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Calling Local Bee Keepers

I used to keep bees when I lived in NE Norfolk some years ago and greatly enjoyed the hobby. I’m keen to do so again up here in Alsop, but I’m concerned that nectar and pollen from our local trees and flora might not be sufficient to sustain a colony year round. Is our area a relative desert for honeybees?
I should say that I’m not so much interested in getting loads of honey; just giving the bees a place to thrive and for me to study them.
Grateful for any advice.
Anthony C
Alsop en le Dale

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Last Winter Feast

No Swallows by the pond but thank you John F-S for these lovely pictures of a Thrush enjoying the last of the winter harvest.

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Dusty Bees

Dusty Bees by David G

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It’s February!!

With the sound of lawnmowers audible around the village, and birds gathering nesting material, is Spring coming early this year?

This Ladybird and Peacock butterfly seem to think so!

Let’s hope the Starlings are not peckish!

Thank you David G for sending in these images from his garden today.


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Is this the last week?

As the stunning starling murmuration continues over the village, have any of the starlings missed having their photo taken? If so, please send in your photos and we will publish the best!

Photos By Steve J



Photos By Viv H



Photos By Richard T

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Love is in Air!

Tonights Murmuration Photos have been sent in by:

‘Chimney Fire’ by David G

‘Love Hearts’ by Saskia T


‘Hosing the Car Down’ by Lynn C


From the Top of the Village by Martin C

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Murmuration Continues

Wasn’t the starling murmuration spectacular over the village tonight? Thank you David G for the photos and thank you David S for an explanation as to why the starling formation was so good tonight.

Just one for the observers, ( if not noted) this evening they were under attack from three sparrow hawks creating even more dramatic shapes as they avoided contact, I did not see any taken, but the hawks have soon observed when a meal is available and what time.


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