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Getting towards the end of the season only three more matches in the Tuesday League and four in the Thursday. A good win and what we could call a good loss this week.

Tuesday League.
Away – August 15 – Whitworth Park.
Good result against a team currently third in the league. Tony and Dawn could do no wrong and finished winning 21 – 0. Although we only won one other game our points tally was considerably greater than Whitworth because of this win. Rick and Edith came home with a 21 – 7 win, whilst Clara and Harry got a much deserved 15 points. Dennis and Sue also got 11 points against Whitworth’s best pair. The final result Parwich 68, Whitworth 49. Can’t be bad. Two matches next week in order to play the cancelled match against Wirksworth.
Next Match – Away – 21 August – Wirksworth – 5.30pm. ( Cancelled match ).
Away – 22 August- Matlock Bath – 6.00pm.

Thursday League
Away – Bakewell – 17 August.
Bakewell got promoted ahead of us in the league last year winning by 3 points. They are bottom of the higher league and we are second last. Shows what a good standard the higher league is. We did well in the doubles winning one game and losing one by a single point. The third game was a win for Bakewell. Bakewell 61, Parwich 53. Close games in the singles and although we only won two of the games we just finished 7 points down. All in all  however, we got a very creditable score, albeit a loss. Bakewell 143, Parwich 128. I don’t think this result will increase our chances of shooting up the league.
Next match – Home – Matlock Park – 24 August – 1.45pm
6.30pm – 7.30pm.

No Monday night this week as we off to play our cancelled fixture.

PS. If you can’t make Mondays just let Tony (724) or John (455) know and we will arrange an alternative.

John B.

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What’s on Where next Week
Day Time Event Location
Sun 20th 10am Family Service Parwich Church
Sun 20th 11.15am Holy Communion Alsop Church
Sun 20th 2pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
Cynthia Brown Cup
Parson’s Croft
Sun 20th 6.30pm Sunday Football
for adults and grown up kids
Parson’s Croft
Mon 21st 10am
/ 10.07am
Bus to Bakewell
arrives Bakewell 10.40, leaves 13.35
Sycamore Cottages
/ Alsop Church
Mon 21st 5.30pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
Tuesday League rescheduled match

vs. Wirksworth
Mon 21st 6.30pm Bowls practice session
cancelled this week
Parson’s Croft
Tue 22nd 6-10pm Badminton & Tabletennis
book via Cheryl tel 617
Memorial Hall
Tue 22nd 6.30pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
vs. Matlock Bath
Wed 23rd Green bin, Blue bin and food caddy collection Parwich
Wed 23rd 6-10pm Badminton & Tabletennis
book via Cheryl tel 617
Memorial Hall
Thu 24th 1.45pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
vs. Matlock Park B
Parson’s Croft
Thu 24th 4.30pm to 7pm Fish & Chip Van
visiting Parwich alternate Thursdays
tel. 0751 107 6249
The Green
Thu 24th 6-10pm Badminton & Tabletennis
book via Cheryl tel 617
Memorial Hall
Fri 25th 5.30pm Children’s Friday Football
meet at the Cricket Pavillion
Parson’s Croft
Fri 25th draw at
‘Open the Safe’
continues Fridays until won
Sun 27th 9.30am Mattins Parwich Church
Sun 27th 11.15am Mattins Alsop Church
Sun 27th No Methodist Service in Parwich today as congregation supporting final service at Hillside Chapel, Darley Dale
Sun 27th 6.30pm Sunday Football
for adults and grown up kids
Parson’s Croft

Click here to see the full Diary page; please email any event information to

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Readers of Colin Galtrey’s books may like to know the latest John Gammon book is now available in Kindle and Paper back formats.
 intravenous promo.jpg

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Diary Updates

We will be updating the Diary page this weekend, so if you have any Alsop, Ballidon, Parwich or Pikehall events (September and October) that you want to go in the Diary in time to be included in the Peak Five Church Magazine’s September issue, please send them in by Saturday (19th of August).

Including our Diary in the Church magazine is important as it helps you reach some of those who are not on-line.

Please send Diary information to or leave me a message on tel. 287.

Thank you, Peter

Note, click here for

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Swallow Ripples


Thank you John F-S for taking this photo at the Millenium Pond

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We have received the following press release from Derbyshire County Council.

Derbyshire Connect services to be rolled out countywide

Community transport users will continue to receive life-line services as Derbyshire Connect buses are rolled out countywide.

We have pledged to continue supporting Dial-a-Bus (DAB)- style ‘shopping’ buses and aCTive Travel journeys to healthcare appointments.

These services are for people unable to use conventional transport because of mobility difficulties or because they live in areas − usually rural − where public transport is limited.

A new Derbyshire Connect service has been trialled in the Ashbourne and Wirksworth area since February. Contracts to operate the service across the county have now been awarded and will start in October − continuing to take people to supermarkets, shops, banks and medical appointments at hospitals, clinics, the doctors, dentists and opticians.

Councillor Trevor Ainsworth, our Cabinet Support Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said:

“This is great news for community transport users. We are aware that there have been concerns among some passengers that their services were ending because funding was being withdrawn. This is not the case − funding is being provided in a different way.”

Councillor Ainsworth added:

“We know how important getting out and about is for people to retain their independence and we are clear on our commitment to continue to support the most vulnerable, particularly in rural and isolated communities, ensuring they have the same opportunities as they currently have, to travel to vital services.”

Funding for DAB and aCTive Travel services is currently provided by the council to the county’s six community transport schemes through grants.

Following a legal challenge, which makes it more difficult to provide funding in this way, the new Derbyshire Connect services will be run under contract.

Ashbourne Community Transport, based in Ashbourne, won the contract to provide shopping buses to cover the Derbyshire Dales, High Peak and South Derbyshire.

Community Transport for Town and County (CT4TC), based in Chesterfield and Ripley, will run shopping buses in Amber Valley, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Erewash and North East Derbyshire.

South Derbyshire Community Volunteers Service, based in Swadlincote, will provide journeys to medical appointments in South Derbyshire and in the south of the Derbyshire Dales.

Ashbourne Community Transport, Erewash Community Transport, based in Ilkeston, and Community Transport Swadlincote will run services to healthcare appointments in Amber Valley and Erewash.

And CDGi Training Limited − a specialist healthcare transport provider based in Eckington – will put on aCTive Travel services in Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire.

Bakewell and Eyam Community Transport, based in Bakewell, The Bureau − Glossop’s voluntary and community network – New Mills Volunteer Centre and Voluntary and Community Services Peaks and Dales, based in Ashbourne and Buxton, will take passengers to medical appointments in the High Peak and north Derbyshire Dales.

Like the current DAB and aCTive travel services, the new Derbyshire Connect services will still need to be booked but will continue to run door-to-door with passenger assistants on hand to provide extra assistance, where necessary.

Councillor Ainsworth said:

“These new Derbyshire Connect buses will offer better value for money − around £7 per passenger to run compared to an average £16.57 for the current service − and provide a more customer focused service. Gold Card holders will also be able to travel for free − currently they have to pay − and in the longer term we expect them to develop into more flexible services to meet the needs of a wider range of customers.”


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National Allotments Week

Well if cats can have their day why not allotments!

The National Allotment Society is running this initiative to help protect,  promote and preserve allotments. More information can be found here

At this point I should be asking, like with the cats, for pictures of your allotment. However as we don’t have any allotments that would be rather pointless! I can’t help looking at all those under-utilised sports fields and thinking would a corner of one of those be missed? So instead of pictures here’s a quick poll.

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