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I’m sure you are aware of the Government advice to avoid pubs and clubs. The purpose of this notice is to explain what the Parwich British Legion Club plans to do and the thinking that supports this decision.

We intent to remain open until instructed to close or until it is not financially viable.

We will manage risks by:

  • Enforcing strict hygiene measures to reduce the risk of transmission
  • Request all customers and staff wash their hands before entering the club
  • Limit opening hours to 6pm to 10pm
  • Request people pay by card rather than cash if possible
  • Postpone all indoor special events
  • If consistent with current guidance, we will consider outdoor events when the weather is good enough

We believe that remaining open represents a relatively low risk, having taken the following factors into account:

  • We are a small club where most people are known to each other, with few guests from outside the village
  • At risk individuals will have taken appropriate steps to self-isolate
  • Staff are in favour of and support remaining open

As this is a rapidly changing situation, you will be updated of any changes to this position.

Lastly, we would like to thank all our staff and customers for their support and understanding during this unusual and particularly difficult time.


Jon M

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We have received the following message from the Legion:

Whilst you enjoy The Parwich British Legion Club, we take your continued good health and safety, extremely seriously.
Which is why we want to assure you that cleanliness and hygiene (which was and always will be key) is now receiving our utmost attention. You will notice our staff regularly wiping with disinfectant any surfaces that come into contact with staff and customers. And regular hand washing by staff and customers alike, continues to be the best public health advice.
But, if you have a cough or a cold yourself, as a consideration for others, please could we ask that you remain at home until you have recovered.
From the committee
Parwich Royal British Legion Club

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We have received the following message form the Legion:

Sadly the musicians have had to cancel tonight, but we’ll still have Irish music, food and promotions on Guinness and Jamesons to enjoy. So come along for the craic!

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Vinyl Night at the Legion

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Bingo at the Legion

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Duck and Raft Race 2020

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