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Over the school Easter holidays (10th -22nd April) there will be special low price for children traveling on the Derbyshire Connect bus service of £1 return compared to the normal fare of £2.40.

More info & how to book Derbyshire Connect Service


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Out with the old in with the new

The last scheduled 102 bus left Parwich on Friday 31 March.


The New Bus

The service has been replaced by Derbyshire Connect, an on demand bus requested by phone  or email. Derbyshire Connect for some weeks has shadowed the 102 but is now the only regular service, At £2 single, £3.80 return, the fares are the same, and bus passes are recognised from 9.30am.
The service is already well used.
What is new is that the service can be used over a wide geographical area, roughly Ashbourne, Wirksworth, Onecote to the West and Hartington/ Newhaven and Ible to the North.
.Derbyshire Connect will run along the principles of a ‘Demand-Responsive-Transport (DRT) service − the first of its kind in Derbyshire.

This means it can be more flexible than conventional ‘turn up and go’ services. These generally have the same start and end destinations with fixed, timetabled stops along the way.

Journeys on Derbyshire Connect will need to be booked between a week and up to two hours before the time of travel. But because journeys are pre-booked, routes can be planned to cater to individual passengers’ needs meaning many more pick up and drop off points can be offered on different days of the week.

Bookings can be made by calling 01335 342951 or by email at

Derbyshire Connect is initially being run as a trial for up to a year. It will be operated by Ashbourne Community Transport and serve villages north of Ashbourne and to the east as far as Wirksworth.

It will run 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm, Saturday. There is no Sunday service.

Any kind of passenger will be eligible to use Derbyshire Connect for any type of journey, including current users of conventional bus services, community transport users, young people, older people, visitors and groups. It may also be used for non-emergency patient transport.

After the initial free travel period fares will be £2 adult single, £3.80 return, £1.20 child single, £2.40 return.

Gold Card holders will travel free-of-charge after 9.30am weekdays and anytime Saturdays. b_line2 cardholders will get 25% discount off adult fares and primary school pupils will pay the appropriate fare or travel free as an entitled student.

This is a six month experiment so do use the service to retain it. Importantly, do tell your neighbours who may not use the Internet.

Again ,thanks to the parish council who worked so hard to ensure a bus service remained a lifeline for our community, something recognised by Derbyshire County Council officers.

Map and more details here:

By Richard T


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Free Bike Anyone?

Free to someone who needs a bike.
Saracen Adventurer hybrid bike in good condition, was serviced last year, has lights and a spare set of wheels. I am just fed up with moving around the shed and not using it.
Jill 353.

This has now found a new home

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Easter £1 Bus Fares for Children

Over the school Easter holidays (10th -22nd April) there will be a special low price for children traveling on the Derbyshire Connect bus service of £1 return compared to the normal fare of £2.40.

More info & how to book Derbyshire Connect Service


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New Bus Service

Has anyone tried out the new Derbyshire Connect bus service and what did you think?
Richard T

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More on the Bus

The new bus will allow well behaved dogs to travel and you can take your bike as long as you pre book it. The tail lift can be used by people with pushchairs, wheelchairs or by people who cannot manage the steps . The driver will assist anyone who needs it and is trained accordingly. You can make a group booking as well as booking just for yourself. For more information visit Derbyshire Connect Next week  is FREE travel!


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New Look Bus

Thanks to Richard T for the following report on Derbyshire Connect’s visit:

Meet Iris. She will become a familiar face  across this part of Derbyshire Dales as the driver of the Derbyshire Connect bus service. The existing loss making service  finishes on Friday March 31 so there will be about six weeks cross over.


Derbyshire Connect begins operation on Monday February 13 and is essentially a “Dial a Bus service” running Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm and 8am and  6pm on Saturday. To use the 15 seater, it is essential to book ahead, the further the better and those with medical appointments will get priority.

The geography of the service covers an area roughly between Cromford and Wirksworth to the east and Onecote to the west, Ashbourne to the south and the A5012 to the north. Iris will collect you, even from your front door, and drop you off within the area. the same is true in reverse.

To book,  dial 01335  342951 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, email but this will require a minimum of 24 hours notice.

For the first week, the new  service will be FREE to encourage people to use it and familiar with booking. Thereafter, fares will be  £2 single or £3.80 return. Children £1.20 single or £2.40 return. Bline 2 cardholders get a 25 per cent discount.

Gold card holders travel free after 9.30am

Derbyshire Connect driver, Iris Raile, said: “There has been much interest and enthusiasm as we have taken the bus around the area  for people to become familiar with the potential for the new service. We really want people to use it and make the service a regular part  of their lives to get around.

“My colleague,  Chris  Hegarty,  and I have had a warm welcome in Parwich and I look forward to getting to know many of you as you begin to use Derbyshire Connect.”

Leaflets are being left in the Sycamore and The Legion and please hand them on to potential users.

A similar service already operates in the Staffordshire Moorlands which has a common boundary with Derbyshire Connect allowing bus users to get as far as Leek and Buxton.

Erin and mum Lucy try out the tailgate lift on the bus.


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