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Legion Branch AGM

Memorial Hall AGM

This year’s Memorial Hall Committee AGM will be held virtually via Zoom.  Details of the link to join the meeting will be published prior to the meeting.

Legion – this week’s ales

Fitness classes this week

Contact Jay H on for more information or to book a place.

Rugby at the Legion

Halloween at the Legion

Oil price Little Changed

Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

There has been little change in oil prices over the past few weeks. With low demand being offset by production cuts by OPEC+ members, Brent Crude remains between $42 and $43. However, suppliers are seeing an increase in demand as the weather turns colder. Delivery times are currently between 7 and 10 working days.

Tip: With the weather turning wetter and more rainfall on its way, it might be a good idea to ensure no water has made its way into your tank, as if sucked up into your system it can cause real issues. Water Scavengers are dropped into your tank to absorb any water sat at the bottom of your tank.
You can find a selection of different sized Water Scavengers in our Club Store, as well as Water Test Kits if you wish to check your tank for water first.

Rate:  £0.2634 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

For full details  Continue Reading »

Piano Tuner

My excellent professional piano tuner from Manchester is coming to tune my piano on Wednesday next, and he has 2 slots in the afternoon if anyone would like their piano tuning.

Martin C  390529

First Responders AGM

Legion: November Weekend Opening

Missing Parcel – Another One!

Did anyone take a parcel in from Fedex yesterday Thursday 22nd Oct? They claim to have delivered to us but we can’t locate it.

Karen W 


Sunday Village Clean-up Day

The Clean up day planned for Sunday the 25th October will be going ahead with minor variations to comply with restrictions due to Covid 19.

Please come to the bus shelter at 10:00am or find a member of the Council to discuss what you would like to do. There are opportunities for litter picking, playground maintenance and management of vegetation.

We will aim to finish by 12:00.

Due to Covid 19 there will be no refreshments provided.

Would participants please see the Risk Assessment posted on the Parish Council’s website and note in particular the footnote which reminds everyone that.

“For the safety of all, Parwich Council expects volunteers to familiarise themselves with parts of this risk assessment relevant to any task they undertake and follow the associated control measures.”

Rugby at the Legion

Halloween at the Legion

Legion Cask Ales – this week

Grey Bin Wednesday

…and Food Caddy

Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting of Parwich Parish Council will be held on Wednesday the 21st October 2020 at 7:30 pm.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Parish Councils continue to be advised not to meet face to face unless this is the only way that they can conduct their business.

The meeting will therefore once again be conducted using Zoom. The agenda contains login details that can be used by members of the public to join the meeting. 

There is also a telephone number which will enable you to listen to the meeting and speak when permitted.

If you have not used Zoom before you are strongly advised to download their app in advance. This will enable you set it up on your device and familiarise yourself with its operation.

The agenda is here.

Message from the PDHS-

Unfortunately, we are unable to donate money to any village organisations this year as we were unable to hold OpenGardens and owing to the present circumstances we feel unable to plan events forThe Committee has decided, therefore, to postpone the AGM.

The new date is February 9th, 2021

This is a provisional date dependent on circumstances at that time.

Grid sticking up by the Bentley Brook

Alison B has just sent us this warning that if anybody is driving to Ashbourne this morning, there is a grid sticking up in the air just before the Bentley Brook hotel. It’s on the left side on the last corner before the junction.

Halloween Trail

Hopefully some of you have seen this and we are keen to do it in Parwich. The aim is to display Halloween items in your windows / around your gardens so we can do a hunt around the village. Once you have spotted one the child (or yourself!) is rewarded with a treat (that you have taken along with you) and then you go onto find the next one. We were thinking of having them on display from the Thursday – Sunday.

In addition to this David and Christine Goldstraw from Church Walk have very kindly agreed to open up their spooktacular garden on Halloween for the children to walk around and look at their display (arrows will mark which way to walk). Christine is happy to answer any questions people may have.

I look forward to seeing your ghostly creations. Lucy M

Rugby at the Legion

Oil price Static

Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

Oil prices remain static with Brent Crude hovering between $42 and $43 a barrel for much of this week. However, suppliers are seeing an increase in demand as the weather turns colder. Delivery times are currently between 7 and 10 working days.

Tip: It is a good idea to upgrade your fuel to Premium fuel with a bottle of Exocet Additive. Exocet Additives lower carbon emissions, stabilise fuel, clean injectors, inhibit sludge formation in your tank, and improve overall fuel performance and efficiency.

We have a selection of Additives available in The Oil-Club Store with discounted Club prices for our members. If you have an AGA or Range cooker (with a wick), then please ensure you order the Cooker Additive.

Rate:  £0.2611 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

For full details  Continue Reading »

Church Tomorrow

With our local villages churches open for services (with physical distancing and cleaning/hygiene arrangements in place), there are two opportunities tomorrow to gather.

At 1115 in Alsop we gather for a Morning Prayer using words from the 1662 Prayer Book

We gather between 1730 and 1800 tomorrow to say Evening Prayer together using modern words (Common Worship) and hymns.  Our theme is Going with God – what happens…

  • 1730 bring your own tea/coffee & cake for a chat if you wish
  • 1800 service starts

Contact Rev Carollyn on or 664132 or Andrew C on or 390684 for info on how to join in via computer, tablet and phone (including landline) and accessing the words. 

With services happening in our local village churches, our services via Zoom are now monthly.

We hope to see and hear you.

Andrew C

Legion Bike Ride

Thai Take-away Night

Undelivered Amazon Parcels

I have heard that several parcels from Amazon have gone missing in the village recently. This has also happened to me this week.
I was sent a notification that an Amazon parcel had been delivered to me, that it had been handed to the house owner.  No such parcel had arrived so I contacted the Amazon customer services who are now sending a replacement.  If everyone who has not received their Amazon order makes a similar complaint then Amazon may be able to detect the problem. Could you pass the word around?

Alice S

More Parcel Mystery

Not sure if other posters had any look tracking their missing parcels but I’ve had a few delivered today (Thursday) but I have one that says its been left but its not here. It was delivered by royal mail this afternoon at 3.15 and was a Mark’s and Spencer parcel. Has anyone had any left that isn’t theirs? I’m on Lenscliffe by the school. 
Please call 390111
Thanks Vicky T

Pizza’s at the Legion

Legion Bike Ride

Home wanted for shelter

Another Missing Parcel

Bit of a long shot, but wondering if anyone got a Box of beer delivered yesterday in error?From Beer 52.
Delivered around 11am to a ‘cottagey style property’ ( that helps!)
It hasn’t come to 3 Rathbourne Croft. Where it should have.
Reported it to Yodel, but it takes 2 weeks to investigate fully and we just want our beer!😅
Thank you,
Lauren Wingate/Dez Hall

Blue and Green Bins on Wednesday

And food caddy.

Note no additional garden waste will be taken beyond the usual bin (or 5 bags if you don’t have a bin).

Parwich Primary School Open Evening

If you know of any prospective parents who would like a look around school, please let them know about our open evening.

Thanks, The Parwich Team

Legion Bingo

Rugby at the Legion

Legion Cask Ales

Pizza’s at the Legion

October at the Legion

Rugby at the Legion

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