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Bowls Report

Mixed fortunes on the green this week. We played our last game on a Tuesday evening at home against Matlock Bath who were keen to win in order to gain promotion to Division 1. We always have a lovely, sociable evening with them so we felt somewhat guilty when we beat them easily by 78 points to 52. However, on seeing the results the following morning for the rest of the League we were pleased to see that they were still promoted. We finished a creditable 5th in this League.

Thursday afternoon saw us playing away at Youlgrave – you may well recall that a previous writer

of these notes was convinced that there is an elephant buried under this green! Well, I can confirm that it is still there and working very much in the home team’s favour! – or maybe they just have a very good team who are top of the Division whilst we are bottom. Suffice to say we had our greatest defeat this year losing 74-153. Only 1 more game this season next Thursday at home to Hathersage.


During October we are having an end of season maintenance day (cutting hedges, painting sheds, scarifying the green etc.). We would much appreciate a few hours of help with these tasks. If you are willing to assist, please let us know via the comment on the Blog or telephone 724. Many thanks.

The date will be advised later.

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Nearly the end of the Season

Parwich Bowls Club Report

Tuesday, lovely evening, great company, green in superb condition and I don’t mean at Parwich as we were away at Chatsworth – well the green is in Edensor really. The only downside was that I discovered too late that chips were in offer in the Cavendish club. No matter, the result was what counted, we won by 81 points (maximum possible 84) to 57. A good win indeed. Only 1 game left in this League next Tuesday at home to Matlock Bath. We should finish in the perfect position, 5th or 6th I guess so no promotion this year.

Thursday afternoon was a different story. We were again 3 players short of a full team meaning that 3 of us had to play twice. Now you might think that this could be an advantage as those who played again should know how the green is performing. Against fellow strugglers Bradwell A, however, it was not the case, Bradwell played very well to win the match 132-117, our captain for the day, Fran, having our best score. Both clubs will be playing in Division 2 next year as we are propping up Division 1 with Bradwell just one place above us. Two games left in this League and whatever the results we will not be able to avoid relegation.

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Parwich Bowls Club

Now usually when we play Matlock Golf Club, we struggle to play well on their large green which is always closely cut, and conversely, they find our small, slower green quite difficult. This year we lost comprehensively on their green and were hoping for better things on their visit to us on Tuesday evening. We did improve but still lost 63-69. The match break-down was in fact 2 games each but sadly our 2 losing pairs scored less than their 2 losers.

Thursday afternoon we entertained league leaders, Wirksworth; we are of course propping up the bottom of the league so we were not expecting any favours and indeed that was the case! We lost all 3 doubles games but won 5 of the 6 singles, eventually losing the match 111-128. Quite a good result considering our relative league positions.

Next year, given that we are still playing, we should find the 2nd division teams are of a similar ability to ourselves. Unless, of course, any new members (THERE MUST BE SOME OUT THERE) can help us improve.

This Sunday we have a friendly against Ellastone at 2pm. Everyone is welcome.

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Bowls Club Report

The good, the bad and the ugly!

The good bit about this week’s efforts down on the bowling green was a home win against Bradwell 64-59. Although the match finished 2 games each Parwich had the better scores, Rick and Edith having the best result coming in at 21-8, Tony and Sue not far behind at 21-9.

The bad result came on our visit to Hope Works where we lost 114-121, and this was against their B team! We play their A team in 2 weeks time. However, Fran and Clare had a magnificent win 21-20 being behind throughtout the game until the 23rd and final end. Harry also played particularly well winning 15-1.

The ugly reference concerns one of our other pairs who lost 21-4 (their opponents did play particularly well) but their names have been withheld to protect the not so innocent!

This Sunday we will be having a little competition amongst ourselves down at Parson’s Croft. Spectators and potential new members are welcome.

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Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Parwich Bowls Club Report

Tuesday evening saw our club at Bakewell in Bath Gardens which I must say are stunning this year. The town should be rightly proud of the flowers there, in fact some of our team chose to spend some of our practice period admiring them rather than getting to grips with the green! It made no difference, however, as we won the match 72-63. We were rather proud of this result because Bakewell’s green is another one-off – a long, thin rectangle with tree roots in one corner! Dawn and Fran did particularly well in an epic game lasting 30 ends.

On Thursday afternoon we were at home to Hazlewood. The weather as you may recall was rather warm! Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in these conditions. We carried on regardless and having lost the doubles 27-63 knew that there was a lot of hard work ahead in the singles. We almost recouped the difference as we won the singles 81-47 only to lose the match 108-110. Again, a good result against quality opposition. Nevertheless, we remain at the bottom of this division and relegation looks almost a certainty at the end of the year.

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Bowls Club Report

Two lovely games of bowls this week, both at home on the Parson’s Croft green. The weather was perfect and the bowls almost as good.
We started off on Tuesday evening with a convincing win over Whitworth Park: well 3 of our pairs were worthy of that plaudit, the less said about Fran and Tony’s effort the better! Harry and Sue played brilliantly to win 21-3, final result being 72-52 in favour of Parwich.

Now we always say that every point counts when playing bowls and that was certainly true on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, we were the team that needed that elusive extra point to at least tie the match as we lost to Chatsworth 108-109. It was a really close contest played with a lot of banter between the teams, an enjoyable afternoon was had by all. Liz and John were in a hurry as they had to be in Derby by late afternoon so they dispatched their opponents 21-2. I blame Tony for providing Chatsworth with the win as he allowed his opponent to score a point. A win of 15-1 was just not good enough, Tony! Harry and Edith also had good close wins and even though we won 5 games out of 9 we still lost the match.

This Sunday at 2pm we have a friendly at home against Hazlewood. Everyone is welcome to spectate or take part.

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Bowls Club

Two games at home this week played in glorious weather on a green, which for me, is in the best condition for many a year, thanks to John’s hard work over the winter months. Compliments were flying from both visiting teams.

On Tuesday evening it was Ashwood Park’s turn to play at Parwich and we certainly made the most of the conditions. Our first 2 pairs decided to live dangerously, never being in front until the last end in each game. Now that’s the way to demoralise the opposition! We won both games 21-19 and 2 disappointed pairs from Buxton had to accept snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The other 2 games both went our way but with much less nail-biting, 21-13 and 21-8. The match was therefore ours 84-59. Ashford Park players, however, are true sportsmen, the game having been played in the most friendly atmosphere.

Thursday afternoon saw Matlock Golf Club visit Parwich. They are fellow strugglers at the bottom of the division so there was all to play for. As with our habit we lost the doubles games to a score of 36-62 although Edith and Clare were winners in their game 21-20, a really close one! In the singles, however, we played almost at our best, winning 5 out of 6 games, noteably Fran and Tony both winning 15-3. Final score 122- 110 in favour of Parwich.

Next week we visit Youlgrave (you may remember that is the green with the very large hump) and Whitworth Park. I always like going to the latter because there is a great cafe next to the green so even if we don’t win we may come back a few pounds heavier!

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