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It has been a tough time for the local wildlife during the snow storms. This little treecreeper is continuing to feed off fallen sunflower hearts on our lawn, I’ve never witnessed behavior like this before.


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Beautiful Bobbin Robin by Carol S

snowy robinMaybe one for next years Christmas cards Carol?

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Feed the Birds!


A lot of hungry Blackbirds in our garden today. Hang on that’s not a Blackbird!

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Winter Sheep

Thank you John L from Bradbourne for advising.


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Tonight’s Super Moon

The clouds have cleared after today’s snow showers to reveal the Super Moon


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This Stonechat was spotted on the Tissington trail yesterday.


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Winter Wonderland

It was such a cold walk this morning from Parwich to Alsop, but worth every step. What a beautiful place we get to call home.

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