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Patti B writes:

Fame at last. Your obsessed dressage correspondent has finally made it and has reached the dizzying heights of a photo on page 33 of Hello! Magazine. A smallish picture, on the bottom left of the page.

Actually – don’t let’s get carried away – it’s my medal cake that’s in the magazine. (That must have been the guy so rudely elbowing me out of the way to take a photo – only my good manners prevented me from giving him an equally rude mouthful – good job I didn’t!)

Still, it was a lovely surprise and I shall be giving away autographs at some future obscure event for an indescribably huge fee! I can also be seen helping to serve lunch in Parwich Memorial Hall every other Monday, so come along and join the fun – great food for just £5.

Patti B

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Please find attached some piccies of where I was working, just in case you wonder what I have been doing for the last few weeks….. Val S

My Olympic role was to manage a team of 10 staff who had to get information on events from the sports’ organisers and venues to journalists at the Main Press centre (MPC) so that they could write about, or commentate on, Olympic events.

My desk was in the centre of the newsroom behind what were effectively 3 walls of shelves – known as ‘the press pigeon holes’. At the back of me was a wall of the building, so I was effectively penned in – but there were doors! (more…)

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Thanks to our dressage correspondent Patti B, who snapped these three shots aboard the party boat…

Patti’s medal cake at the dressage party


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Thanks to JF-S for these two snaps:

Damiao scoring Brazil’s 3rd goal


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My day at the Olympics from JaneB

There have been some fantastic posts sent in from our various Olympic correspondents, so instead of doing a written post I have created a photo diary with captions of my day at the Olympics on Wednesday, which gives an overview of the whole Olympic Park.

When I was a child, as a family we went to Crystal Palace on several occasions to the Three A’s athletic meetings and watched athletes like David Hemery, David Jenkins and Alan Pascoe, future Olympic medalists. So in 2012 it was great to go to the London Olympics with my Dad.

I have nothing but praise for the organisation of the Olympics, it is something in Britain that we should be proud of. In the weeks leading up to the Olympics the British press desperately tried to leap on any potential negatives, now of course the papers are full of the triumphs of the event.

The evening of athletics was unforgettable, but for me it was more than the races, it was the whole atmosphere and positive attitude that made spending the day in the Olympic Park so totally unique.

Left click on any photo to open as a full screen slide show. (more…)

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We will be updating this post throughout the day, so keep checking back for more updates as we get them!

Patti B writes:

Hi Everyone,

It seems that not all of you were bored out of your mind by the step by step ravings of a dressage groupie, and would like more of the same.

First, I have been asked to put a little background to our interest in a less than popular sport – that, of course, is before we won a Gold Medal at the Olympics!

Some of you know that Alice is a professional dressage rider and trainer, who has also trained to Grand Prix level, but you may not know that she worked for Carl Hester for a year before University and has been in continuous training with him for the last fifteen years. In that time, we have become good friends with him and have watched all the hard work, tears and tribulations that have been associated with his journey to a Gold Medal. So we have obviously taken a keen interest in these games. I have also been his chief cake maker – always making sure he has ‘slimming’ carrot cake when he is watching his weight!

Today, I shall be sending you quickie reports as they are happening.


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We will be updating this post as the day progresses, so please keep checking back for the latest news. Thanks to Patti B, our live Olympics reporter at Greenwich Park!

12:58 Well, here we are again at Greenwich Park. Weirdly the atmosphere is more subdued and there are quite a few empty seats – they must be for officials, as this is an important day for enthusiasts.

There are 32 riders today: the top seven teams and top 11 individuals from last week, who will be hoping to go forward to the kur on Thursday. The horses are struggling a bit with this more technical test and we are seeing more mistakes and unacceptable tension.

As we are lying in pole position, the Brits won’t be riding until this afternoon – so watch this space. We are bags of nerves here, but we know that Carl and the Ice Queen (Charlotte) are on good form. More later…

13:41 – Here we go.
Five minutes now to our first Brit: Richard Davison from Uttoxeter. At 56, he is our oldest rider and a non-team individual. Suddenly the arena is buzzing and a sea of red, white and blue is appearing. Need to concentrate now…

13:59 – First Brits test.
Bit of a sigh here: Richard’s horse, like many of the horses so far, was tense and spooky. Is it because they are no longer in awe of their surroundings, and so have time to notice things? Who knows – that’s what makes riding so unpredictable. Beginning to feel anxious about our team’s chances later on…

14:11 – Spooking.
Just spotted what is spooking the horses: a new camera at floor level (to show horses’ foot fall) that wasn’t there last week. Unfortunately, Richard’s score will not be high enough for him to have a shot at the Individual medals on Thursday. All that training, dedication and money spent to no avail. Richard will be gutted. He has done so much for our sport.

14:49 – Wow.
Ohhh. Sick with excitement here. Didn’t dare post before, in case I jinxed it, but our most popular rider Carl Hester has just gone and he was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Inspired riding, to break the 80% barrier. The stand is nearly falling down with clapping. Need to spend a penny, but daren’t go now….

15:32 – Is that a glimmer I see before me?‏
Laura B and Alf have just ridden a great solid test; I daren’t say anything, but there is definitely a golden glow in the sky. The Ice Queen – Charlotte – with nerves of steel is our next rider. Forgive me if I don’t post straight away, but I could be too busy kissing everyone if she performs to her usual outstanding level!!!

16:00 – Nearly there
Oh my – the Germans have just gone. Come on, Charlotte: an amazing, talented, hard working rider, riding Valegro, who belongs to Carl and Roly Luard. Hang on there….!

16:13 – It’s ours. Gold for GB‏.
We’ve done it. We’ve done it. It’s taken us 100 years to win a gold medal in dressage, but we’ve done it now. And – we are here!!!!! Two more riders, but the team gold is ours. Much bubbly will be drunk very shortly. Over and out to Parwich.

17:23 – Just cracking open the bubbly now.
Our faces are set in a permanent rictus. Thanks for your supportive comments. Hope the Parwich blog felt part of it. Now on to Thursday and the Individual medals. Would that be too greedy? Much love to everyone at home. Patti B

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