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Where is this?

I have been strolling around the village for about five years now and only discovered these steps a few days ago. Although overgrown, there are steps behind the undergrowth. Can anyone guess where they are and let me(us) know of any history

Bottle of wine for the first right answer

Kind regards

Malcolm H

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Free garden turf

UPDATE – been collected

Cameron and Demi J have 13 x 5 ft of turf available to collect now from Parsons Croft. Please come and help yourself.


Cameron J

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This village never ceases to amaze me – you are all lovely people and the rainbows and teddies have brought such joy over the past couple of weeks. So for Easter week please can we do just one more!!

I was thinking if we could create the biggest village Easter hunt the kids have ever seen so hide pictures of eggs, bunnies or anything Easter related then we can all have fun finding them.

Then finally email us photos of your Easter creations to or and the best pictures will win an Easter prize. We will have a prize for under 7’s, 7-15 yr olds and finally 15 and over so everyone can get involved (Liz E I’m sure your dying to send us some 😀). Photos to be sent by Monday 13th April.

Happy Hunting

Lucy M

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Then latest news on bin collections can be found  here

From DDDC-
Recycling backlog
We are very conscious that some residents where recycling collections have been missed this week and last are getting concerned about when we might have capacity to react to the backlog as the coronavirus crisis continues to impact on this service.

Please be aware that a contingency plan will be announced very soon that seeks to address how recycling collections will happen during this emergency situation.

In the meantime our appeal to households is that you stockpile any recycling rather than being tempted to burn it – which is bad for the environment – or to dispose of it in any other way.

Your continued patience and understanding in these exceptional times is much appreciated.

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Whose Ready for a Bear Hunt? 🐻

Hopefully you are busy creating your own bears. I just wanted to share mine and Dougie’s creation I’m not sure if it belongs in the Tate Gallery or some horror movie!

Can’t wait to find yours soon

Lucy M


Hey Lucy we’re ready and waiting!


Steve J

I am an elderly bear so I am looking out for you from my bedroom window

Fiona H

My polar bear (an Ursus maritimus) is quite enjoying himself this week, spotting children as they walk past. My daughter called him ‘Boris’, when she won him at a funfair many years ago, but I have to say that Boris-the-Bear preens himself much better, regularly combing his fur/hair,  than the human Boris (Homo sapiens). It’s a bit cold in the garage window, but he’s quite used to that.  Boris-the-Bear asked me to thank Lucy M for the chance to be brought out of mothballs for a bit.   

Bear Hunt

Saskia T

Look what we found today – has anyone else seen ‘Pooh’

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Firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone in the village for putting rainbows on display (special thanks to Rosie W for Dods Hill and Lucy B for the Green) it really made my kids (and mine!) week. We have done a rainbow hunt every single day!!

So to carry it on how about from Monday we create a bear hunt? if you could draw your best teddy bears or even put a real teddy bear out so we can find it, it will hopefully carry on spreading some joy in these difficult times.

Lucy M

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Chase the 🌈 rainbow

In these uncertain times how about a bit of light relief?? I’ve just seen a post on Facebook where neighbourhoods are drawing and putting up pictures of rainbows in their windows for local children to find on a rainbow treasure hunt. As a mother of two young children looking for some activities in the village to keep my kids entertained how about it? All you need to do is draw a picture of a rainbow and stick it in your window next week ready for us and others to spot.

Thanks in rainbow hopefulness

Lucy M

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