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This morning we had plenty of volunteers working on the design, some carried on the positioning of the camomile heads, which has meant we are well ahead of ourselves. Today sees the start of the main board. Margaret has drawn the picture onto paper and then Helen transfers the design onto the clay. Helen and her Mum will then spend the next two days creating the wonderful focal point for this well dressing.

I begin adding some of the colour to the boards that surround the main design. The petals we are using this year are mainly carnations and some hydrangeas.  Petals are placed on the clay starting from the bottom, overlapping and working upwards, so that a tiled effect is created.  If it rains then the water is more likely to run off, instead of getting trapped in the petals.

The petal design below should give you a clue as to what Yew Tree Well Dressing is all about.

Day one, click here
Day three, click here

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Toddler & Teddy Bear Picnic

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Can You Help Out?

Sue H has passed us the following request:

I have just taken on an allotment and can’t dig it all in one go! Does anyone have any old carpet or black plastic to spare or to borrow? My number is 334.

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Bungalow For Sale

A 2 bedroom, detached bungalow has just been put up for sale in Parwich. “Spenedge” on Monsdale Lane has a good sized garden and parking for several cars.

P.O.A. 01335-390773 (Don & Audrey).

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Deutzia Blossom

Mike G

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At noon today, nominations for our parish council were published by Derbyshire Dales District Council. Unless anyone withdraws their candidature by noon tomorrow, this is our new council; 6 of the 7 seats were filled.

  • Jane Bennett
  • Robert Bunting
  • Stephen Dale
  • Caroline Healy
  • Nia Linnell
  • Raymond Walker (aka Badger)

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The design is drawn onto paper, pricked out and then outlined with a metal pointer on the clay, so it is easy for us to see where to outline in coffee beans and black knobs.

The coffee beans are always positioned with the rounded edge facing outwards. This year we had to outline more in coffee beans because the black knobs or alder cones were unusually large. Once this has been finished we started filling out the background and this year we are using thousands,  of camomile flower heads, and they are tiny.

The effect is certainly dramatic. (more…)

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