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Looking for some assistance with chickens for a few days for this weekend. Please contact Alex on 743 to chat further, thank you! 

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Black Labrador seen at Hilltop

Has anyone heard of a missing dog. The Goslings at Hilltop have spotted one:

Black labrador roaming around at Hilltop Farm: male with a blue collar, we cannot get near enough to catch it, has been here 2 days. We would love to find its owner.

Lynda G

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Fox Strikes Again

Just a warning again to all chickens owners, one of my hens was taken again in broad day light yesterday. If anyone sees a fox or has had any hens killed please can we keep each other informed through the blog.
I’m living each day in fear!
Vicky T

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Fox Alert!

Just a warning to all chicken owners in the village. A fox was around yesterday morning between 8.30 & 9am. It killed one of my hens and from what I have heard killed another 4 hens from 2 other people, there could be more. Please be vigilant.
Vicky T

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Labrador Lose


Thank you Jasmine C for letting us know:

A large golden Labrador was seen near Nether Green, but ran away when approached. It was heading towards Creamery Lane.

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Missing Hen

I have had a hen go missing recently. The breed is called Needwood Blue.

If by chance she’s joined anyone’s flock or she may be nesting in a tree or garden, could you give me a call please.

Many thanks,
Alex – 390743

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Missing Cat

Just to let you know.. Runt is home safe and sound. Thank you to two lovely people hearing him when they were tending to their horses. I was trying too hard not to cry and didn’t get their names. 
Thank you for your help.


Last seen around 11pm last night. He’s called ‘Runt’ and he’s 17, practically deaf and can’t see very well. He’s tabby and white. Very wobbly gait and he’ll probably be tilting his head to the left. It’s very unusual for him to go wandering.

Lauren 3 Rathbourne Croft

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