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More Sheep Out

We have been informed that the ewe and 2 lambs reported as being out on Thursday have now increased to 2 ewes and 4 lambs. Be careful as you leave the village towards the B5056.

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B5056 Reopens

We have receive this update from DCC:

A road near Brassington has reopened after a lorry ran into a bridge causing extensive damage yesterday (Wednesday 17 April). But a stretch of Derbyshire County Council’s High Peak Trail which was carried over the B5056 by the bridge remains closed.

The county council removed the bridge to make it safe following the incident and is now investigating whether alternative measures can be put in place to allow trail users to use the full length of the High Peak Trail again.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said:

“The High Peak Trail is popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders and we’re looking at what potential measures we can put in place to allow people to keep enjoying this well-used section of the route while the bridge is rebuilt.”The High Peak Trail stretches 17.5 miles from High Peak Junction near Cromford to Dowlow near Buxton. Middleton Top Visitor Centre and car park will remain open allowing visitors to access the High Peak trail down to High Peak Junction and the Cromford Canal.

The High Peak Trail will remain open to just beyond Harborough Rocks where the Limestone Way crosses the Trail. This closure will be in place up to where the trail crosses the B5056.

Visitors can also park at Minninglow or Parsley Hay which are at the other side of the closure.

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B5056 blocked at Longcliffe


A lorry has collided with a bridge supporting the High Peak Trail on the B5056 near Longcliffe, north of Brassington, and as such the road is currently closed whilst we attend the incident.

Please avoid the area where possible.

17.30 Wednesay 17 April

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The Parish Council has received and considered a further reply from Derbyshire County Council regarding road signs in the Village. This was their latest reply.


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20 mph Limits Given the Thumbs Down

Given the recent correspondence between the Parish Council and DCC, it is interesting to see this statement issued by DCC today:

Derbyshire County Council puts the brakes on 20mph speed limits

Plans to trial 20mph zones in three places in Derbyshire will not now go ahead because they are not considered the most effective way to reduce road speed. In 2016 it was proposed to pilot 20mph speed limits – reduced from 30mph – in Brassington, Fritchley and Ilkeston.

These pilots would have followed on from a trial in Padfield, in the High Peak, where the 20mph zone was marked by road signs only. Data from the trial in Padfield, which ran from 2015 to 2018, showed that on average, motorists travelled only 1mph slower than before the signs were put up.

Councillor Simon Spencer, Derbyshire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure, said:

“The point of reducing speed limits is to reduce road speeds so that we reduce casualties. Findings from the trial in Padfield show that average speeds only reduced by 1mph, and in fact the number of collisions increased.

“These results were broadly similar to other national trials, which is that just putting up 20mph signs do not make a significant difference to how fast people drive on the road.

“We have to use our limited resources where they are going to have the most effect, which means that we won’t now be introducing 20mph signed zones in the three areas, Brassington, Fritchley and Ilkeston.

“There’s also no evidence from the Padfield trial that lower speed limits encourage wider health benefits.”

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Further to the recent correspondence which the Parish Council has had with the Traffic and Road Safety Service of Derbyshire County Council you may wish to read their latest response. It’s not at all supportive of the wishes of the village as expressed by our Parish Council. It’s quite a long response when really they could have just said no we don’t want to spend any money on you (how much do a few signs with 20 painted on them cost?, or false road narrowing gates at the entrance to the village like Brassingon?)


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Police Closed Road out of Parwich

Thank you Louise B for messaging us that the Police have closed the road out of the village from Nethergreen in the direction of Ballidon. It is thought this is due to a fallen power line. We will try and update as soon as possible, but please everyone add a comment if you have any thing new.

update 1.15pm Road is passable with care. See Fiona’s comment below.

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