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A Sad Event

Our beloved family pet has late this afternoon been hit by a car. What is frustrating is that the person driving did not stop. Fortunately Petra died instantly.
Could I please ask all those passing through the village to slow down, as it’s not only animals that I’m thinking about but children too. Just because it’s a 30 zone does not mean you drive at 30mph and or above!
Alex Sutton

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We just don’t know… but every second counts.

It’s great to see so many people enjoying Wakes tonight, but please spare a thought for anyone requiring urgent assistance.
It was difficult for me to drive through the many parked cars tonight due to inconsiderate parking.
An ambulance would struggle and a fire engine could not get through.
This made me think tonight as I was due to join Sue responding for the ambulance service.
Please consider parking when publicising or arranging any large scale events.
Thank you
Helen P

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Vintage Cars

A few of the cars coming through the village yesterday on the vintage car rally. Photos by Alan Shenton

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When driving back into the village, I noticed that the traffic cone in the pothole between the Wigley’s and the Pikehall turning, has been smashed into pieces.

I wonder whether anyone has a spare cone to replace the broken one until this big pothole has been fixed. I will also report it (again) to DCC.

Saskia T


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Joined Up Travel

Derbyshire Connect on track with station link

A flexible bus service is extending its coverage area to allow passengers to make onward journeys by train.

DCC fund the Ashbourne Derbyshire Connect bus service which has been operating in the wider Ashbourne and Wirksworth areas for just over a year.

From Tuesday 3 April it will be extended to offer trips to Cromford and Matlock Bath − including the railways stations in both locations.

Connect services need to be booked at least two hours in advance of travel but they are more flexible than conventional bus services that have designated destinations and scheduled travel times. There is no fixed timetable, so pick up times, routes and destinations can be planned to suit the needs of where passengers have stated they want to travel to and from on booking.

Councillor Simon Spencer, our Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said: “We launched this service as a pilot last February to test out the kind of journeys passengers wanted to make. After feedback from our customers we have decided to review and extend the area where the bus runs and it will now cover the railway stations. The benefit of the bus running further afield means that passengers will now be able to connect with the train, as well as other conventional bus services, allowing for onward travel to other nearby towns and cities.”

Ashbourne Derbyshire Connect is for any kind of passenger, of any age and for any type of journey. It also provides group travel. The bus is fully accessible and able to carry passengers in wheelchairs. Plus it has room for buggies and bikes.

The service runs 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am to 7pm Saturdays. There are no Sunday or bank holiday services.

Journeys are bookable, by telephone, between seven days and up to two hours in advance of travel, by calling 01335 342951, by email, 24 hours in advance, at: or by texting details of journeys to be made to 07946 365256.

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Road Updates


Road to Longcliffe on Wednesday before the storm hit

Debyshire County Council have updated the latest situation with snow clearing efforts and closures.

Nearest to Parwich they report the following roads are still closed.

A515 Buxton to Newhaven
A5012 Via Gellia (Pikehall to Newhaven)

please click on their site for updates Derbyshire County Council

PLEASE keep sending us information on the state of local roads, suitability of driving for those without 4×4 and we will keep the Blog updated.



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Grit Bins

Refilling of most grit bins is the responsibility of the Highways Authority, Derbyshire County Council. Anyone seeing a bin that needs refilling can call them using the phone number on the bin or make a request via their website. The bin can be identified by a number on it or from a map on the website.

It does no harm if more than one person reports the same bin.
It is possible that there will be delays in refilling bins during the current weather.

I have checked the following.
Creamery Lane triangle and the School have plenty.
Pump Hill and Kiln Lane were empty and I have left some of the bags held by the Parish Council for pavement clearance to provide some cover until they are refilled.
The bin at the top of Creamery Lane near Barn cottage is filled by the Parish Council and has two unopened bags of grit by it.
The bin on Smithy Close is the responsibility of Waterloo Housing.
The bin at the telephone exchange is the responsibility of BT and is for their own use.
Please note that the grit in yellow bins is for use on public roads only.
Andrew Martin

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