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Glasses Found


Izzy found some glasses on her walk with Robert on the footpath in the woods
above Gibbons Bank. There are 1.50 reading glasses, Black Frame. Feel free to
come and collect if they are yours or if you know who they may belong to
please ring Angela on 519


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Fork Missing

Garden Fork.
After Sunday’s work on Pump Hill did anyone see or find a small size garden fork? If so please let me know and I can retrieve it. Andrew M.
Andrew M

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HS Missing item

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Chicken Missing

Hi I have 6 chickens 3 of which are 20 week old POL. 1 of my new girls keeps going walkies. I believe she is getting through the hedge and out that way and ending up on the path opposite the school. I have collected her a few times from other people’s gardens. I have knocked on but no one is in so have just been grabbing her and bringing her home. She’s very tame and will let you pick her up. She has currently gone walkies and I can’t find her. Please if you see her either bring her back if you want to i live on Lenscliffe or give me a text/call my number is 07950823369 and I will fetch her.

Vicky T

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Sheep Out

I’ve seen this pair wandering round the village since Monday and they have just been spotted trying to get to the veg in my garden.  I suggest the owner rounds them up because if they’re try it again, they’re likely to be joining it on my plate!

Thank you

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Lost your trainers?


Found on the green under the tree.

Karen 390253

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Wandering Cattle

Stuart Chambers has told us that he has found 2 black, horned heifers wandering the village and has secured them in his field. He can be contacted on 390336

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