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Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday the 9th January 2019 has been published. Link here.

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Parish Council Vacancy

The resignation of John Barnett has created a casual vacancy on Parwich Parish Council. No by election has been requested during the statuary notice period. The Parish Council can now fill the vacancy by co-option. If you are interested further detail can be found here.

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At meetings in January and February the Parish Council will discuss its budget for the next financial year starting in April.

The Parish Council would be interested to hear any suggestions from residents about what they would (or would not) like the Parish Council to spend money on. Comments are welcome regarding spend on both regular items (e.g. mowing) and one off projects (e.g improving facilities).

Details of expenditure for the last full year (2017-18) can be seen here.

As part of the budgeting process the Council will also decide if there should be any change to the annual precept. (currently £0.80 pence per week for a Band D property).

Comments can be made to the Clerk ( ), or any Councillor, or members of the public can attend and speak at meetings.

You should be aware that there are some rules regarding what Parish Councils are allowed to spend money on. If suggestions are for something the Parish Council is not permitted to spend money on, this will be explained.

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The Traffic Management department of Derbyshire County Council recently responded to the Parish Council’s concerns regarding vehicle speed in the village. They would not implement a 20mph limit but were prepared to place additional 30mph repeaters in the village.

After this response was posted on the blog the Parish Council received a number of comments from residents and discussed the issue at its recent meeting. As a result the following reply has been sent back to Traffic Management.

The Parish Council also suggests that residents with views on this subject write directly to Traffic Management at

to emphasise their concerns.

To read the Parish Council reply (more…)

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Parish Council Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting of Parwich Parish Council on the 21st November can be read here.

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Parsons Croft Car Park

We have received this from the Parish Council –

Earlier this year the Parish Council was approached about parking caravans on Parsons Croft Car Park. After considering how to make best, and fair, use of the area a policy has been published which can be seen here.

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Parish Council Meeting

The agenda for the Parish Council Meeting on Wednesday the 21st November 2018 has been published. Link here.

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