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Not Quite Over Parwich

Following our request yesterday, thank you for these Red Arrows photos taken shortly before their Parwich fly past; one by only a couple of minutes, but the other by a couple of months:

Hello to all,

The first photo was taken quickly as the Red Arrows flew over Nottingham in a flash, on the way to Parwich.
Red Arrows Nottingham
The second photo I took down in London on the day of the Trooping of the Colour.
Red Arrows London
Hope you all had a good day yesterday.

Pam & I have visited Parwich on a number of occasions & have always been made very welcome with the friendliness of all.

Kind regards
Pam & John
Arnold, Nottingham

However does anyone have any photos taken closer to the Parade? Also can anyone resolve the conflicting claims of the Oddfellows and the Carnival & Recreation Committee as to who organised this mini local airshow?

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All the fun of the Fair

Thank you JFS



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Click here for the full Wakes Week programme.

Children’s Sports.

These are held on Nethergreen at 6.30 pm and are open to any children wishing to take part.

Flat Races.
1. Girls 9-10, 50 yards / 2. Boys 9-10, 50 yards
3. Girls 7-8, 35 yards / 4. Boys 7-8, 35 yards
5. Girls 5-6, 25 yards / 6. Boys 5-6, 25 yards
7. Mixed under 5s, 25 yards

Ride on Race.
8. Mixed under 5s, 25 yards

Sack Races.
9. Boys 6-8, 25 yards / 10. Girls 6-8, 25 yards
11. Boys 9-11, 50 yards / 12. Girls 9-11, 50 yards

Flat Races.
13. Boys over 11, 100 yards / 14. Girls over 11, 100 yards

15. Girls 9-11, 50 yards / 16. Boys 9-11, 50 yards
17. Girls 5-8, 35 yards / 18. Boys 5-8, 35 yards

Three-Legged Races.
19. Girls 5-8, 35 yards / 20. Boys 5-8, 35 yards
21. Girls 9-11, 50 yards / 22. Boys 9-11, 50 yards

Potato Races.
23. Boys 6-8, 35 yards / 24. Girls 6-8, 35 yards
25. Boys 9-11, 50 yards / 26. Girls 9-11, 50 yards

Egg & Spoon Races.
27. Mixed under 6s, 25 yards
28. Boys 6-8, 35 yards / 29. Girls 6-8, 35 yards
30. Boys 9-11, 50 yards / 31. Girls 9-11, 50 yards

Wheel Barrow Races.
32. Boys 8-11, 50 yards / 33. Boys 8-11, 50 yards

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Our Weatherman in the Village says:

What a difference a day makes! It’s a good job Wakes Saturday wasn’t Wakes Friday, as we’d all have got very wet. Thankfully the weather was kind, and got better through the day. The outlook for the rest of Wakes Week is pretty good – looking dry for today (Sunday), Monday and Tuesday. There is some possibility of rain on Wednesday, but the chances are better conditions are in prospect for the end of the week. Temperatures look like being a little cooler than average, but at least it looks dry for a few days.

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On Wednesday 10 July Parwich Horticultural Society has organised a visit to two beautiful Northamptonshire gardens. Coton Manor in the morning, and Kelmarsh Hall in the afternoon. Both of these gardens should be at their ‘blooming’ best at this time of year.Coffee/ tea on arrival at Coton Manor is included. Lunch can be purchased at the Cafe in either garden or if you prefer to take your own picnic, there are facilities for this at both gardens. Full details are on the poster below. Please let Glynis know by 1st July if you would like to reserve a place.


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Wakes Underway

Wakes Week has got off to a great start with the Oddfellows Parade and the Carnival.




Chris is singing on the Green, the Fun Fair is underway and the Legion and the Pub are busy. Have a fun evening.


We have photos of the Parade and the Carnival, that will appear soon here on the Blog, but also keep sending us your Wakes photos.

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Red Arrows Fly Past

How did the Oddfellows organise the Red Arrows fly past at this morning’s parade? Perfect timing.

I took a couple of photos, but unfortunately my computer crashed at the wrong time while uploading them, and they seem to have gone. Did anyone else get any photos of this? If you did and are happy for them to go on the Blog please email them to Also any other Wakes photos are welcome.

Thank you, Peter

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