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Help with a Metal Fence?

Is there anyone in Parwich who could take away some old metal fencing that was in our garden? It is quite heavy and long. There are several pieces to it.

Thank you,

Matt N

Tel 390738

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For Sale

I live at 1 Church Walk
I have lots of garden ornaments on my garden, if anyone would like to come round and have a look. Here are a couple of examples
Kelly M

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Muck for Sale

Well-rotted, top quality horse manure for sale. I will deliver it to your door and it costs £4 for a medium sized bag. Please contact me on 07805149025. Annie G-P’

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herbes de provence 2

I got fed up of ordering small amounts of herbs that cost a fortune and so I thought I would try buying a bulk bag with the view of trying to sell the extra locally, at a good price….

I have bought ‘Herbes de Provence’, which is a mixture of dried herbs considered typical of the Provence region of south east France. There are numerous versions but this one is a really nice, good quality, mix that I’ve bought before. It contains thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, basil, savoury & tarragon. It has a best before date of end of March 2020.

Typically it is used in Mediterranean cooking (so it goes particularly well with tomato based dishes) and is used to flavour grilled fish and meat but you can use it in loads of things – soups, stews, casseroles, marinades etc. – you can even sprinkle a bit on cheese on toast!

In the supermarkets they sell at 70p-£1.00 for 14g (which is the size of you average supermarket spice jar). I am selling them in bags at £1 for 50g – let me know if you want any (Emma, Parwich 203), or pick some up from the Legion. If you don’t need them to use now, I can also vac pack the herbs so they will keep fresher longer – it will cost 10p extra (only because the vac bags cost 10p each), just let me know.

If this works I may well try buying and selling other herbs / spices locally – so let me know if you would like anything in particular. Also, if you ever need small amounts of herbs or spices (either to try for a new recipe, or because you’ve run out) the chances are I could well have it (I do a lot of cooking!) – feel free to ask – I work from home so I am usually in!


Emma, Pond Cottage.


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We have a Britannia electric range cooker and one of the ovens is malfunctioning…..

Does anyone know of a good cooker repair & servicing person for this type of oven?

If so please call Emma & Rob on 203, or email

Many thanks

Emma & Rob


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I’m doing a memory walk on the 15/16/and 17 of August to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society I will be walking in Minning low trails and Tissington trail during the 3 days anyone who’s interested on this cause is welcome to join me for a long or shorter distance on any of the 3 days.If is not possible to join me I would really appreciate a donation on “”through my Facebook page  or by donating at the legion or the Sycamore hope to hear from you and thank you for your time

Dana Amadio,2 smithy close.

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Spare fridge?

We have received the following question from Gill E…

Does anyone have an old fridge that they don’t want, or that we could borrow for Y-Not?

If so, please get in touch with Gill (390309).

Thank you.

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