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Mouldridge Lane Closure

Mouldridge Lane in Pikehall will be closed for roadworks at the end of February

See details here

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Bradbourne Hill Closure

Just a reminder about Bradbourne hill being closed from 7th – 9th January. Details can be found here

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Alsop Road Closure

The DCC website shows that Alsop Road is closed due to a new electrical installation taking place at Parwich Lees. Closure possible until 8 January. You can read the full order here

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Fallen Tree at Hilltop Farm

Road up to hilltop farm now clearish but watch the mud.

John Peel with chainsaw and Stuart and Betty cleared the tree on the road now need a tractor with a front shovel to clear the mud to the side

Too heavy for us to move but road cleared

Stuart Chambers


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Tree Down

10.23 am. There is a tree obstructing the road that leaves the village and goes up Parwich hill past the wind turbines on the left and then a farm on the right. It is possible to mount the grass bank if you have 4 wheel drive to get past, difficult to impossible if you don’t. It needs moving and I’m not sure who to contact? Matt N

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The Traffic Management department of Derbyshire County Council recently responded to the Parish Council’s concerns regarding vehicle speed in the village. They would not implement a 20mph limit but were prepared to place additional 30mph repeaters in the village.

After this response was posted on the blog the Parish Council received a number of comments from residents and discussed the issue at its recent meeting. As a result the following reply has been sent back to Traffic Management.

The Parish Council also suggests that residents with views on this subject write directly to Traffic Management at

to emphasise their concerns.

To read the Parish Council reply (more…)

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Some of you may be aware that the Parish Council has been pursuing the possibilty of reducing the traffic speed limit through the village to 20 mph for some time. Derbyshire County Council have finally responded to the council. Unfortunately they have refused to reduce the speed limit to 20 mph but will install additional 30 mph repeater signs.

The Parish Council will have the opportunity to consider responding to this letter at the next Council meeting on the 21st of November. I’m sure the council would welcome any comments either here via the blog or directly to members of the council or Andrew Martin the clerk

To read the full response from the County Council  (more…)

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