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Butterfly Reserve Open Day

Hoe Grange Quarry

The first Open Day for Derbyshire’s first Butterfly Reserve has been organised for Sunday the 23rd of July from 11 am to 3 pm. 

Members of Butterfly Conservation East Midlands, including Ray Walker (Hon Warden), Derek Brownlee (Hon Assistant Warden) together with Pat and Ken Orpe will be able to show visitors around this abandoned limestone quarry where already 24 species of butterflies have been recorded including Dark Green Fritillary and the Peak District version of the Brown Argus. It will also be possible to see the work that many volunteers have done to enhance the habitat so as to increase the biodiversity at the site. 

Directions. From the cross road in the centre of Longcliffe village, proceed in a north westerly direction towards Slipper Low Farm and just after the brow of the first hill, take the first left, just before a bungalow, and then proceed down a limestone track and park by the entrance gates to the Nature Reserve at the end of the track (SK222562). 

Contact: Ken Orpe

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Plants for Sale

I am selling a range of plants, mainly shrubs at present, including pheasant berry or Himalayan honeysuckle. All proceeds for the next ten days will go to the Carnival & Recreation Committee. If this works, I will try more plants sales for other village causes.

The plants for sale are by the road on the entrance to the drive. If no one is about just put whatever you would like to pay in the honesty box.

Peter T
Church Farm, Creamery Lane

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Fits like a glove

Photos taken in yesterday’s sunshine by David G


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Parwich is Buzzing

Our village photographers have been busy enjoying the sunshine. Can anyone help identify the species found in their photographs? No prizes for the swallow!

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Spring has sprung

Lovely images of spring violets taken along Monsdale Lane this afternoon.

Photos by David G.

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  • Curlews have been congregating near the village for the last few weeks.
  • Siskins have been spotted nibbling on sunflower hearts on the feeder.
  • We saw our first Peacock butterfly in the sunshine today (surely too early).

It will be the first day of spring on 20th March (astronomical). We thought it would be nice to share your first sightings of the year, send in your observations to the blog using the comments field below.


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Plant Identification

The grass growth in the Millenium Pond has given way t a covering of this plant. Does anyone know what it is?



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