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The Allotment Poll

A few weeks ago I ran a poll on here to coincide with  National Allotments Week

The poll attracted 30 responses (thank you all!) with 13 saying they would like to have an allotment in the village.

There were 2 comments that added some good information and ideas for thoses interested.

The Parish Council Clerk provided some valuable information for those interested in an allotment –

“If residents would like to rent an allotment they should write to the Parish Council. If six residents write to a Parish Council requesting provision of allotments the Council is required to formally assess the level of demand.”

Then this great suggestion came from Saskia T –

“I wondered whether a third option of a ‘Community Allotment’ should also be considered: i.e. a shared allotment that could be used by a group of residents who don’t have a veg plot and would share the produce. Other growers in the village could share excess seedlings and excess produce (especially runners beans and marrows…). And if there is enough space: a few fruit trees? Perhaps pie (or should that be ‘pumpkin’) in the sky? The suggestion originates from a visit to an amazing community allotment project in a small hamlet in Australia”

So in conclusion, anyone interested in allotments should write to the Parish Council.


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Watch Out!


Coming soon to a garden near you the Great Parwich Bug Quiz!


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National Allotments Week

Well if cats can have their day why not allotments!

The National Allotment Society is running this initiative to help protect,  promote and preserve allotments. More information can be found here

At this point I should be asking, like with the cats, for pictures of your allotment. However as we don’t have any allotments that would be rather pointless! I can’t help looking at all those under-utilised sports fields and thinking would a corner of one of those be missed? So instead of pictures here’s a quick poll.

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Two Feet Apart

Having finally been reunited with my Y Not wellies and the weather looking a bit more like summer over the weekend I’ve at last managed to spend a few hours in the garden. As a sometimes keen but not so knowledgeable gardener it doesn’t take much to put me off at this time of the year. My return to the garden was just in time to bump into this little fellow –


It’s been a busy time in Parwich with both highly successful Wakes and Open Gardens.  The commitees running both events do a fantastic job and deserve the thanks of us all. I found the gardens I visited during Open Gardens to be very inspiring with lots of ideas and expertese shared. I don’t remember if I learnt anything over Wakes. For more inspiration,


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Free Woodchip

Anyone requiring free wood chips to contact Tree Surgeon Paul Storer,
mb: 07813 038124


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Thank you Saskia for looking for Monty!

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Gardens Trip this Friday

garden trip

Due to cancellations 7 seats are available for this trip on Friday. Please contact Glynis on 390561 if you are interested.

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