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Ashbourne: Buxton Hill Closed

Thanks to Caroline G for the following message that’s just come in:

There are fire engines etc about half way up/down Buxton Hill, Ashbourne. Police Accident sign up to say road closed at church.

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Road Blocked

11.30 am. Thank you to Susan S for letting us know that the road is blocked just above Slate House by 2 trees which have come down either side of the road.

Update 13.45: Thanks to William G for clearing these trees

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Road Safety in Parwich

The Parish Council has again requested support from the highways Authority (Derbyshire County Council) to address a number of concerns raised by residents. This time we sought the support of our County Councillor Simon Spencer.

This reply was received from Councillor Spencer’s Office.

A link was also provided to the report on 20 mph limits to the Cabinet of Derbyshire County Council in January 2019.


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Missing Man Hole Cover

Please be aware there’s a man hole cover missing on the way to Ashbourne by Keepers Cottage, just before the Bentley Brook.

Thanks to Karen W for the info

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Damage by White Van

We received this yesterday from Saskia T:

White Van  various damage

This afternoon, between 13:00-13:30 approx., a white van(unmarked?) caused damage to a propertyalongCreamery Lanetrying to negotiate a corner,as well as damage to the Creamery Green after trying to reverse firstup Monsdale Lane,then back down and again reversing up Creamery Lane as far as the top of the Green taking chunks out of the Green and leaving scrape marks on the road. The driving standard was clearly appalling.Unfortunately I didn’t get to the road in time to talk to the driver (plus 1 passenger?)nor tot ake the registration number. I could only watch the van disappear in the distanceI got the impression that they hadn’t reached their destination and simply gave up.

Does anyone know who this could have been, did anyone expect goods but didn’t receive them? The firm / driver of this van really needs to know that their actions are totally unacceptable.

Thank you to Richard T for sending us this photo of the damage to the Green


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Beware Accident

There is an accident on the T junction B5056. Quite nasty. Take other route. Caroline G 9:37 am

Update: Accident is just past the Red House 


10.50am update. They have pretty much cleared the scene now with just the car there and a police vehicle with two police officers keeping the traffice safe and flowing at the T junction. Caroline G

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Pothole Warning

There is a pot hole on the road travelling out of the village heading for Ashbourne, its on the road just past Mrs Dales house, its definitely a wheel or Tyre damage result for someone travelling.
It was full of water this morning, so its not that obvious.
I have reported it this morning via the DCC website
David S

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