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Dora’s puppies are now quite mobile and seemed determined to barbecue themselves crawling around the log burner. Has anyone a fire guard I could borrow for about a month?
Don’t mind buying it if necessary.
Jill. 353

Update: Jill has been lent a fireguard. Thanks to all.

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Puppy Love

Jill L would like to share photos of her new puppies. I think everyone will agree they are very adorable.

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Green parakeet sighting

Lucy B has contacted us to say that this morning she experienced a random sighting of a bright green parakeet opposite her house.
They are common in London but has anyone ever seen one in our area? Or, has someone lost a pet?
Has anyone else seen it?

Updated later the same day

A pair of ringnecked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) were feasting on yew berries in the church yard this lunch time. Here is a photo of the female. The male did not stand still long enough to photograph him. Presumably they are from the breeding populations in either Manchester or Sheffield touring the countryside. It will be interesting how long they stay. Peter T



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Missing Sheep

I tup and 8 ewes have gone missing from a field adjacent to Alsop Rd, opposite Flaxdale Holdings. They are marked with a distinctive CD in blue on their backs. Please contact Clare Lewcock on 390216 / 07790101186 if you have any information.

Thank you to everyone, the sheep have been located and are now returned to their field.

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Have you seen these hens…?

We have recently lost two of our hens (pictures below, though they look a bit more scruffy at the min due to moulting and unwanted male attention). One disappeared a couple of weeks ago and one went missing more recently. They are usually in the field between Pond Cottage and Veronica’s, and they wander up as far as the school. Has any one seen any hens wandering about in that vicinity, or had any unexpected additions to their flock? We have found no evidence of feathers (in the field or on the road), heard no unusual hen noise and we are not aware of any sightings of a fox. It’s all a bit of a mystery…. So we would be very appreciative if anyone can help.

Many thanks, Rob and Emma (tel. 203)


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Puppies Due

We are expecting a happy event in October (at least the dog is)so I am putting out the usual plea for newspapers, can collect or just leave them at Wheatsheaf cottage.
Thanks. Jill L.

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Whilst we were cleaning out their house, Douglas and Zebedee thought the wheelbarrow far more comfortable!!  Photo by Carol S

A barrow load of trouble!

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