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Another Missing Cat

UPDATE: Korky home safe and well. Extremely hungry!

Thanks to everyone

Sue A


Our young cat Korky has disappeared today. Please could you check sheds, garages, greenhouses, wells etc.

He also likes to climb trees and may be stuck up one or have fallen out of one and injured himself.
Tel. 724. Tony or Sue

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Missing Cat


I live down at wash meadow and I’ve lost my cat albus, he’s quite slim, black and white. He’s been gone for a couple of days now,
Nadene C
My number- 07756051789
My dads- 07770515545


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Missing Border Collie?

UPDATE: Owner now found and on the way to collect

We’ve had a message from Liz up at Minninglow Grange, they’ve had an older border collie arrive on their land, it only has one eye and although it has a collar there are no details on it. They’ve managed to shut it into one of their barns for now – does anyone know who it may belong to?

Please contact Liz on 390 434 if you’ve any information

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Missing Wheelie Bin

Has anyone seen a black wheelie bin missing from 2 parsons Croft please it has a large no2 on it and a picture of some ivy disappeared yesterday? Belinda H


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Black Labrador seen at Hilltop

Has anyone heard of a missing dog. The Goslings at Hilltop have spotted one:

Black labrador roaming around at Hilltop Farm: male with a blue collar, we cannot get near enough to catch it, has been here 2 days. We would love to find its owner.

Lynda G

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Key Found

Door key found on the road outside The Sycamore Inn earlier this week.

Enquire at The Sycamore Inn.

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Children’s Shoe Found

Found outside the Legion on Monday night.


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