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Thank you Gill H for information on this fund raising event for Biggin Pre-school, now attended by a number of children from our area:

Biggin Pre-school are holding an SOS fashion show on Saturday 1st June at Biggin Village Hall. Starts 7.30pm tickets priced at £3.00.

Since our pre school closed last year this is one of our local pre schools.

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June Film Showing

2013 June Film


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Photo by JF-S.


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Our Weatherman in the Village says:

After a brief return to wintery conditions on Thursday and Friday, we’ve ended up with a glorious Bank Holiday weekend. Unfortunately this spell looks like it will break later today (Monday) and the rest of the week looks unsettled. There is a possibility that the weather will turn more settled again for next weekend. Fingers crossed…

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Hello Possums.

Everybody having a good bank holiday weekend?

Yet another nail biting climax to the Eurovision song contest, Ireland floundered without the dynamic duo Jedward. Talent scouts are, as we speak, scouring nursing homes in search of G.B’s entrant for next year. Germany has invaded Denmark, and the Russians said “Ve vos vladiwell robbet“.

As you will have gathered by now Peter T, Weedkiller’s illustration executive without portfolio, has gone A.W.O.L. He left a red herring in the form of his old sandals on the doorstep to put us off the scent, but a note to the milk lady, cancelling his semi skimmed yaks’ milk and passion fruit yogurt, gave him away. We also discovered a strange note for the newsagent saying ‘No nuts for a fortnight‘, we couldn’t quite figure that one out. He has however been spotted in a hangout for the avant-garde in Morecambe, wearing a false beard and a beret, eating a jacket potato and swigging Absinthe. We will keep you posted.


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Just a reminder that

the Legion will be open from:

4 pm today (Bank Holiday Sunday).

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Visit this beautiful Norman church.
Tea & Cakes are being served in the churchyard at Alsop, 11am – 4pm tomorrow (Monday).
Please come along and support this event, in aid of Alsop Church. Stunning views, delicious cakes, not to be missed.

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