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Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th January can be found here

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Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday the 15th January has been published.

Please note that this meeting has been moved back to the regular Wednesday slot not Thursday as planned at the last meeting.


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Vandalism at the Pavilion

The Parish Council has been made aware of several instances of minor vandalism affecting the Pavilion at Parsons Croft. If you use Parsons Croft please keep a look out for anything suspicious and let the Parish Council know if you have any concerns.


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Ey up me duck!

Does anyone know of any ducks that need re homing? Investigations have suggested that one of the reasons that so much weed built up in the sheep-wash last year may have been that there are no longer any ducks there to eat it. As ducks have nested there in the past it may be possible to re introduce them. The remaining planting in the sheep-wash has been moved into a denser clump in the corner in the hope that it will create a safer and more attractive nesting space.

If anyone would like to try moving any ducks there please let the Parish Council know.


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Pump Hill Southern Boundary

From the Parish Council-

For just over a year the Parish Council has been engaged in discussions regarding the location of the southern boundary of its land at Pump Hill. The title map for the land has been altered to reflect a new general boundary. An account of this process can been read here.


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Managing Flood Water

The Parish Council has sent us the following useful information-

The recent rain and flow from springs has prompted the Parish Council to review the measures in place to manage the risk of flooding in the village.

Our lead flood authority is Derbyshire County Council and reports of flooding problems can be made to them here. Reporting flooding emergencies.


Useful information is also available available on the Parish Council’s own website here. Advice on flooding. This includes the availability of sand bags in the village.


Finally, like Derbyshire County Council, the Parish Council would like to take the opportunity to remind all land and property owners with watercourses of their responsibility for keeping them clear enough to allow the free flow of water. Watercourses include man made ditches as well as natural brooks and streams. Debris can be removed and bank vegetation cut back, but the watercourse should not be altered. If there is a watercourse on the boundary of your property you are responsible up to the middle of it. For more in formation see the government site Owning a watercourse.


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Parish Council Minutes

Click this link to read the

minutes of the meeting of Parwich Parish Council held on the 20th November 2019.

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