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Thank You

Paul and Karen would like to thank everyone who came to our Ruby Wedding party and for all our lovely presents and cards

karen and Paul 2

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Mary Rawlins

Mary passed away unexpectedly at the Derby City Royal Hospital on 13th January 2018. Her funeral will take place at St Peter’s Church on Friday 2nd February at 1.15 pm prior to cremation at Markeaton Crematorium. Her family invites people to join then at the Sycamore afterwards.

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Searching for Family

Hello….I am from Saskatchewan, Canada. My Grandfather George Taylor Prince was born in Parwich and came to Canada in 1903. He left behind his parents,Thomas and Martha Prince and siblings, Sarah Jane, Annie, Martha, Louisa and half siblings, Fanny Hadfield, Clifford and William Hadfield.

Annie Prince married Eli Higgenbbottom and had seven children: Horace, Fred, Albert, Annie, Jessie, Harold and Hubert. Would anyone have information on surviving relatives of Annie and Eli Higgenbottom’s children. Any information or suggestions on how to locate would be greatly appreciated. (I have come to a dead end on
I thank you in advance for any help….

Sorry, I meant to include the information that my Grandfather George Taylor Prince and his family are from the Parwich area.

Charlaine Prince

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A New Career at 82!


Mavis Dale lost her husband Frank just over a year ago and, having been married for 61 years, Mavis knew she had to find something to do to help fill the gap. Spurred on by a request from her teacher granddaughter Becky, Mavis rose to the challenge of writing a story about an animal and a spaceship! An unusual combination but one requested by Becky’s class. Mavis didn’t stop there. Inspired by village life and her family, Mavis created several short stories suitable for children. Advised by her neighbour Ian Johnston to contact the Peak Advertiser, Mavis became an author in print.DSCI0007 (4)

Mavis considers herself to be very much a Parwich person. Born in Brassington as Mavis Swindell, the family moved to Lenscliffe  when Mavis was 3 years old. Mavis attended Parwich school and then passed her 11+ to attend the grammar school in Ashbourne. Until a bus was provided Mavis and others had to walk to Alsop Station to catch the train to Ashbourne to get to school, a mode of transport which Mavis enjoyed.

As a young woman Mavis worked in the offices at Ballidon which is where she met husband- to- be lorry driver Frank Dale. Mavis took the initiative, casually suggesting that Frank might like to come to Parwich Wakes. Frank turned up and that was the start of a courtship which culminated in marriage at Parwich Church in 1954. They started married life in Frank’s home county of Staffordshire before moving to South Wingfield and then fulfilled Mavis’s desire by returning to Parwich, the place she considered to be home, when they moved to Springfields in 1967 with their two sons Alan and Stephen.

Despite having a family to look after, and later grandchildren to spend time with, Mavis was kept busy with doing the paperwork for the haulage business. She is still involved in this side of the business, working alongside her daughter- in- law Caren.

Mavis likes to keep busy and we may well have the pleasure of reading more of her tales in the future.DSCI0005 (3)

Her booklet of delightful short stories can be bought from Mavis at £4.50, 50p of which will go to Children in Need. Copies are also available at Nethergreen Farm.

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Mavis Tells a Story


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Happy Christmas from Lu

Lu Matthews is wavering Christmas cards this year and giving the money that she would have spent to Rannoch Linnell, who is running the gruelling Marathon des Sables. He is trying to raise £10,000 for the charity Walking with the Wounded. Please help support him too. Lu wishes you all a very Happy Christmas.

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Ian’s Mystery

Thank you John B for spilling the beans on Ian’s mystery:

Did you know there is another author in the Village – John ‘Ian’
Johnston, of Rowan Trees, Parwich – The book is titled ‘Mystery R.I.P.’,
a murder mystery, has just come off the printing press. If you would
like a copy you can get one from Ian for the giveaway price of £3. Give
him a call on 739.

John B

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