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Spot the Owl, no. 2

Seeing Bob’s photos inspired me to take my camera out today and here’s the result – spot the owl competition no. 2. This one is somewhat easier than number 1!

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A Spot of Bird Watching

Thank you Cheryl W for sending in the photos taken by Bob


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Thank you Alex S for sending in the photo


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Upside Down Rainbow

Did anyone see tonight’s upside down rainbow? It started with three points of light with the rainbow only visible to the naked eye through tinted glass. Then the upside down rainbow lasted for over 45 minutes!


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Beautiful Orchids

Where the modern day fertilisers can’t reach they seem to survive. By David S


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Swallows on the Pond

Swallows at the Millennium Pond. 8th May by JFS

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Ups and Downs of Village Life

Branson launches his first balloon mission to the moon

By Cheryl W


David G Has launched his drone looking down on the blossom


Thank you both for sending these images.

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