Thank You

Thank you Alan Smith for making such a great job of improving the stile to Dodds Hill. Isobel M

Grey Bin Wednesday

No food caddy, put food waste in grey bin.

There’s a DDDC meeting regarding bin collections tonight at 6pm, for more information and how to watch on line click this link-

DDDC Meeting

Tin Hats at the Ready?

As we all know, these birds, known as a ‘clattering of jackdaws’ have been swirling and wheeling over Parwich for days, mostly in the evening, 500 at least, maybe many more than that as they ask their pals to join them. The tall beech trees towering over Flaxdale have been host to the colony, though they have been seen roosting towards Tissington also. Last night we went to bed leaving all the top floor windows wide open, but Mike was woken at first light, by the clattering of jackdaws and found these menacing birds clustered OVER the barn roof outside the bathroom window, along our guttering and bedroom windowsill, across the neighbours’ roofs and in the street as if waiting for their Ted Talk to begin. Pure Hitchcock! He hastily shut the windows to prevent entry to the house. Their numbers seem to be increasing daily as more pairs join these sociable birds. They normally congregate in uninhabited places like Wicken Fen, so goodness knows why they (or the starlings for that matter) find Parwich so attractive. They can damage crops apparently, but it is mainly sheep and cattle around here. Another omen of global warming perhaps? Tin hats at the ready!

Gill Radcliffe

Legion takeaway night

The Parwich Panoramic Five

Tuesday 3rd August 2021 6:30pm onwards, come and enjoy a summer evening of running for all the family, with the……….

Anyone wanting to help with marshalling on the night to contact Nia on 661. Help much appreciated.

Oil Price Steady

Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

OPEC+ have reached a deal this week to increase supply to the market from August onwards in a bid to cool off oil prices which had reached 2 1/2 year highs. This has removed some uncertainty from the market and subsequently caused Brent Crude prices to dip this week just over $73 a barrel, however Goldman Sachs have voiced their expectations that Brent Crude could reach $80 a barrel later this summer.

TIP: Remove unwanted water from your tank – Over time condensation causes water to build up at the bottom of your tank (especially after warmer weather), and if stirred up into the oil when new fuel is added the water can be sucked through your fuel line into your system and cause issues.
To combat this, we recommend using water scavengers every 3 months or so to absorb and remove any water sat in your tank. You can find a range Water Scavengers and the Water Test Kit in our Club Store in the members area.

Rate:  £0.4184 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

For full details  Continue Reading »

Travels with Parwich Crown Green Bowling Club take us to a plethora of entrancing venues throughout the Derbyshire countryside, but few to the aristocratic settings of England’s finest old stately homes. Such was the case, though, on Tuesday as we arrived at Chatsworth amid the sweeping vista of the magnificent building itself across the Derwent, to the tight little bowling green idyllically set betwixt the splendid estate office building and he church spire. Inspection of the team sheet revealed that the Duke of Devonshire himself was not playing that evening, evidently either not being a member or else simply too much in awe of this successful Parwich side.
Personally I found it one of the trickier greens on the circuit; compact, perplexing and with one corner at least possessing a mind of its own. Nevertheless, we set about the task nobly (would there be any other way here?) and our strivings began to pay off as we took the upper hand by the half way mark, fighting from behind in most of the games to take the match by a 73-60 margin on a night of strong sunshine and intense heat needing punctuation by several on-green drinks breaks.
Then back to the Thursday competition and we were on the road again to a strong Matlock Park side to try to strengthen our position as league leaders. The match had been put back two and a half hours to try and avoid playing in the heat of the day, something about mad dogs, Englishmen and bowlers, etc. After playing the singles games we edged into a slim lead which the Team pulled out all stops to hang on to during the doubles; not one player giving an inch, though home advantage was to win through on this occasion after two games going down to the final point, and we finished having to yield to the narrowest of margins, losing 131 to 126.
How did Bradwell get on? – was the burning question. Well the upshot was that the result means we slip to second in the table, but only under the secondary sorting criteria of points against, as league points alone mean that we are level. Reflecting on the evening in a hostelry on the way home, after an excellent steak and kidney pudding and pint of local ale, the World of bowls didn’t seem too bad, and the chance to put things right at home to Baslow next week will, I’m sure, bolster the Team to strain every last sinew to reclaim the position we feel rightfully ours. Come on Parwich, we can do this!   Mark J…

Barn/unit to let

Looking for a barn/unit to rent for a week. Large enough to get a VW crafter high roof in and work round. Need space so we can spray the body and leave to dry. We can cover area if required to prevent mess but using a spray that does not give out much mess.
Please contact Dan on 07856098515


Laura F

Legion takeaway night

Beware Wasps

Just to be aware.

I just walked the dog down Kiln Lane. About halfway down there’s a tree with yellow flowers on the right.

At the moment their seems to be a fair number of wasps in the branches, hopefully just resting and not nesting. 

Dez H

This weekend at the Legion

There are still a few places left for our visit to Thornbridge Hall Gardens on 28 July. Entry is free to RHS members ( on production of current RHS membership card) or £7.00 to non RHS members, meet in the car park at Thornbridge Hall at 1.30pm.

As the venue is quite close and coach travel is a little complicated we are lift-sharing.

Please let me know if you would like to join us (non PDHS members welcome) and also whether you are prepared to drive and offer lifts to others (tel 561 or email I will then coordinate the lift share. There are currently seats available for those who don’t want to drive.

Meeting of Parwich Parish Council

The next meeting of Parwich Parish Council will be held on Tuesday the 27th July 2021 at 7:30 pm in the Memorial Hall.

Parish Councils are no longer permitted to meet using video conferencing so this meeting must be held in person.

Risk management measures including sanitising and distancing will be in place. The number of attendees may not exceed 30. All attendees may be required to wear face masks (unless exempt).

The agenda is here.

Plants, Plants, Plants!

There are lots of lovely plants left! Beautiful hostas, salvias, echinacia, pulmonaria, crocosmia and more!
Please come and choose something (there’s always room in your garden!)and make a donation to Parwich and District Horticultural Society. 
Many thanks SueH

DDDC has published it’s recommendations to deal with the current waste collection crisis. This includes a 4 week suspension of garden waste collections. Further details available at

Red and Yellow Bins on Wednesday

Well it might as well be!

Actually could be Blue, Green + foody caddy

Bins Update

Another update from DDDC, make of it what you will –

Bins update – Tuesday 20 July 

Some better news: All scheduled household waste and recycling rounds are collecting today.

There’s a possibility some rounds may not be completed due to the sheer volume of recycling going into the trucks – we’ll report on this later.

Serco are still some staff down which means 4 out of today’s scheduled 5 food waste rounds are operating.

We do also have a catch-up crew out recovering some missed collections, though, as you are well aware, the catch-up is going to take some time, for which we again apologise.

We can confirm also that an extraordinary full meeting of the District Council on 27 July will debate the ongoing waste and recycling issues. We’ll promote the report to that meeting on all our communications channels as soon as it is finalised and published, including via this e-newsletter.

A reminder that you can report a missed collection at

Legion COVID Update Announcement

Open Gardens

Click on the map to open a printable PDF version

Bins Update from DDDC

Bins update – Monday 19 July 

Our communication on Friday (16 July) about planned emergency measures to help alleviate current waste & recycling disruptions in the Dales has prompted a lot of resident feedback, which we appreciate and are listening to.

It has also given us a more detailed insight into the backlog of collections – especially recycling – in some areas of the district.

Because of this it could be necessary to adjust the measures announced – due to start on 26 July – and we have called an emergency meeting of the full council next week to discuss all options.

The report to this meeting will be published on our website no later than tomorrow.

In the meantime we regretfully announce that Serco have reported further staff absences today that they are unable to cover due to the continuing national driver shortage. It means some rounds could not operate today; the full list of the areas affected can be viewed on our website. Some food waste rounds were also not completed.

We appreciate that our apologies are not enough right now, but please be assured that we are exploring all possible angles to get this service back to the excellent levels you rightly expect.

Derbyshire Dales DC

Missing Parcel

Anyone recognise this door? Parcel delivered but not to us!


Keeley B

07515 702265

Plant Sale

A selection of wonderful plants will be on sale outside Rookery House as part of Parwich and District Horticultural Society’s Evening in the Garden event this Wednesday.
Come and choose from Cerinthe major, box, foxgloves, Verbena bonariensis, Geraniums and more.
Sue H 334

The Parwich Panoramic Five

Tuesday 3rd August 2021 6:30pm onwards, come and enjoy a summer evening of running for all the family, with the……….

Anyone wanting to help with marshalling on the night to contact Nia on 661. Help much appreciated.

Dennis Evans

Funeral and Burial of Dennis Evans to be held at Parwich Church, 22nd July 2021 at 10.45am, all welcome (assuming restrictions are lifted by the Church in line with the recent Government proposal) wake to follow afterwards at the Sycamore where the family hope you will join them.

Sweet and Sour, Then Sweet Again

Had that a casual stranger have been walking down the footpath past Parson’s Croft last Tuesday, had that man not encountered crown green bowling on his travels to date, and had that traveller have stopped to investigate the tense excitement going on within, it is likely he would have been hooked to an extent that he may have recounted the story many times in years to come. For on that greensward at the time was unfolding the first of two epic encounters against our friends from Bradwell. Not just any old game of bowls though, as both teams strived and clamoured and contested, giving their all for the honours in this one. But on a long night in which some of the games went down to the final point, it was Parwich who eventually celebrated another maximum 84 point win to Bradwell’s 49. What a night, and a privilege to have been part of it.
Though the outcome in essence was to provide a curtain raiser to the match on Thursday, where we entered the arena needing a minimum 22 point win over the league leaders in order to reclaim the top spot we’d been deposed from the week before.
Some of the Team had met on Wednesday evening for the Chinese food evening at the British Legion, and used the occasion as a morale-boosting and bonding session for what we saw as a must-win game. On the day it was evident Bradwell saw it much the same way as they turned up fired to avenge the result two days previously. So begun the series of battles in which no player would give way. Parwich, though, were magnificent to a man (and woman) and even, it has to be said, zealous use of law technicalities – 3 times in the case of one game – didn’t rattle us, and Parwich won the right to celebrate a 134 to 105 victory to go back to the top spot by a mere 7 point margin.
Next week sees us twice on the road, with visits to Chatsworth on Tuesday and Matlock Park on Thursday. I’m looking forward to them. Keep it going Parwich!   Mark J…

Open Gardens Update

We already have more than ten gardens opening in the village for you to enjoy, and the weather is set for a glorious afternoon, so be sure not to miss the free Village and Members-only Open Gardens on Wednesday, 4pm to 7pm.

Our thanks to everyone who has volunteered to open their garden. 

Parish Council Meeting Postponed

The next Parish Council meeting was due to take place on Wednesday the 21st of July. To avoid clashing with the official re-opening of the Legion this meeting will now take place on Tuesday the 27th of July. The agenda will be published on Thursday the 22nd.

Village Open Gardens

Bin (non)Collection Update

These are the temporary operational changes put together by the District Council and Serco to help alleviate current bin collection disruptions. The changes will start from 26 July for a period of three months.

  • There will be no food waste collections (we are currently the only authority in Derbyshire to offer a separate food waste collection service).
  • Food waste should be put in household waste containers for the period of these emergency measures.
  • To help us complete rounds no *excess* recycling will be collected – please contain recycling in your blue bin (*or* 2 blue bags + blue box for residents on a sack collection round who don’t have a bin).
  • During the emergency measures, if we don’t manage to collect your waste within 4 days of its scheduled collection we won’t be able to return until your next collection date.
  • However, where we have missed an assisted collection or bins have been missed for a number of weeks we will do everything we can to get back to you. Continue to report any missed collections at
  • We’re also looking to introduce mobile ‘bring sites’ to hotspot locations across the district on Saturdays – a waste truck where residents can bring excess recycling. More on this will follow later.

Click for full news article

This weekend at the Legion

Oddfellows appeal

Free Cockerel

I have a free cockerel available. He must go today!

Please call if interested.

Alex 743

Is this your dog?

Update – safely reunited with owner in Tissington, must have been thirsty and fancied a pint!

Rosie’s Pork

Locally produced pork
Ready in the next 2 to 3 weeks
1/2 a pig (comprising of joints, chops & sausages) between & £100 & £120.00
Smaller quantities can be catered for
Please call 01629 540303 for more details

Thank you Janet G  & Rosie

Phone Down?

If your without phone or Internet further up Dam Lane towards A515 someone has run into and snapped off a telegraph pole cutting the cable completely
I have reported it. Mark L Weds 14 July 7.50pm

Dennis Evans

Funeral and burial of Dennis Evans to be held at Parwich Church, 22nd July 2021 at 10.45am, all welcome (assuming restrictions are lifted by the Church in line with the recent Government proposal) wake to follow afterwards at the Sycamore where the family hope you will join them.

Bentley Brook: Ladies Day….

Undelivered Mail?

If you’ve received a Royal Mail request card to pay a fee for postage for a letter, please rethink paying or if you have the time to visit their sorting office and take a look at the letter.I just did, and it looks like it’s fake letter. In fact, the Royal Mail sorting office have written ‘fake’ on the envelope. 
I was told there are 20 addresses in the village that have received the request. 
Happy for you to call me to discuss.

Alex 734

Tree down

I have just been informed there is a tree down and across the road on the very steep hill (Pike Hill Lane) into Parwich past Goslings farm.

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