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Tomorrow’s Election

The candidates for tomorrow’s Derbyshire Police & Crime Commioners election Are as follows:

Richard Bright: Conservative

Police & Crime Commissioners Candidates

Hardyal Singh Dhindsa: Labour


Tom Snowdon: Liberal Democrats



Stuart David Yeowart: UKIP
no photo or statement submitted to the ‘Choose My PCC’ website

Click on the images above to see their statements or click here to access all their statements as a PDF. Our local polling station is as usual in the Memorial Hall and is open from 7am to 10pm.

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Peggy Lees

One of Parwichs eldest residents, Peggy Lees, sadly passed away on 15th January at the grand age of 94 (one week before her 95th birthday). Her funeral will take place at St Peter’s Church, Parwich on Saturday 23rd January at 2.00 pm. Her family invite people to join them at the Village Hall afterwards.

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“Our house is a very, very old house”
“Santa’s reindeer resting up, in disguise, after the Christmas rush”


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It is now over 6 months since part night street lighting has been introduced to Parwich village, with almost 60% of our street lights being turned off between midnight and 5.30am. So it seems an opportune time to review the situation here on the Blog. Use the comments facility at the end of this post to share your experiences of part night lighting in the village.

Plan of current street lighting in Parwich
(click on image to enlarge)

street light plan

(Note. There is currently some discrepancy with at least one of the recent replacement street lights which should be on only part night staying on all night.  This is the case with Light 056373 at the opening of Church Walk between Hallcliffe Barn and Church Cottage. If you know of any other anomalies do add a comment to this post.)

In our previous polls in March 2013 there was strong support for the idea of some part night street lights in the village, what do you think now? Should the County Council backtrack on part night lighting or should it be extended?

Our previous polls indicated a split between the prime access route of Main Street (including Nether Green and Chestnut and Sycamore Cottages) and Shaw Lane, where people wanted some lights kept on all night, and the rest of the village where people wanted all the lights part night. Does this split still apply?

Continue reading to have your say on:

(i) the individual street lights where the previous polls were not implemented,
(ii) the lights along the Main Street/Shaw Lane route, and
(iii) other specific lights that have been raised here at since the introduction of part night street lighting.

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So far there has been a very good response to the poll about the future of the recycling bins in the Sycamore Inn car park. Thank you to all who have participated so far. At the time of writing this some 57 people/households have voted, with 65% feeling the bins are no longer required, but with a significant minority of 35% saying they are still required.

Here at we would argue that although the majority do not use this ‘bring’ recycling point, a significant minority still do, and that it should be retained as it is used on a regular basis with the 3 bins requiring emptying at least once a week. Despite the fortnightly domestic collections this central collect point continues to be used because:

  • Not every household in the village has domestic recycling bins and some people use these bins every week
  • The domestic recycling bins are not always sufficient to hold all that accumulates between collections, if a household misses putting out the bins one week there will be then a month’s gap between collections, so some use this recycling point on an ad hoc basis
  • At times the fortnightly collection may not be enough for an individual household (e.g. a party or accumulated packing) and the Sycamore bins are used for the excess
  • Not everyone who uses these recycling bins has a car to take their recycling to Ashbourne
  • Holiday makers staying locally, visitors and walkers regularly use these bins

Derbyshire Dales District Council are considering closing this recycling point and we will pass this information on to them in early January, however there is still time to have your say by voting in the poll or by adding comments to this post.

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Carols on The Green: a video clip

Thank you to John F-S for this clip.

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Broadband Speed?

Has anyone noticed broadband speeds dropping in the evenings recently? Last night, for instance, it was incredibly slow just to load up web pages. I am with TalkTalk.


Previously when this problem has been raised before it was a matter of which service provider you used. Have other readers noticed any change in their broadband?

(Note. I am using AOL TalkTalk at present but receive a very variable download speed, it varies by a factor of 1,000, between aprox. 2 or 3am, when there is a good speed and 8 or 9pm when it is virtually unusable. I plan to change providers when I move. It does seem to have got worse recently. Peter T)

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Nether Green

This sunny day saw the planting of the new avenue on Nether Green. It looks very new, but in years to come it will be loved as much as the chestnuts were.

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… than you might think:


Photos from the top of the Sledging Field by David G  (more…)

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Parwich Parish Council 

Notice of invitation to tender 

Parwich Parish Council is extending the deadline to invite tenders from interested parties to place sheep to graze on the former cricket field at Parsons Croft, Parwich.  This will be for a short, defined period of time and will be subject to the agreement of terms and conditions and signing an agreed contract.

The successful applicant must be in possession of valid, appropriate public liability insurance and produce a copy to the parish council.  The successful applicant will be responsible for appropriate fencing to enclose the sheep on the cricket field.

Prior to submission of a tender please contact Councillor, Mr R Bunting on 07855 440 504 for the necessary information regarding this short term contract and the conditions involved.

Tenders must be submitted either by email to the clerk at (no later than 6 pm on Saturday, 14th December 2013)


 by delivery, in writing, to the following councillors’ properties (no later than 6 pm on Monday, 16th December 2013):

Councillor Mr R Bunting
Councillor Mrs J Bennett
Councillor Mrs N Linnell
Councillor Mr M Harrison

Under the Admissions to Meetings Act 1960, tenders received by the deadlines stipulated above will be discussed as a confidential item at the parish council meeting on Thursday, 19th December 2013.  Applicants will be advised of the outcome of this meeting.

 Mrs S Hampson
Clerk to Parwich Parish Council
9th December 2013

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More sunset photos

Here are some more photos of this afternoon’s spectacular sunset, courtesy of JF-S and David G.





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Success of the household recycling collections means that Derbyshire Dales District Council are considering reducing the number of ‘bring’ recycling points. The sites under consideration for closure includes the one at the Sycamore Inn.

A council spokesman says:

Derbyshire Dales can probably now boast the top home recycling figure in the county thanks to local people recycling 8% more than at this time last year. Everything that can be recycled at bring sites can now be recycled at home.

We always anticipated the convenience of the household scheme would impact on our bring sites – that’s why we agreed to annually review the contract with H W Martin. To ensure the contract continues at no cost to Dales Council Tax payers it makes sense to close sites that require long travel distances or currently produce very low recycling yields.

We will of course clean and remove any screening from the sites that are scheduled to close and monitor each site to identify any potential fly-tipping issues.

To find out more go to the Derbyshire Dales District Council’s news update on their website.

What do you think about this in relation to the Parwich ‘bring’ recycling point at the Sycamore Inn? Do you still take any recycling to the containers at the pub? Do complete the poll below and add comments to this post.

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Best Wishes to Dorothy Littlewood

Thank you to Mike R for collating this information. Best wishes to Dorothy in her new home from the team, she will be much missed in Parwich and the surrounding area.


Dorothy Littlewood, late of Stable Cottage, has now moved to Delph near Oldham to be nearer her daughters. Dorothy came to Parwich about 25 years ago and taught piano lessons to many students in the area. She played the piano at Tissington Nursery for 17 years until her move. She returned to Tissington today to attend the annual Nativity Play and also to receive a retirement gift, a ceramic plate decorated with the inscription “Thank you from Tissington Kindergarten”. Dorothy must be well known to countless children who have attended the Nursery and it was a joy to her today to be greeted so warmly by the children.


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Thank you to Esther for more photo’s of Sunday’s Christmas Fayre…..




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Can you help the School with their a World War II ‘Evacuation Day’ in January. Were you an evacuee, did your family host evacuees, or are you a Veteran?

Hi Parwich Blog,

I wonder if you can help me find someone to come in and help Parwich School with our latest Topic on World War 2. I am the Key Stage 2 teacher (ages 7-11) and the children have been having lots of fun learning about the last world war. Lots of parents have sent in war relics such as ration books and helmets and we are now planning an Evacuation Day on Tuesday 14th January 2014.

It is going to be a very authentic day with dressing up and rations for lunch (well not too authentic!) It would be wonderful if we could invite someone locally to visit during the day who experienced World War 2, either as an actual evacuee or who was a child in a host family or even a war veteran. The children could interview the guest and then write about their experiences. This would be a fantastic opportunity for the children and I really hope there is someone in the locality who can help!

Please can you ask everyone on the blog if they know anyone?

Thank you so much and looking forward to seeing if we get any responses.

Very best wishes,

Kim Peatfield
KS2 Teacher
Parwich Primary School

This looks like being a fantastic day for the children. If you are able to help either contact the School directly or email and we will forward your message. Also feel free to share any relevant experiences as a comment below or email them to us to create a separate post.

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Thank you John F-S for these photos of the successful Christmas Fayre at the Legion:



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Thank you to Martin for these photos and links relating to the controversial new wind-farm on Carsington Pastures. Whatever you may think of the merits this development, it certainly photographs well:


Here are some pics of the first wind turbine at Carsington Pastures. The second turbine is probably being erected today.

More details and a map on

and about the local farmer

Martin C

Note, You can see the turbine from Parwich (as you leave the village to the east past Mooredge, by the junction with Back Lane to Pikehall).


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Parwich Parish Council – Notice of invitation to tender

Parwich Parish Council invites tenders from interested parties to place sheep to graze on the former cricket field at Parsons Croft, Parwich. This will be for a short, defined period of time and will be subject to the agreement of terms and conditions and signing an agreed contract.

The successful applicant must be in possession of valid, appropriate public liability insurance and will be responsible for appropriate fencing to enclose the sheep on the cricket field.

Prior to submission of a tender please contact Councillor Mr R Bunting on 07855 440 504 for the necessary information regarding this short term contract and the conditions involved.

Tenders must be submitted either by email to the clerk at (no later than 6 pm on Friday, 6 December 2013),

or by delivery, in writing, to the following councillors’ properties
(no later than 10.00 am on Saturday, 7th December 2013):

Councillor Mr R Bunting
Councillor Mrs J Bennett
Councillor Mrs N Linnell
Councillor Mr M Harrison

Under the Admissions to Meetings Act 1960, a confidential meeting will take place on Sunday,
8th December 2013 to discuss the tenders received by the deadlines stipulated above. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of this meeting.

Mrs S Hampson
Clerk to Parwich Parish Council
29 November 2013

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David G follows up his sunrise photo with these taken this evening:



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Thank you to David G for this great photo taken this morning.

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Derbyshire County Council is keen to ensure that local communities have access to the most up to date/useful information during extreme weather/snow conditions such as:

  • The latest weather, gritting activity and road closure updates, published at 7am, 2pm and 9pm daily during snow/ice conditions.
  • Links to DCC Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Finding local gritting routes and.
  • Disruption information such as school closures.

 Click here for the link to the Council’s snow information pages. The blog team has added a link – “DCC Snow Info” – to the WEATHER section of the sidebar so that this information can be readily accessed.

Click here for information regarding the nearest grit bin or to report an empty, vandalised or missing  bin.

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We have received this reminder from the Environment Agency, as passed onto us by the Parish Council.

The Environment Agency is concerned to prevent heating oil tank pollution incidents, as they are aware of a number of recent spills, especially from smaller domestic tanks. They are seeking to raise awareness of this issue before the winter sets in, as failures of heating oil tanks and associated pipe work happen most often during the cold snap. “The consequences to groundwater, and rivers for that matter, can be devastating“, they tell us.

For more information on groundwater protection policy, follow this link, and download this PDF.

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We have received the following email from someone researching the Parwich Webster families:


(Updated 25th Nov 2013)

I am doing genealogy research for my friend who is directly related to the Webster families from Parwich area.

If any of your readers could assist me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.

At this time, I have gone back many generations, including finding Joseph Webster who was a farmer working the Ball Croft Farm with his son Thomas, but who also was shown on the 1901 Census as being the Publican of The Sycamore Inn, Parwich and living there.

There are also references to members of the Webster family at Dam Farm, Dale End and 3, Gotham Farm, Parwich. There are references to the members of the earlier Webster families being farmers, cattle dealers and a butcher; presumably in the Parwich area.

I am particularlly interested in George Webster, born in 1919 and who served in WW2 [Welch Regiment], then returning to the UK from Klagenfurt, Austria in 1947/1948 with his Austrian wife Hermenegilde (more…)

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Parwich Print

Parwich, Derbyshire

I am a local professional artist with the majority of my work featuring Derbyshire landscapes.  I have seen your website and am contacting you as I have a Limited Edition Print of a painting of Parwich church which may be of interest to local residents. 

The image size of the print is 35 x 26 cm approximately, and the framed size is 53 x 45 cm approximately.  I also have a card of the painting available, sizes at 17 x 12 cms approximately and blank inside. 

Prices for the print are £55 mounted, £90 framed.  The cards are £1.20 each, or £1 each for 5 or more. 

An image of the painting is attached.  Further examples of my work can be viewed on my website  The site has been under redevelopment and my range of prints and cards still need to be uploaded.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact me.  My telephone number is 07816 434949.

Kind regards
Roger Allen

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… this morning’s sunrise. Photo David G.


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New First Responders

Parwich First Responders are grateful to 4 new volunteers who will be training at the end of January to join us. As it always takes time to find dates that people can manage we would be interested to hear now from anyone who thinks that they might also be able to join our group.

We are a small but committed group who volunteer regularly to provide emergency First Aid cover for Parwich and the surrounding area. Volunteers do whatever shifts they can fit in with their usual schedules. No previous experience is required as East Midlands Ambulance Service provide the initial extensive training. Thereafter we meet as a group every 2 months to keep our skills fresh. It goes without saying that our ability to provide emergency cover around the clock depends totally on the willingness of people to train and give a few hours of their time each week.

If you think you might be able to help please call Sue (334) or Martin (529).

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“Help …

imagehelp, some one is shining a bright light in my face.

imageNo, you silly moo, it’s just the sun.

Photos by David G

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and it’s still raining!

Brok and pond at 1 pm 002 (more…)

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imageThe Government has listed areas with potential for shale gas extraction. The website wrongmove, set up by Greenpeace has a facility to identify from your postcode whether your house is in an area potentially included.

Unsurprisingly with shale beneath us, the site, in response to our local postcodes, suggests we are in one of these areas. However this does not necessarily mean that there will be any shale gas extraction and associated fracking here. For any new extraction sites there would have to be a long process of identifying commercial viability, getting agreement from landowners and/or the holders of mineral rights and obtaining necessary planning consents.

So there are no concrete plans for our area, and nothing could happen quickly, however Greenpeace consider it worthwhile for objectors to register their objections sooner rather than later.

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We have received the following from Parwich Parish Council:

Parwich Parish Council have recently had the exterior of the Pavilion refurbished by Roger Cundy.  We are currently having the same done to the Pump Shed as part of an on-going maintenance programme. 
Parwich Parish Council


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Graham Johnson has sent in this urgent request:

Over the past five years the team involved in organising the Parwich Panoramic Five fell race on the first Tuesday in August have run 5 successful races and raised over £1,500 for the Memorial Hall, which was the original reason for instigating the event. It’s been a great evening which has been well supported by the running community and by the village.

The success of the race could not have been possible without our fantastic team – all of whom have critical tasks which they discharge with skill, diligence and without fuss.

It has been a privilege for me to work with such a great group of public spirited people, but after careful thought and an increasingly busy day job, I intend to bow out of my role in this now.

I am happy to support anyone in the process of organising the race, which starts now for 2014, but I may not be available on the race night, and will only be able to offer support and guidance if anyone wants to take it on.

Please let me know quickly if you know anyone who wants to fill my slot because of the need to complete the FRA permit application before 31st October.


Graham Johnson.

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New Mowers in Churchyard

Has a temporary replacement been found for Mick’s section?” David G.



Added 11am Monday 7th. The flying flock have flown.

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If these cool nights and warm sunny days continue, these photos, taken by David G this morning, are a strong incentive to get up early:


Click on photos to enlarge, and continuing on is strongly recommended:

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Thank you Lynne G for this information about the ‘Sit and Sew’ events you and Mandy N are organising. You can see see Lynne’s blog by clicking here. What a lot of enterprising folk there are in Parwich.

If you’re anywhere in the region of Ashbourne, Derbyshire in the Peak District, why not come and sit and sew with Mandy and me every fourth Friday of the month – 10am til midday.  Bring along hand sewing and Mandy will be bringing Xmas project kits too if you’re interested.  We’ll sit, sew, chat, drink coffee, eat cake and generally put the world to rights.  Workshops coming too on Mondays from January so stay tuned.  Let us know if you’re coming and email Mandy or me ( if you need more information!


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Even more butterflies

Thank you David G for this very prompt addition to Saskia’s butterfly photo library:

Now we just need to match names to butterflies (and moths).

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Butterflies Galore

Thank you Saskia for these photos and the following:

Hasn’t it been a fantastic year for butterflies? I still have tens of Small Tortoiseshells, some Peacocks, a Red Admiral, a Brimstone and a Painted Lady (I hope I’ve got their names correct!) feeding on the Valerian and Buddleia , whilst others are sunning themselves in the late Autumn sun. The only one that I haven’t seen this year is the spectacular Humming-bird Hawkmoth.

What visiting butterflies have you seen in your garden recently? (I’m a complete novice so only recognise the very colourful species!)

Saskia T

More photos of any other species taken locally are most welcome. (Fiona, if your verbena is still so busy, that might make a great shot.)

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The book ‘Rails to Ashbourne’ by Howard Sprenger is now published by Kestrel Railway books (click here for details). It contrasts the older Uttoxeter to Ashbourne line with the relatively more recent Ashbourne to Buxton line, now the Tissington Trail. Obviously this latter had a major local impact and much of the information and pictures in the book relate to our area. (If any of our readers get a copy we would be pleased to post a review of the book focusing on the nearby sections.)


Click on image to read the promotional flier as a pdf.

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Jewels in the Garden

Photos by David G

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Vintage cars visit Parwich

The South Cheshire Raiders, an informal vintage and sports car group visited Parwich today, having their lunch at the Sycamore Inn.



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The bride arrives

How many people does it take to get a bride out of a cab?

Cinderella (more…)

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