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To go directly to Soay’s ‘just giving’ page, please click here.


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To go directly to Soay’s ‘just giving’ page, please click here.

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As a one off we have been asked the following by Margaret R:

We, Cheadle Animal Welfare, need to find a foster home for a 4 year old Chihuahua who had a Caesarian section yesterday and had 3 puppies. She is doing really well but I’m finding it difficult to find a foster home. Is there is anyone in Parwich who could look after her? Please contact me on 369

Minnie and Baby

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Do you recognise this bird…?

We have received the following message and photo from Nina:

Does anyone recognise this turkey? Can they come and collect, my hens are not happy!
Nina at Fernlea opposite Memorial Hall.

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Missing Cat


Teddy was last seen on Friday morning in Tissington . Black and white microchipped.  Teddy has never been missing before we are terribly concerned for his welfare. Please may you share this post? Thankyou

Telephone 390246

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Dog Fouling

This from the Parish Council-

Concerns about dog fouling on the Parson’s Croft playing field have again been raised with the Parish Council. Like all open public spaces in the Village, Parsons Croft is already covered by a Derbyshire Dales Public Space Protection Order. This makes failure to clear up dog fouling an offence for which a fixed penalty can be issued.

If the problem continues, the Parish Council may feel that it has no alternative but to consider applying for a Dog Control Order (DCO) banning dogs from the area altogether.

The Council would be very reluctant to take this step, recognising how unfair it would be to the majority of responsible dog owners. But it has also to consider how unfair it is to residents, and particularly children using the area, to expose them to the health risks caused by illegal dog fouling.

If a DCO had to be introduced, responsibility for the injustice caused to some would lie clearly with those dog owners who had caused the problem.

Please help the Council to avoid the need to consider such a measure by ensuring that these concerns as widely understood as possible.

Instances of dog fouling should be reported here,

This will bring them to the attention of the enforcement officers who can issue fines. It is not necessary to identify the offender in order to make a report. It is possible to request removal of faeces, but if it has been dealt with this can be noted on the report.

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Just to let you know, I have let the council know the dog waste bin by the toilets is overflowing with poo bags now being placed, understandably, on the floor. They said it should be collected with 48 hours. Has anyone noticed if any of the other dog waste bins around the village are overflowing too?

Caroline G

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