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Found – child’s hat

A Mountain Warehouse kid’s hat was recently found on Tissington Trail. It’s blue with red aeroplanes on it.

If it’s yours please contact Lucy on 112.

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Found; Mobile Phone

I have found a mobile phone between Parwich and Tissington. Please contact me if you think it is yours.

Fiona 01335 390191/ fiona@w3z.couk

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FOUND: Golden Lab

A male golden lab has arrived at the pub with no owner in sight. He’s a biggish lad and has no collar on.

Jane and Kirsty are keeping him safe, please go and collect him asap.

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Missing Shopping?

Angela R has had her Waitrose shopping arrive this morning along with three extra bags full. If you’ve had a Waitrose delivery and some is missing please contact Angela on 519. If no-one claims it she will drop it off for the food bank collection tomorrow.

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Another Missing Cat

UPDATE: Korky home safe and well. Extremely hungry!

Thanks to everyone

Sue A


Our young cat Korky has disappeared today. Please could you check sheds, garages, greenhouses, wells etc.

He also likes to climb trees and may be stuck up one or have fallen out of one and injured himself.
Tel. 724. Tony or Sue

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Missing Cat


I live down at wash meadow and I’ve lost my cat albus, he’s quite slim, black and white. He’s been gone for a couple of days now,
Nadene C
My number- 07756051789
My dads- 07770515545


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Missing Border Collie?

UPDATE: Owner now found and on the way to collect

We’ve had a message from Liz up at Minninglow Grange, they’ve had an older border collie arrive on their land, it only has one eye and although it has a collar there are no details on it. They’ve managed to shut it into one of their barns for now – does anyone know who it may belong to?

Please contact Liz on 390 434 if you’ve any information

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Missing Wheelie Bin

Has anyone seen a black wheelie bin missing from 2 parsons Croft please it has a large no2 on it and a picture of some ivy disappeared yesterday? Belinda H


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Black Labrador seen at Hilltop

Has anyone heard of a missing dog. The Goslings at Hilltop have spotted one:

Black labrador roaming around at Hilltop Farm: male with a blue collar, we cannot get near enough to catch it, has been here 2 days. We would love to find its owner.

Lynda G

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Key Found

Door key found on the road outside The Sycamore Inn earlier this week.

Enquire at The Sycamore Inn.

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Children’s Shoe Found

Found outside the Legion on Monday night.


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Money Found

I found some money on the road along Creamery Lane that someone must have dropped. No fortune, but happy to return it to the owner, if they can tell me how much and the likely place. Otherwise I’ll donate it to the Blog.

Saskia T  440


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Labrador Lose


Thank you Jasmine C for letting us know:

A large golden Labrador was seen near Nether Green, but ran away when approached. It was heading towards Creamery Lane.

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Lost: Specs in blue case

A long shot: a fellow Carsington volunteer lost a blue hardback case with his glasses inside last Sunday whilst walking in the Parwich area along a circular walk: Parwich-Gotham-HP Trail-Ballidon-Parwich.  He doesn’t know when and where the case slipped out of his pocket, but please let me know if you’ve found them (by some miracle). Saskia (440)


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Dog Found

UPDATE: the dog has been reunited with his owner.

A dog has been found behind Sycamore Cottages – he is approx. 2 years old, light brown and white collie cross with pink nose.

He has a collar but no tag.  He could have come into the village over the fields from Tissington.

At present he is with Jacqui and Paul but they can’t keep him for long. Can anyone help or does anyone know who he might belong to – if so please call Jacqui on 390194.


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Missing Cat Home!

Update – Thanks to everyone for their help finding Toffee, he’s now back home.
What a relief!!
Cheers Jo X
Please can you check sheds and outbuildings as our cat Toffee has gone missing.
Last seen Sunday
Please call Jo on 390183
Many thanks


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Key Found

Update: The key has been reunited with its owner!


Earlier today in the road up by the school.
Please call Delia 390758/07773 487882 or see Jane at The Sycamore Pub

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Kitten Found


The kitten has been returned home to Foofinside Farm this morning.
How it got down into the village is a mystery, possibly as a stowaway in someone’s car.
Thanks to everyone for offers of help and homes!


This kitten walked into our house (Fernlea, near Memorial Hall) about 3.30 today.
Looks rather young to be out on its own so  if anyone has lost or recognises it please come and collect!

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Escaping Sheep

Thanks to Caroline G for this –

Who owns the field which you walk through passed the toilets and up towards Littewood behind Stubley? There’s a break in the stone wall and several sheep and lambs are climbing over it through to that little hillock. Dogsdil is it called?


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Lost new book at the playground

If anybody finds a fact book with a pig on the front cover please can they contact Jo F on 390182. Her daughter left it on the roundabout earlier and it wasn’t there when they went back.

Thank you (it was only purchased this morning)

Jo F

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Glasses Found


Izzy found some glasses on her walk with Robert on the footpath in the woods
above Gibbons Bank. There are 1.50 reading glasses, Black Frame. Feel free to
come and collect if they are yours or if you know who they may belong to
please ring Angela on 519


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Fork Missing

Garden Fork.
After Sunday’s work on Pump Hill did anyone see or find a small size garden fork? If so please let me know and I can retrieve it. Andrew M.
Andrew M

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HS Missing item

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Chicken Missing

Hi I have 6 chickens 3 of which are 20 week old POL. 1 of my new girls keeps going walkies. I believe she is getting through the hedge and out that way and ending up on the path opposite the school. I have collected her a few times from other people’s gardens. I have knocked on but no one is in so have just been grabbing her and bringing her home. She’s very tame and will let you pick her up. She has currently gone walkies and I can’t find her. Please if you see her either bring her back if you want to i live on Lenscliffe or give me a text/call my number is 07950823369 and I will fetch her.

Vicky T

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Sheep Out

I’ve seen this pair wandering round the village since Monday and they have just been spotted trying to get to the veg in my garden.  I suggest the owner rounds them up because if they’re try it again, they’re likely to be joining it on my plate!

Thank you

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Lost your trainers?


Found on the green under the tree.

Karen 390253

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Wandering Cattle

Stuart Chambers has told us that he has found 2 black, horned heifers wandering the village and has secured them in his field. He can be contacted on 390336

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Dog found

A female English Bullterrier has been found wandering in Creamery Lane, she has no tag on her collar, but has not yet been taken to check if she has an ID chip. If you recognise her contact Lucie-Clare tel. *** **** .

Update 5.45pm Excellent news, she has now been returned to her owner.

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Money Found

A sum of money has been found today at the bottom of Kiln Lane. Contact Jon on 075 if it’s yours. Viv M

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Ball Retriever Wanted

Can anyone help me make my dog happy again. She’s not happy with me because I’m a rubbish ball thrower I managed to lose it in the pond near the pub. If anyone can lend me a net or retrieve Maggie’s ball she would appreciate having her favourite ball back. We are staying at croft cottage or you can call me on 07918106176. Thank you.  Mandy

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Lost, can you help?

To our relief, and following a thorough search, the glasses have now been found!
Mike and Gill

Lost, pair of child’s red framed spectacles between Highway Lane and Hilltop Farm, in the snow on the verge, possibly in long grass.
Mike and Gill, Flaxdale House

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Have you lost your sheep?

The wandering sheep were back in Creamery Lane this morning, but in larger numbers. Having headed down the Smiths’ drive they have been put in the field below Dodd’s Dill. Can the owner please get in touch with either the Smiths tel. 278 or with me next door, Peter T tel. 287.

They have a pale blue marking on the rump and some also have an orange line on the upper back.

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Lost Sheep

Some sheep have just wandered past the Legion heading in the direction of Alsop.

Update 11.30am and now back towards the village.

Pale blue markings on backs.

Update 1.30pm and now heading off along Monsdale Lane

Photos by Peter T

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There are two brown hens up just past the post box at 3.10pm this afternoon (Friday). I told them they’ve probably missed the last post for sending Christmas parcels but they wouldn’t hear it. You might want to count your chickens if you live that end of the village. I was out with my hounds otherwise I would have knocked on doors to see if they belonged to people I know who have hens around there.

Caroline G.

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Lost Kitten

Has anyone lost a kitten? If so, we may have her.

Di & Jim Turnbull

Update: The kitten, Molly, has now been reunited with her owner

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We have received the following message from Judith B:

Missing, last seen on the green during the village tidy up….

If you’ve seen it, or if you took it home by mistake please let Judith know on Parwich 712.

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Urgent – Missing Cat

We have recently moved into The Vicarage with our 3 beautiful much loved cats. To our dismay one of them has been missing since yesterday evening 5pm.
This is very much out of character for him to be away so long.
He is a beautiful brown and cream long haired Ragdoll.. goes by the name Teddy.

Please call us if you find him, he is very timid, he probably won’t let anyone pick him up

With hope
Sue & Pete Garnett
The Vicarage

Tel 390037


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Lost Loppers

Yesterday at the clean up a pair of black long handle branch cutters went missing. Could everyone at the clean up yesterday please check their tools to see if they may have picked them up by mistake. They belong to Shaun. Thank you Tracy

Update: these have now been found

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Tennis Racquets Found

Found on the bowling green this morning (Monday) two very nice childrens tennis rackets. If who ever they belong to want them back, pop over to the bowls green Tuesday Night any time after 6.30pm and they can have then back.

PS. There are two really nice tennis courts next to the bowling green
and one of them has got a net!!

John B.

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Lost : One Gold Hoop Earring

Lost this morning in Parwich. Please ring Rita M on 390314 if you find it

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