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Come in no. “37” your time is up!

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B5056 Closure

Closure of B5056 to replace High Peak Trail Bridge, Longcliffe 3rd October to 28th October 2022
You can view the order on this link

For any queries please email

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B5056 Closure

Closure of B5056 to replace High Peak Trail Bridge, Longcliffe 3rd October to 28th October 2022
You can view the order on this link

For any queries please email

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Hedgehog Highway

Whilst I was outside on Creamery Lane at dusk yesterday evening, waiting for guests to arrive, I saw more hedgehogs on the road than cars! Please keep an eye out for them when driving.   

Saskia T

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A5012 Road Closure

Please find details of the proposed road closure for Unnamed Section Of A5012 From Moor Lane To Griffe Grange Farm, Grange Mill (adjacent to Ivonbrook Quarry).

You can view the order on this link

Please note that the road will only be closed for up to 5 separate days within the date range stated (not for the full duration).  This is to allow for carriageway surface dressing and associated works.

For any queries please email

Derbyshire Highways Hub

Place Department

Derbyshire County Council | County Hall | Matlock | DE4 3AG

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Alsop Road Blocked

Just a heads up – the Alsop road may be blocked by removal lorries just near the Legion for a few hours this morning. Might be able to squeeze a small car past but nothing bigger.

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Removal Vans, Creamery Lane

Just make everyone in Rathbone Croft and top of the Creamery Lane and Gibbons bank aware that my removal vans will be loading up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday outside my house Barn Cottage.
I apologise for any disruption.

Thank you
Gill H

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Smith Lane Road Closure 5th May

View the order on this link

For any queries please email

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Pump Hill Tree Down

A tree has fallen on Pump Hill. Some of the branches are hanging over the road. Charles B has offered to cut back the offending branches once the wind dies down a little. Take care if you are driving or walking around Pump Hill.

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Road Closed Matlock Bath

Just in case anyone has to venture out :  I’ve heard that you cannot get to Matlock through Matlock Bath ( the road is closed between Cromford and the railway bridge going into Matlock) due to concerns about the wall retaining the river.  There is also flooding in Crown Square, the park and the A6 (The Arc leisure centre road).

Sue H

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Tree Blocking Monsdale Lane

Monsdale Lane is completely blocked by a fallen tree, just beyond Littlewood Farm. I have contacted the Council about it who have a lodged a report.

Best wishes
Aniela S (Littlewood Farm)

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Damage to Verges

Yesterday a large vehicle appears to have been done significant damage to the verges on both Creamery Lane and Kiln Lane.

If anyone knows which vehicle caused this damage could they please share this information with the Parish Council.

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Kiln Lane Corner. You can help!

We’ve been asked by the Parish Council to post the following-

On several occasions the Parish Council have been contacted by residents concerned about vehicles getting stuck on the corner between Kiln Lane and Creamery Lane.

The Council is aware of the hazard and inconvenience this causes. Unfortunately the Parish Council has no powers install signage or other measures to reduce the risk. Previous attempts to get the Highways Authority, Derbyshire County Council (DCC), to install suitable warning signs have been unsuccessful.

However they did suggest that a record be kept every time this happens. This could be used to try again to justify some action.

The Council are asking residents who observe problems on the corner to e-mail the parish Clerk on .

Please include as much information as you can. This could include, but not be limited to:

  • Date
  • Time of day
  • What type of vehicle was it?
  • How long any vehicle was stuck?
  • Was a recovery vehicle required to move it?
  • Was the road beyond the corner blocked?
  • Was the vehicle damaged?
  • Was any property damaged?
  • Was there any other damage?
  • A photo if possible.

Even if is quickly resolved please make a report to add to the evidence.

… and don’t assume someone else will report it!

The more reports we get, even of the same incident, the more impact we hope this will have with DCC .

The number of incidents reported will be logged in the Parish Council minutes. When this makes what the Council feels is a compelling case we will write to them again.

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Road Closure

Mount Pleasant will be closed for Retaining Wall Rebuild 14th December 2021 to 24th December

You can view the order on this link

For any queries please email 01629538664

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Grit Bins

Not sure this is the right forum, but yesterday morning a van got stuck on the ice at Kiln Lane/Creamery Lane.

We helped get it moving using the last of the salt from the Kiln Lane salt bin.

I have reported this to the County Council for a refill.

I don’t know if it’s worth people checking the other Village salt bins before the weather turns again?

Dez H

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Christmas Free Parking

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Appeal After Road Incident on A5012

Officers are appealing for information after a road incident on the A5012 between Pikehall and Winster.The incident is described as a near miss collision reportedly involving a black Skoda Octavia and another car, which happened at around 5pm on 10 September.

The Skoda is understood to have driven off in the direction of Cromford following the incident.Officers would like to speak with the driver of a small red car, which was in the area at the time, as they believe they may have information about the incident.

If you were the driver of the red car, or have any other information please contact us quoting the name Detective Constable Lucy Irwin.

•Facebook – send us a private message to /DerbyshireConstabulary

•Twitter – direct message our contact centre on @DerPolContact

•Website – complete the online contact form•Phone – call us on 101.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 .

If you have dash cam footage that may be useful for officers, please ensure it is securely downloaded to another device and kept safely for them to view.

Email tracking gifMessage Sent ByKaty Law (Police, Support staff, Press Office)

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Parwich Lane, Pikehall for BT Pole Testing 22nd November between 09:30 and 15:30
You can view the order on this link

Dam Lane, Alsop en le Dale for BT Pole Testing 23rd November between 09;30 and 15:30
You can view the order on this link

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Road Closure


WHEN: 23rd October 2021 Night time closure 19:00 to 23:59

WHERE: Bradbourne Road, Parwich at White Meadow House between junction with B5056 and junction with Ballidon Quarry road.

REASON: To facilitate STW Pipe Repair.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: Smithy Lane Parwich Dale A515 A5012 Aldwark B5056

Access will be maintained, whenever reasonably possible, on the affected length of road. The road will re-open as soon as the work is finished. This may be earlier than advertised.Derbyshire County Council apologises for any inconvenience caused while work takes place. Anyone needing further information should ring Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 .The County Council intends to make/has made an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to prohibit its use by traffic.

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Road Closed?

It appears that the road out of Parwich is going to be closed tonight from Dale’s yard to the triangle for water mains repair. The signed are already out but no sign of the water board yet.

Thanks to Cheryl W for the info.

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A Plea – Please Slow Down

Please can I ask all drivers to slow down when rounding the bend at Dale’s Yard.This afternoon at approx. 5:30 pm, a red car heading out of Parwich in the middle of the road, came round the bend much faster than is appropriate, skidding to get back on his/her side of the road. It’s certainly not the first time: a Tate oil tanker, a big black estate car and another car, all had to take evasive action recently to avoid hitting me whilst I was ‘crawling’ round that bend. Visibility is zero and there is nowhere to escape at that point when driving towards Parwich.


 Kind regards, 

Saskia T

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Police Appeal for Witnesses

After an horrendous accident at Pikehall this morning, police are appealing for witnesses. For further information and contact details go to

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Sheep Loose

There’s a sheep loose between White Meadow farm and the A515. Watch out for it. Jo J 9.10 am

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Does anyone know what the road conditions are like up to the A515 and then on to Buxton?  I am driving up for my vaccination just after lunch.

Thank you

Patti B

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Garden Wall Rebuild

Please can I alert users of Creamery Lane that my roadside garden wall will be rebuilt over the next two weeks from this Sunday, i.e. between the drive of The Croft/Berrywise and the ‘Egg-shed’.

Thank you for taking extra care.

Saskia T

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Ashbourne Traffic Queue

3.45pm Traffic queue back to Sandybrook Hall into Ashbourne. Traffic trickling through in the opposite direction

Fiona H

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Mains Water Leak

There’s a mains water leak on Creamery Lane next to the playing field and opposite Blanche Meadow Farm. The field and road are now quite wet! Severn Trent are aware and we are waiting for an update on when they will attend.
Francis and Marie, Blanche Meadow Farm.

Update; this has now been fixed 

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A515 Closed

10.30 am: The A515 is currently closed in both directions between Ashbourne and Buxton, following a serious collision. Please avoid the area and take alternative routes where possible.

Thanks To Karen R who has found a comment on another site to say that the blockage is after the Biggin turn towards Ashbourne

5.15pm. The A515 has reopened

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Some time between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning someone has driven into our car while it was parked outside our house opposite to Pump Hill. We didn’t hear it happen and no note has been left. (see photos) To hit it going forward would have meant the other vehicle was on the wrong side of the road. But there are no skid marks or damage down the side of the car. Perhaps someone reversed into it? If anyone saw this happen or remembers passing and seeing (or not)  the damage caused then any information would be gratefully received. Or if you have seen any suspicious new damage on any other vehicle!
Andrew M

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We received this from John V. But I’m sure it echoes a lot of people’s thoughts. We’re all using more delivery services than ever right now and the drivers must be under huge pressure to meet delivery targets.

“Can I just ask that everyone reminds themselves of the dangers of walking on roads through the village. I don’t mean to patronise, but I’m becoming increasingly concerned at the speed of some and mostly delivery vans entering the village from Alsop. I’ve also seen a sudden trend for reversing vans and lorries around here, where there are no pavements, sometimes pretty quickly. 
I’m guessing these behaviours will be seen elsewhere in the village and particularly at a time when children are not at school, it would be great to know that they too had been reminded of the need to be aware of traffic, even, but maybe especially in a place like Parwich. Thanks…”

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Pikehall Road Closure

Proposed road closure for Backhill Lane, Highway Lane Parwich from 6th to 10th July, 2 kilometres south of Pikehall Lane for BT Fibre installation

You can view the order on this link

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Sheep on Road

At 11:30, there were a small number of sheep on the road, coming out of the village, between the triangle (Highway Lane) and the Wigley’s house.

Jane B

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Road Closure

Thanks to John V for bringing the following to our attention:


Thanks to John V for the photo

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Parking Charges are Back

Parking charges to be reintroduced in the Dales

Charges will be reintroduced in Derbyshire Dales District Council’s pay and display car parks this weekend following the Government’s decision to relax coronavirus travel restrictions.

The District Council suspended charges at the start of the lockdown to help local residents to make any essential journeys during the early stages of the crisis.

Charges will apply again from this Saturday after the authority revealed it has lost around £375,000 in car parking revenues since suspending charges at the end of March. But Dales residents can continue to park for free 19 hours every day using their resident parking permit.

A Council spokesperson said: “Suspending charges was a step we wanted to take to help our residents in the first months of the crisis, but the Government’s decision to effectively open up the Dales to day trippers means we have to re-impose controls on our car parks, particularly the short stay car parks in our busy town centres.

“While we are currently appealing to anyone contemplating a trip to the Derbyshire Dales to think twice because of the potential impact on our communities and reduced local services, we have to accept that, like it or not, some people will travel. Indeed some of our car parks have been at capacity over the past two days.

“We hope that residents will understand that while we have done our best to support their essential journeys by making parking free during the lockdown to date, the resulting loss of income will have long term impacts on the Council’s finances and our ability to sustain the services we deliver for local people unless this situation is quickly addressed. Our stance is in accordance with actions being taken by other authorities in response to the Government’s new guidelines.”

While necessary work began today (Thursday) to put up signage and reconfigure the pay and display machines at around 50 car parks across the district, charges will not be enforced until Saturday, giving local people time to readjust.


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Parwich Conundrum

Which way to turn asks Martin C

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More Funding to Monitor Speeding


Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa has taken action on public concerns over speeding – pledging additional funding to expand community speed monitoring across all corners of the county.

The Commissioner, who recently announced the addition of two new full-time posts to coordinate and manage the county’s Community Speed Watch (CSW) programme, has now revealed funding for 20 new ‘grab bags’ containing speed monitoring equipment, which will be deployed to all policing units in Derbyshire.

Speeding remains the most frequently raised issue in all of Derbyshire’s towns, villages and neighbourhoods.

Acting on the concerns raised during the PCC’s countywide #D383 tour, Mr Dhindsa has pledged to expand CSW and make it easier for local people to proactively address problems in their villages and neighbourhoods to reduce road traffic collisions. (more…)

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We have had a message that there are sheep on the road to Fenny Bentley and Ashbourne, the B5056, so take care on the roads. We will update when we have more details.

If you have any other info do comment below.

Update 11.30 The sheep are in the woods and on the road about a mile south of Tissington Ford.

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Reporting Road Faults

Derbyshire County Council are promoting their Report a road faultonline form as the best way to report road issues such as potholes, damaged signs, etc.

There are a number of categories that can be reported  –


This system will automatically direct your enquiry to the relevant team and allows resources to be directed in the most efficient and effective way practicable.


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In view of the recent weather this information from Derbyshire County Council may be of interest –

At the Liaison meeting scheduled for Monday 30th March 2020, commencing at 6pm, at County Hall, Matlock, the Economy, Transport and Environment Department will be presenting information on the subject of flooding.

The council would like to draw your attention to the information currently available on our website Reporting flooding

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More Potholes

In case you haven’t experienced them yet: there are several more potholes on the way out to the B5056, mainly between the Pikehall turning and the Wigleys. Some are small but vicious! I have reported them via the form on the DCC website. Please do the same as it may help to speed up repair. 

Saskia T

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