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Road Safety in Parwich

The Parish Council has again requested support from the highways Authority (Derbyshire County Council) to address a number of concerns raised by residents. This time we sought the support of our County Councillor Simon Spencer.

This reply was received from Councillor Spencer’s Office.

A link was also provided to the report on 20 mph limits to the Cabinet of Derbyshire County Council in January 2019.


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Mobile Library

The Mobile library will visit Parwich on Friday 14th February, Friday 13th March, Monday 30th March and Monday 11th May between 3:35 and 3:45pm.

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Online Safety

We received the following message regarding attempted fraud –

Diane and I have detected attempted fraudulent activity on one of our accounts.

The transaction appeared on our statement as JS Online grocery.

Fortunately, Diane picked up on this and it has been successfully resolved.

We would just like to warn others to be aware and to check statements for unusual activity.


Jim & Di T

While it is not certain how this particular fraud was accomplished with more and more of our lives being conducted online much of our personal data is at risk of compromise by fraudsters. If anyone is worried about their online security Derbyshire County Council are offering help and advice at



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Derby Dales Recycling

We’ll recycle your real Christmas tree
We’ll recycle your real Christmas tree on your green/recycling day between Monday 6 January and Friday 31 January. Simply place the tree at the edge of your property, making sure it’s cut down to no longer than 5ft. Please remove all decorations and the pot. More info

Excess recycling
We are always happy to take excess recycling – all we ask is that any additional material is left at the side of recycling containers and you make sure it is easily identifiable and suitably contained. Find out how to do this here, including how to leave out cardboard for collection.

You can also recycle non-glitter Christmas cards and non-shiny wrapping paper in your blue bin or blue bag, but please note that no additional household waste will be collected, so make sure all your household waste is contained in your grey bin with the lid shut, or, for homes on a sack collection, in four standard sized black sacks.

Derbyshire Dales District Council

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Mobile Library

The Mobile library will visit Parwich on 13th December, 17th January and 14th February between 3:35 and 3:45pm.

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Press Release from Derbyshire Dales Council (more…)

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