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Ball Retriever Wanted

Can anyone help me make my dog happy again. She’s not happy with me because I’m a rubbish ball thrower I managed to lose it in the pond near the pub. If anyone can lend me a net or retrieve Maggie’s ball she would appreciate having her favourite ball back. We are staying at croft cottage or you can call me on 07918106176. Thank you.  Mandy

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Lost, can you help?

To our relief, and following a thorough search, the glasses have now been found!
Mike and Gill

Lost, pair of child’s red framed spectacles between Highway Lane and Hilltop Farm, in the snow on the verge, possibly in long grass.
Mike and Gill, Flaxdale House

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Have you lost your sheep?

The wandering sheep were back in Creamery Lane this morning, but in larger numbers. Having headed down the Smiths’ drive they have been put in the field below Dodd’s Dill. Can the owner please get in touch with either the Smiths tel. 278 or with me next door, Peter T tel. 287.

They have a pale blue marking on the rump and some also have an orange line on the upper back.

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Lost Sheep

Some sheep have just wandered past the Legion heading in the direction of Alsop.

Update 11.30am and now back towards the village.

Pale blue markings on backs.

Update 1.30pm and now heading off along Monsdale Lane

Photos by Peter T

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There are two brown hens up just past the post box at 3.10pm this afternoon (Friday). I told them they’ve probably missed the last post for sending Christmas parcels but they wouldn’t hear it. You might want to count your chickens if you live that end of the village. I was out with my hounds otherwise I would have knocked on doors to see if they belonged to people I know who have hens around there.

Caroline G.

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Lost Kitten

Has anyone lost a kitten? If so, we may have her.

Di & Jim Turnbull

Update: The kitten, Molly, has now been reunited with her owner

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We have received the following message from Judith B:

Missing, last seen on the green during the village tidy up….

If you’ve seen it, or if you took it home by mistake please let Judith know on Parwich 712.

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