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New Climbing Frame


The new climbing frame on the Green is complete. There is still fencing up while the cement around it sets fully. The fencing should be removed in the next few days.

Andrew Martin, Clerk RFO. Parwich Parish Council

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Parish Council Meeting

Parish Council Meeting.

The agenda for the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday the 19th September 2018 has been published.

Link here

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Offer for Council Land

Offer for Council Land.

The Council has received an offer to purchase a piece of public land. Details can be found here

Andrew Martin

Clerk RFO. Parwich Parish Council


tel: 01335 216238

address: Fernlea, Parwich, Ashbourne, DE6 1QJ

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climbing frame kit

I hope they have the instructions!

Andrew M

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New Climbing Frame!

On Monday the new climbing frame will be installed on the green. It will be located between the tree with the seats and the existing row of swings. An artists impression of the installation can be seen here. Please note note that differs slightly from what will be installed. All of the features are the same but it is being installed in an “L” shaped configuration to tuck around the tree. This will maintain sight lines along the green and access for the funfair at Wakes.

Most of the current equipment was installed over fifteen years ago so an update with scope for more imaginative play has been well overdue. The equipment chosen was based on ideas provided by children at the school.

The Parish Council has been able to purchase the new climbing Frame with assistance from the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund (via the Derbyshire Environmental Trust) and the Derbyshire Dales Local Project Fund.

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Autumn Village Tidy Up

autumn 2018-2

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autumn 2018-2

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