do not want, could they please contact Rebecca on 318.

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Again the builders have been working 7 days a week, with 6 guys in today.  This week has seen the completion of the main roof, which is fully tiled and has two solar panels on the rear.  The small structure in the middle of the roofline, when finished will be the ventilation system for the hall, and will be placed in situ by crane.

The carpenters have finished the floor for the high level storage above the hall, this area is designated for items such as scenery flats, costumes etc for future stage productions (calling all thespians, get your thinking caps on). 

The plasters have been prepping the hall ready for plastering this week.   Plumbing, electrical work and further insulation continues, as does the external pointing on the stonework.

Thanks to Ben & JF-S for the photos.

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