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Thank you from PDHS

Thank you to everyone who attended the PDHS village show. Lots of exciting entries from so many people and here is Bob Woolley proudly showing his trophy and best vegetable in show; George Woolley would be proud!
What a wonderful way to bring the community together.
Thank you again.


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Free Damsons

We have a good amount of damsons available to pick for free if you’d like to give us a call. However, I would like to request in return that a donation be made to the Parwich Independant Welfare Fund.


Alex 743

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PDHS Village Show

We hope you’re all excited for the village show and pouring extra seaweed feed on your tomatoes and measuring your runner beans! We have another exciting event taking place very soon – an Apple Pressing Day! More news coming soon so keep an eye out on the blog and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.



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Parwich Village Show

If you’ve lost the copy posted through your letter box here’s this years entry forms-




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Leatherbritches Sale

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There are lots of plants for sale at Church Farm in Creamery Lane. Some are on the verge at the house gable, but also lots are along the back of the house. There are kitchen garden plants, wild flowers, herbaceous plants, climbers and shrubs. I have potted on tomato plants left over from Open Gardens so they just need to be put in a sunny spot and watered.

If no one is about just put what you think is a fair price in the tin under the pallet. Unfortunately sales have been much slower than last year, we have so far just raised £18.50 to be split between the Carnival & Rec Committee and the Horticulture Soc. (This time last year we had raised some £160. It may be people are not noticing the plants behind the house.)

Money from further sales will go to support the Parish Council garden off Pump Hill. Everything must go.

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Next PDHS Trip

July Trip Poster jpeg 2019

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