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Parwich Tennis Club

We have received the following from Nia L regarding reviving the Parwich Tennis Club –

I am trying to get the tennis club going again as we have had a couple of years off.

We have repaired the broken boards and will be putting new nets up and a box with racquets and balls available for anyone to use. Hopefully they will be used and replaced after use allowing others to have the enjoyment of them as well.
On Saturday 2nd May we are running a version of the Presidents and Chairman’s tournament and would like to invite anyone who is interested in playing tennis on a social basis to join us for the afternoon. I have attached a poster and I will be putting some up around the village as well.
Would it be possible to ask that the courts are no longer used for bikes and scooters and the making of ramps and dens as the surface is becoming damaged and the 2 nets that were originally on the courts are now unusable having been used in the construction of the ramps.
We really would love anyone who would like to play some tennis, at whatever standard, to join us on the 2nd May but this is aimed at the over 12s. If there is sufficient interest then we will look at restarting some coaching sessions for youngsters.

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