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Friday, 5pm.

Panic is irrational. Though kitting up when instructed, it was far too soon and sitting in a wet wet-suit for half an hour on a cold overcast evening wasn’t a good start. Already shivering, and the unexpected entry plan just about finished me off.

We had our briefing. Listening to what Lee had to do for the end of his open water put my head in overload. Lou and Eileen would be concentrating on his efforts; Lou would move between Lee and myself; Steve (the Dive Master) would keep an eye out for me. This again conspired against my rational thought. To my mind I’m hearing: one or the other will keep an eye on me, but they are watching how Lee progresses, so they will be distracted and that is when things can go wrong…

Next, we trudge to the pier where we are to step off the floating jetty. A boat pulls in just as we arrive. A quick change of plan and we are stepping off the back of this boat, just like stepping off the edge of the pool. But my head is crowded. I stand on the edge of the platform, don’t want to bang the tank as I step off. 3,2,1 – go. A giant stride (with a helpful shove, once I step out) and it is OK.

I surface and I’m too buoyant. I need to let air out of my BCD, but I don’t; I feel unbalanced and my feet are up. I feel like I did when I first got in the pool with an oversized BCD. My weights feel unbalanced and I am starting to panic. I won’t signal OK. I don’t thrash around in panic, but mentally I’m freaking out. Tears fill my eyes. Lou is facing me the whole time, but I am not able to verbalise how I feel, and why I feel panic. I can write it here, after the fact. She is calm and helps me work through it. It takes so long to calm down. I want out, but I won’t let myself, not after the age it’s taken to get in! (more…)

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Major Benjamin Imgham writes:

Before sitting down to write this article, I took a minute to reflect on the last six months. There is no doubt that it has gone exceptionally quickly, but having only completed half of my tour there is the pervasive sense of disappointment in missing out on so much back in the UK. Despite the wonders of technology and the ability to receive emails in seconds, Skype and satellite telephone, there are times when the contact only heightens the feeling of being disconnected from the real world. Whilst being away, two new additions to the Ingham household have appeared in the form of the twin girls Alice and Charlotte, but equally we have lost two family members: the dogs Tyro and William. Being away, I have been unable to share the delight of watching the nephews and nieces grow up, but I have also avoided the pain of loss. The key question is: ‘do the benefits of deploying for a year outweigh the significant sacrifices?’

At this time it is impossible to answer the question. But as we reach a significant tipping point in the conflict against the insurgency within Afghanistan, it is evident that the coalition forces play a role in the prevention of the spread of global terrorism through the disruption of the terrorist network and safe havens. I am pleased that I am contributing to the campaign.

The last month has also been marked with a few highlights in terms of getting ‘out and about’. The first occasion was to a location within the far eastern side of the country, to conduct an assessment of some of the Pakistan and Afghanistan border observation posts. The journey, by helicopter, took us across some spectacular landscapes that would not look out of place on Mars. Red and grey treeless mountains weathered by centuries of wind and rain and baked for years of seemingly endless scorching summers rose out from the barren, dust-ridden deserts. The occasional river, a shocking turquoise blue with cultivated banks, formed a small ribbon of vivid colour set against an otherwise lunar landscape. Small hamlets nestled within the inhospitable terrain, interconnected by thin tracks that looked like a lattice of spider webs when viewed from above. The absence of roads, telephone or electricity pylons and no obvious signs of economic development indicate that those individuals living within these rural areas lead a medieval, subsistence, existence. It was during this trip that we landed in a small outpost where the remnants of an old British fort still doggedly stood, a sharp reminder of our inauspicious colonial past in the region, which was marred by defeat. An American Infantry Battalion ran the outpost and the irony of western soldiers back in the same location 200 years later was not lost on us. (more…)

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Weather stats: 24th to 30th July

Here are last week’s readings:


in mm


in Mb (am)


in Mb (pm)

Temperature in ºC



Sun 24






Mon 25






Tue 26






Wed 27






Thu 28






Fri 29






Sat 30











Our weatherman on the hill says:

The barometer is set to fall and the weather will become warm, humid, with the risk of thunder storms.

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What’s on Where this Week
Day Time Event Location
Sunday 10.30am-noon Club Tennis Tennis Courts
Sunday from 6pm Summer Party at the Legion
BBQ – 6.30pm & Music – 8pm
Memorial Hall
Lewis Noble Art School Parwich
Tuesday from 6.30pm Parwich Panoramic 5
Fell Race
Children’s race from 6.30
adults – 7.15pm
Sycamore Inn
Thursday 6-7pm Circuit Training Memorial Hall
. Y-Not Festival Pikehall
Saturday 7.45-8.30am Saturday Morning Bulk Rubbish Collection – Final One Alsop
Saturday . Manifold Valley Show Ilam
Sunday 6.30pm Evensong Parwich Church

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The poor form continues! We have not won a match for ages now.

Tuesday league
26 July – Away – Whitworth Park.

I suppose if there is such a thing as a good loss this may possibly be considered one! Whitworth Park are second in the league and we were not looking forward to the match. Although we only won one game out of the four we did get quite good points from the other games. In the end we lost 69 to 61 not a bad result. Unfortunately our next match is against Matlock Bath and they have a very good team.

Next match 2 August – Home – Matlock Bath.

Matlock Thursday Friendly League.
28 July – Home – Bradwell.

We again lost all the doubles games 63 to 36, however, the singles games came to our rescue. In four out of the six games we managed to win and the two other games we only closely lost. The points were 81 to Parwich and 58 to Bradwell. Total match score therefore was a close loss 117 to 121.

Next match 4 August – Away – Tideswell.

John B

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Calling all young people between the ages of 7 and 16

Would you like to have fun, make new friends and make a play in a week?

Would you like you like to work with theatre professionals and learn some great skills?

Would you like to build your confidence and enjoy being creative?

If this sounds good to you,
why not come along to a whole week of drama at
Parwich Memorial Hall.

22nd – 26th August
10am – 4pm

Please contact Jen for more information
or to book your place (places are limited)
£120 for the whole week!

07713 643598

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