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Monsdale Lane now clear

Thank you to Phil K for his swift assistance

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Monsdale Lane is Blocked

We had a message at 8.55 this morning to say that Monsdale Lane is blocked by a large fallen tree, about 400 yards beyond Littlewood Farm.

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Blocked Road?

This was reported this morning at 9.34:

Backhill Lane blocked.

A tree has fallen across the road on Backhill Lane just north from where is joined by Monsdale Lane. It has been passed using the verge but this may not be suitable for larger or more delicate vehicles. It has been reported to the police who should arrange for it to be cleared.

Andrew M

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Parking Near The Old Shop

The Parish Council has been approached by residents concerned about the number of cars that are sometimes parked in this area. The Clerk undertook to look into the possibility of using a residents’ parking scheme to address these concerns. These schemes are run by the Highways Authority (Derbyshire County Council) who provide details on their website. These schemes cover relatively large areas, do not guarantee parking in any particular place and come at a significant cost to residents.They do not seem suitable for Parwich.

The owner of the Old Shop has kindly allowed the Clerk to have sight of the marketing text for its letting and the advice for guests. This is consistent with trying to avoid inconvenience for residents, although it is not possible to guarantee that it is always followed.

The road is a public space and the Parish Council does not formally have either any authority, or responsibility, to control how it is used. Should vehicles be parked illegally (e.g. either obstructing emergency vehicles or not taxed) this can be reported to the relevant authority.

The Parish Council would therefore simply like to encourage residents and visitors to park considerately and continue to attempt to resolve any problems courteously.

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A515 Closed South of Ashbourne

8.35 am. We are in attendance at a road traffic collision on the A515 between Cubley and Clifton. The road has been closed in both directions. Please take an alternative route.

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Accident on the A515

Police and Fire service are currently dealing with a three vehicle Road Traffic Collision on the A515 near Ashbourne Heights Holiday Park. There could be long delays. Please avoid the area if you can as the road is currently blocked.

Ashbourne Police 10.30 am

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Please Reduce Your Speed

Polite plea to reduce speed

I would like to put out a plea to all drivers in the village to reduce their speed, especially now the summer has started.Like other grandparents, I shall be looking after my grandchildren occasionally over the summer holiday period. Whilst most drivers are very considerate, some drive at an irresponsible speed. 

As DCC hasn’t accepted the village’s request for a 20 m/h zone, there’s nothing to stop us from adopting this on a voluntary basis.

Saskia T

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