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Some more on road safety

Road safety is an issue raised by our readers at regular intervals, as illustrated by the post last Saturday, which has attracted a lot of interest and comments sharing the author’s concerns.  Here are a couple of earlier posts on the same topic:

It is great to see the increases in children playing out and in cycle use, and a majority (73%) of readers support the idea of a 20mph speed limit in the village.

The Village Action Group raised the idea of the Parwich roads as a shared space (pedestrians having priority) including a 20mph speed limit with the Peak Park who are supportive of the idea.  (These ideas grew out of the traffic survey undertaken in preparation for the new Memorial Hall planning application.)

Parwich Parish Council regularly discuss roads and footpaths at their monthly meetings.  So look out for details of the next meeting.

Coincidently one of our readers has sent in these notes from a recent National Speed Awareness course: (more…)

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Thank you to Lynne Burrow, Area Peak Park Ranger, for information relating to a voluntary restriction for motor vehicles on Gallowlow Lane, south of Mininglow over the winter and the erection of drive with care signs on Green Lane near Pikehall. It also explains how the action being taken on these lanes links to wider work that the National Park is carrying out to address problems caused by motor vehicle activity in the Peak District, which may also be of interest. The restriction/signs refer to motor vehicles and not pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders:

Issues relating to Green Lanes near Parwich.

The use of the Peak District landscape by 4x4s, quad bikes, trail bikes and other motorsport enthusiasts is one area that often arouses strong emotions. Concerns often centre around motorsports causing:

  • Damage to the landscape
  • Noise disruption to residents
  • Potential safety issues for other users, like walkers or cyclists.

The National Park understands these concerns and are working with all the agencies involved to try to resolve problems that may arise. We are working on a variety of areas. Two of these are: (more…)

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Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Applications are invited for the role of Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to Parwich Parish Council.

The successful applicant will be required to provide professional support and guidance in respect of all aspects of the Council’s work including acting as the Council’s Responsible Financial Officer.

Salary Scale LC1 point 15. £8.34 per hour. The post is for 16 hours per month – primarily working from home.

For further details please contact
Karen Wigley – Clerk to Parwich Parish Council
Cliff Cottage
Alsop Road
Tel: 01335 390 253

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Odd Fellows Race Night

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Get set for digital

Thank you Martin for the following information:

The TV Digital Switchover in Parwich is due on 17th August 2011

This means in order to watch TV from this date you would need either:

  • A Freeview set top box (they start from £20) and possibly a new aerial + your old telly
  • Or a TV with Freeview built in
  • Or a satellite dish + a Sky Freesat box or Skybox (£150+, or a subscription) + your old telly.

To receive High Definition (HD) TV, you would need a TV that is HD ready + a HD set top box.

For further information click on

Added 30/9/10. Thank you to Mike G for pointing out that the Parwich switch over is in two parts: the first on 17th Aug 2011 involves BBC2 analogue being switched off, and the second on 31st Aug 2011 when all the other analogue channels are switched off.

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It’s Back!

The authors of Parwich Heights have been indisposed over the Summer. One took a villa in Tuscany and had a fling with a tempestuous Italian painter. Another became a stowaway in a merchant vessel that survived terrible storms in the Indian ocean. Yet another retired to her scottish castle and composed her magnum opus – concerto for bagpipes and orchestra.

But the summer is at an end and duty tugs at the heartstrings of each of our creative dream weavers. The demands of an expectant public cannot go unheeded for ever. The next instalment of Parwich Heights is about to be published!  The hour has been chosen: midnight on Friday October 1st. No queueing outside bookshops is necessary – the Parwich Heights website will suffice.

If you need to refresh your memory on the story so far, click on the image below.

Prepare yourself for an epic read!

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Quiz on Thursday

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