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New Parwich Resident

We have a new resident in the village.  He arrived on Saturday 14th April.  His name is Jackson and he’s a gorgeous tabby Tom cat who has been adopted from Cheadle Animal Welfare Society by Fiona.

Jackson is about 3 years old and was left behind when his owners moved.  How unkind is that?  He had to live in a shed and rely on a neighbour for food.  Thankfully the neighbour asked for help and Jackson was taken into care. He lived in Hanley so has gone from being a Town Boy to being a Country Gent.  I’m sure he will love living in Parwich, after all there is nowhere better.

Jackson x

Margaret R


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Dog owners asked to keep pets under close control in countryside

Dog owners are urged to keep their pets on short leads to protect wildlife in the Peak District National Park. During the breeding season of spring and early summer, new-born lambs and ground-nesting birds, such as lapwing, curlew and snipe, are particularly vulnerable to harm from dogs roaming free or on long leads.

By law, dogs must be under control on public rights of way and on a short lead on open access land from March 1 to July 31. In fields containing farm animals and nesting birds, it is sensible to keep dogs on leads.

Peak District National Park access and rights of way manager Mike Rhodes said: “Walking a dog is one of the joys of being in the countryside, but we need all dog owners to keep their pets under proper control during this sensitive time, which usually means being on a short lead. Ground nesting birds are particularly at risk, while sheep and lambs can also be badly injured or killed by uncontrolled dogs. For its own safety, never let a dog approach or chase farm animals or wildlife – your dog could get kicked, trampled or lost and it could be legally shot for chasing farm animals. It is not a legal requirement to use a lead on public paths, but you should be extra vigilant in the breeding season and always use a lead if you can’t rely on your dog’s obedience.”

Dogs are not allowed at all on some moors to protect sensitive breeding sites – and signs will indicate this on site.

To report incidents involving dogs on farmland or moors, call the police on 101. To ask for signs to go up in problem areas, please contact Peak District National Park on 01629 816200 (weekdays).

More advice can be found in the Countryside Code at

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Due to the weather the dog training class tonight is cancelled. Dena

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Missing Cat

My cat has been missing since yesterday she has been going off in the day she’s only young she’s tortoiseshell. It’s worrying as she has to have a special diet due to health reasons she has come back a few times and she’s been sick all over the house, she was due at the vets yesterday but I could not find her anywhere! I hope you can help,

Alice Browning

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We have received the following information on bird flu form the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils via our Parish Council.

Last winter the UK experienced several outbreaks of avian influenza – better known as bird flu – and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is asking for help to share information in local communities. This highly contagious disease affects birds including chickens, ducks and geese, and can be fatal to them, devastating farmers’ livelihoods. It is just as much of a risk to those with a few chickens in a back garden as to commercial farmers and anyone who keeps chickens, ducks or geese. Defra is asking local councils to share their advice on bird flu in their respective communities, for example on noticeboards using their poster, through social media or in newsletters.

Please help spread the word

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Dog Training Comes to Parwich

Thank you to Viv M for the following information:
Judging by how many dogs you see, it is clear Parwich is a dog friendly village and with so many younger pups joining the population, this new class is sure to appeal to dogs of all ages.
Starting Thursday 11th January at 7pm in the Memorial Hall, weekly classes will be run by Dena and Jeff Skellern (Home from Home, Hulland Village) who are already well known to several residents and their four legged friends.
For more details and to register your interest, please contact Dena on 01335 372162.

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