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Burst Water Main

Thank you Karen R for letting us know there is a burst water main in Smithy Lane opposite Hallgates. This was reported to Severn Trent at about 6.30am and as of 8am the engineers had still not arrived.

Do let people know of any updates by adding comments below. To contact us at, it is best to use the email

Update 9.45am SevernTrent have undertaken a temporary repair, stemming the tide.

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There is no collection on bank holiday Monday (27 May) so all collections are one day later than usual that week, including a Saturday collection on 1 June (for usual Friday rounds). Details of which containers to put out can be found using our ‘when is my collection?‘ search facility.

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The mobile library dates for Parwich are 28th June, 26th July and 23rd August between 3:15 and 3:35 on the Green.

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Before mains water, local water sources and water management were essential for successful farming and ultimately survival. For example Parwich had an ‘ancient’ water meadow system designed to get grass growing as early as possible in the Spring to feed livestock as early as possible before the Winter feed stores were used up and the beasts had to be slaughtered.

The History Society hopes to undertake an archeology project investigating aspects of water management in our area. At this stage we are gathering what information we can about water usage in our area and also trying to find out what people are most interested in.

Domestic well found at Church Farm

A lot of houses had their own water supply and there was a system of wells and springs serving the community as a whole.

Communal water sources in Parwich, marked with green dots

The communal sources we know about are

  • the Village Pump (now the bus shelter)
  • Staines trough
  • Pump Hill trough (supplied by pump that also took water up to the ‘dew pond’ at the top of the Hall gardens)
  • Kiln Lane troughs
  • spring below Knob Hall
  • step down well at Church Farm (now in Court House garden)
  • springs on hillside opposite the Crown Inn, now in the garden of Pool Croft

There may have been other sources used communally such as the covered well behind West View or the step down well by Brook Cottage but we need confirmation of this.

Given mains water arrived here with in living memory, there is potential to gather what information and stories people have, in addition to studying the evidence of remaining features and of old maps.

Nether Green Farm itself has at least two wells, one of which a very unusual design for Derbyshire (so far the only parallels identified are in Cornwall), but also there are seasonal springs that fed the water meadow system and interesting but not yet understood underground water channels and sluices.

Come along on Sunday to perhaps find out where your house used to get its water from, help us map the water sources in Parwich and the surrounding area, share any information you might have, have a look around Nethergreen Farm or even participate in archeological investigations there.

Updated 26/4/19 Come for all or part of the day, 10am to 4pm Sunday 28th April, Nethergreen Farm.

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Mobile Library

Mobile Library dates and time for Parwich are 3:35 to 3:45 on the 5th of April, 3rd of May and the 31st of May.

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Police Closed Road out of Parwich

Thank you Louise B for messaging us that the Police have closed the road out of the village from Nethergreen in the direction of Ballidon. It is thought this is due to a fallen power line. We will try and update as soon as possible, but please everyone add a comment if you have any thing new.

update 1.15pm Road is passable with care. See Fiona’s comment below.

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 Free Christmas tree recycling in the Dales

From 7 January Derbyshire Dales District Council will be helping local people recycle their real Christmas trees.

All residents have to do is place the tree at the edge of their property on their usual green/recycling collection day by 1 February and the tree will be composted along with other garden materials.

 Any tree over 5ft in length must be broken or sawn down to a manageable size, with decorations and plant pots removed.  Alternatively, trees can be taken to the nearest household waste recycling centre.

Plain Christmas cards and wrapping paper can be included in residents’ kerbside cardboard and paper recycling to be collected by the District Council’s contractor Serco.  Foil-backed and glittery cards and paper should not be included, but placed in general household waste grey bins or black sacks.

Excess recycling can be placed at the side of recycling containers, but residents should make sure it is easily identifiable and suitably contained in a transparent container such as a stacker box rather than a black bag.

Any excess card, paper and magazines must be separated from other excess recycling such as glass, plastics, cans, beverage cartons, aerosols and foil trays. Cardboard should be flattened after removing all staples, packaging tape and polystyrene and bubble wrap. Any pieces that will not fit in a recycling container can be flattened and placed next to the container for collection – large cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down into smaller pieces no wider than 0.5m to fit the recycling compartment of the collection trucks.

Small waste electrical and electronic equipment can be disposed of at one of the District Council’s electrical recycling banks in car parks at Lido, Matlock; Wirksworth’s Canterbury Road and Bakewell’s Granby Road.
Derbyshire Dales residents can use the online postcode search at to check on their collection cycle, where they can also download and view their 2019 collection calendar.

  • Anyone without online access who needs assistance can call the District Council’s Waste Helpline on 01629 761122.

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