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1867 Jan Mary Austin 2

1867 Jan Mary Austin

Sheffield Independent 2 February 1867

1867 4 Feb Sheff Indep Wm Wbster moving calves

As well as William Webster from Parwich , there is William Dakin whose death was reported in 1892, originally from Elton but from at least 1881 was living at Slate House.


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Is this the first of the season?

Thank you Cheryl for sending the photo.


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Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal 12 January 1917

1917 12 Jan farm to let


Douglas Twigge lived at Flaxdale in 1911. In the 1910 Valuation, Flaxdale had 37 acres. These 32 acres for rent are likely to be the part of Flaxdale off Dam Lane ( that is now known as Flaxdale Holdings) with the other 3 acres being adjacent to the house. In 1910 Ernest Webster owned Flaxdale. Did Mr Allsopp own it in 1917 or was he the agent?

Derbyshire Advertiser and Journal 27 January 1917


Local Military Service Tribunals heard applications for exemption for military service. These applications could be made on grounds of doing work of national importance, business or domestic hardship, medical unfitness and conscientious objection. County Appeals Tribunals heard appeals against decision made by local Military Service Tribunals.


1917 jan appeal1917 jan appeal 2

Who was this Parwich farmer? The 1910 survey and 1911 census would indicate that the most likely candidate was William Bunting from Low Moor. However a member of the Bunting family has told me that by 1917 William was living at Middle Hills. Has anyone any idea who this farmer was from the description of his family and the acreage farmed?

A typical advert of the time

1917 jan sunlight soap



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£1.25 per half dozen.

Fiona, Nethergreen Farm. 191.


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For Sale



As good as new. £25.
Ring Jill 390353 if you are interested.

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Derbyshire Delights


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