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Yes, it’s time for Part Four of the fabulous fun quiz that everybody is talking about (even if almost nobody is answering)! This time round, we shall be testing your knowledge on village events between August and September. If you know any of the answers, don’t be shy!

31. Two new classes were added to this year’s Horticultural Society show, with entrance restricted to gentlemen only. What were they?

32. Who were the joint winners of this year’s hanging basket competition?

33. “The atmosphere as soon as we arrived reminded me of those impromptu last-minute parties that end up being the ones you still talk about with misty-eyed nostalgia.” What event was being described here?

34. What was returned to the village from Loughborough at the end of August, in a much improved condition?

35. Which American based “single name family history society” was given a guided tour of the village by the Local History Society, followed by supper at the pub?

36. Colin Beesley won the first annual photographic competition at the Horticultural Show. What did his winning photograph depict?

37. At what event was this photo taken?

38. What was the first film to be screened in our new Memorial Hall?

39. The mascot of which regiment (as pictured below) attended the official opening of the new Memorial Hall?

40. What do Thomas Hardley, Clarissa Claridge and Barbara Heartland have in common?

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Walk in centre NEW St Oswald’s hospital – open over bank holiday

In case you need GP-type assistance over the bank holiday, the walk-in centre is open at the new St Oswald’s Hospital on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 1st-3rd January 9am-1.00pm. You do not need to phone ahead, JUST TURN UP.  The centre is run by a nurse practitioner and she can prescribe drugs should this be necessary, eg antibiotics for chest infections.

In the case of a medical emergency please continue to use the 999 service.

This walk in centre is also open during these hours on Sat and Sun mornings and Bank Holidays throughout the year – again JUST TURN UP.

Thank you to Jean & Martin for this information.

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Islands of mist over Hartington

Click to enlarge and really appreciate JF-S’s photo.

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Lost Ring

Debbie W has sent us the following message:

Hi all,
I’ve lost a ring, I now think it may have happened on Christmas Eve either on my way, during or on my way home from midnight mass.

It is very distinctive: hammered silver with a brass ring around it. I’d love to get it back, so if people could keep their eyes peeled for it, I’d be very grateful.

Debbie 568

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Today’s ten questions are all about events which took place between June and August.

21. Who paraded round Parwich in a yellow submarine?

22. What do Lady Bird, Knight, Del Boy Dale and Vicky Pollard have in common?

23. Who won the Harley Lowndes Cup this year?

24. Who won the Strongest Man competition?

25. The Sycamore put on a barbeque in July, with the added attraction of a live singer (who also performed at the Legion this year). What was the singer’s name?

26. Why did Eric Hill, Jill Hughes and Martin Hughes visit Parwich?

27. Where might you have found a “Square Robin”?

28. How much money was raised by the school’s Teddy Bears Picnic?

29. What object was found and returned to its owners, after being lost for between 25 and 30 years?

30. Who was the fastest local male in this year’s Parwich Panoramic Five? And who was the fastest local female?

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“End of an era for Don”

Just in case you missed it in the printed version, here’s a link to the Ashbourne News Telegraph’s recent feature on former Parwich publican Don Keyworth, who recently announced his retirement from performing as a country singer.

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In Part Two of our 2010 quiz, we look back at events in our area between April and June. If you know any of the answers, please leave them in the comments.

11. On what occasion was this photo taken?

12. Why were Parwich Stepping Stones celebrating in April?

13. On what occasion was this photo taken?

14. The General Election took place in June. In which place did Parwichians cast their votes?

15. In the General Election, which party polled the lowest number of votes in our constituency of Derbyshire Dales?
a) The Green Party
b) The Humanity Party
c) The Monster Raving Loony Party

16. What re-opened on Friday May 28th, to the great relief of most villagers?

17. What was the first event to take place in the new Memorial Hall, on Wednesday June 9th?

18. Who played against England in the first World Cup match to be screened at the Legion, on Saturday June 12th?

19. Which Parwich garden is featured in this photo, which was taken on the afternoon of Open Gardens Day?

20. On what occasion was this photo taken?

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To help us look back on an action-packed 2010, we shall be running a Bumper Quiz of 2010, spread out over the next five days.

Each day, ten new questions will appear, all relating to events which took place locally during the past twelve months. All the answers can be found in our blog archives.

If you know any of the answers, please leave them in the comments box. After all fifty questions have been posted, the lucky reader who has supplied the most correct answers will win a year’s free subscription to PARWICH.ORG!

Our first set of questions cover events that happened between January and April. Happy guessing!

1. “The sunlight had long passed by the time Annie drove into the picturesque Derbyshire village.” These words appeared on PARWICH.ORG on January 17th, but what were they?

2. Which special service took place at St. Peter’s church on the evening of Wednesday January 27th?

3. Another Parwich website launched in early February. Whose website is it?

4. The A52s played their first Parwich gig of 2010 on Saturday February 27th. At which venue did the gig take place?

5. What series of events took place during February and March, at Church Farm, Rock House, Orchard Farm, Townhead and the Vicarage?

6. Which international web service captured this unsuspecting Parwich resident?

7. A rare song thrush was “discovered” in Parwich on April 1st. What unique skill did it possess?

8. Where could you enjoy tea and cakes on Easter Monday?

9. Which Parwich couple celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in April?

10. Whose delightful daffodils were featured in The Stunner?

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Legion hours on Sunday

The Legion will be open as usual for a Sunday, which is from 6.00pm.

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The pub and shop are open all day today and tomorrow.

Thank you Janet!

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This week’s weather.

Here are last week’s readings:



in mm


in Mb am


in Mb pm

Temperature in ºC



Sun 19th






Mon 20th






Tue 21st












Thu 23rd






Fri 24th






Sat 25th












Our weatherman on the hill says:

No more hard frosts in the next few days but temperatures at or just above zero. Tuesday and Thursday may bring a little snow rain or sleet.

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Unusual Sighting In Parwich

Our roving reporter was stunned to come across a very welcome visitor to Parwich yesterday. We understand this particular gentleman had had a very busy time the night before so he must have made a very special effort to visit us here in the village.

He gave us a cheery wave and before we knew it he was on his way.

We’ll try to be good….and hope to see you next year!

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What’s on Where this Week

What’s on Where this Week

Date Time Event Location
Thu 30th 6pm Circuit Training
Postponed to next Thursday
Memorial Hall
Sun 2nd 11am Mattins Parwich Church

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Thirty five friends took the morning air and walked to Tissington today for the 3rd annual Christmas day walk – some for the first time.  It was a beautiful walk, with perfect blue skies and snow lining the fields.  On arrival at Tissington, a picnic table ladened with nibbles and flasks of coffee and mulled wine greeted the walkers.  Thank you to everyone who provided the goodies – roll on the next walk.

Photos – JF-S, Nick F-S & Ben. Single/double click on each photo to enlarge

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Parwich from Bradbourne


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“Foot Prints in the Snow”

I found these footprints in the snow on my drive at Flaxdale yesterday. I asked a passing dog lover, Delia, to have a look at them with me and she told me they were unlikely to be the spoor of dogs. Can anyone identify them for me. The ruler laid on the ground measures in inches. Mike


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Tinsel Tinged Tunes

If you’re looking for a spot of pre-Christmas fun, head down to The Sycamore from 8pm on Thursday evening.

The A52s have spent literally seconds learning a Christmas tune or two, so there’s plenty of entertainment on offer watching them struggle to remember the chords!

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At Church This Christmas

This Christmas, we’ve got something for everyone. Why not join us for our Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, or for folk of all ages, but especially the young at heart, join us for our Crib Service. This less formal service will include four favourite carols and a retelling of the Christmas story, with the help of Lego Mary and Joseph, as children are invited to help build the Church nativity scene (children are invited to come in costume).

On Christmas Day, we have two services (Tissington and Alsop-en-le-Dale) both including Holy Communion with the service at Alsop-en-le-Dale being better suited for children.

Wishing you a peace and joy filled Christmas.
Revd Andy Larkin.

December 24th – Christmas Eve
4.00pm Crib Service
11.30pm Midnight Mass

December 25th – Christmas Day
9.30am Holy Communion at Tissington
11.15am Family Service + Holy Communion at Alsop-en-le-Dale

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First Responder Questionnaire

Sue H says:

Parwich First Responders would be hugely grateful if as many people as possible could complete the questionnaire that was recently delivered through letter boxes. Completed questionnaires can be posted in the marked box at The Sycamore (on the table outside the shop).

If you would like to be entered for the raffle, please leave your details. It is fine to reply anonymously too. Your replies will help us understand how well we’re communicating with the village. Hopefully a few new volunteers might also be inspired to contact us.

A happy and event-free Christmas to all!

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Do you need a large turkey?

Tom Fentem, one of our local farmers from Biggin, has been let down by one of his suppliers due to the recent weather. As a result he has some large turkeys for sale. The turkeys are farm reared and weigh 35-45 lb. Tom is willing to sell them at ~£2/lb – so you’d be looking at in the region of £70-80 per bird. Delivery within a 10 mile radius is free.

If you are interested please call Tom on 390291.

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Road Reports – Wednesday 22nd December

With a new dumping of snow overnight we are back to a familiar routine! If you have any info on the state of the roads in and around the village, please share it using the commenting facility on this post.

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Christmas Eve at the Legion

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Christmas Wreaths

Delia Pegg still has a few Christmas door wreaths left for sale as well as holly posies.  If anyone wants one or to get plant arrangements made up, please contact her on 390758.

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Cold weather here for Christmas?

Here are last week’s readings:



in mm


in Mb am


in Mb pm

Temperature in ºC



Sun 12th






Mon 13th






Tue 14th












Thu 16th






Fri 17th






Sat 18th












Our weatherman on the hill says:

Another cold week to come – frost day and night, a little light snow possible Wdnesday into Thursday.

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Christmas bin collections


I’ve just phoned DDDC to see when the blue boxes & garden refuse are going to be collected because the 2010 calendar only goes up to November.

Apparently, as part of the cut backs, we are not going to be given a Dec 2010 to Nov 2011 calendar, so they have emailed me one, along with the Christmas collections. Thought it might be useful to put them on your site.

Lesley B

Click on the image below for Christmas bin collections, (will download as pdf):

For next year’s recycling collections click on: (more…)

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What’s on Where this Christmas Week

What’s on Where this Week

Date Time Event Location
Sunday from 12.30pm Santa’s Grotto at the Legion
Parwich Legion
Sunday 4pm Carol Service-Andy Larkin Parwich Church
Sunday 7pm Carol Service-Andy Larkin Alsop Church
Monday 7.30pm First Responders Get Together
Past & Present
Bring along a something to share
Parwich Church
Tuesday INSET Day for Parwich School
Tuesday 8pm Quiz Night Parwich Legion
Thursday 6pm Circuit Training Memorial Hall
Thursday 8pm The A52s Sycamore Inn
Christmas Eve
Friday 4pm Crib Service – Andy Larkin Parwich Church
Friday 8pm Irish Christmas Eve
with Chris Hoolie
Parwich Legion
Friday 11.30pm Midnight Mass-Andy Larkin Parwich Church
Christmas Day
Saturday 9.30am Holy Communion-Andy Larkin Tissington Church
Saturday 11.15am Family Service &
Holy Communion-Andy Larkin
Alsop Church

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Church Fair Photos

Thank you to JF-S for sending in these photos of today’s Church Fair – a delightful event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Christmas Fair – Today

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New Sign Installed In Parwich

The A52s hope you’re able to follow these directions for a proper pre-Christmas bash!

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Carols On The Green

As the temperature dropped to minus 5 degrees C on Thursday night, the hardy souls of Parwich gathered round the Christmas tree on The Green to sing carols.

Despite the cold, the event was full of pre-Christmas magic. We would like to extend our thanks to the Ashbourne Band, who came to play (and must have found the mouthpieces on the brass instruments a bit nippy!).

After carols, mince pies and refreshments were served. Thank you again to the organisers of these and to Dennis for leading the singing.

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School Newsletter No 14

Also click here to see the results of the school lunchtime survey .

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Alert to sheet ice on Church Walk

Due to a water leak on Church Walk outside Church View (Graham & Amanda’s), a section of the road (between Hallcliffe and Jasmine House) is now covered in sheet ice.  Please take care if you are driving or on foot.  It may be better to go around via Creamery Lane.

The Water Board and the Police have been informed, but even when the leak has been stopped the ice will remain.

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Star gazing project

What to look out for – the shape of Orion.

The Peak District National Park are asking for help monitoring light pollution.  They want people to observe Orion between New Year’s Eve and the start of February.  To participate go to the Peak Park website, or for more information read their following press release:

PR 726: 16 December 2010
Help needed to go star-spotting in the Peak District

People are being asked to get starry-eyed this New Year as they scour the heavens for Orion the hunter over the Peak District. (more…)

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Santa at the Legion on Sunday

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Christmas Fair on Saturday

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Film on Friday


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Xmas Quiz at the Legion

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Fire engine today

The fire engine in Parwich today was attending a chimney fire at a house on the Green.  Fortunately no one was hurt and we hope no serious damage was done.

Click here for Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service’s advice on preventing chimney fires.  (Note: they also warn people to keep boiler flues clear from snow and ice, to prevent dangerous fumes in your home.)

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Another Green Bin Missing

Another green waste bin has gone missing from a house on the Green in Parwich.  It probably went on the day of the last collection before the snow.  Do keep your eyes open on bin collection days as a number have gone over the last few months.

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