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Tomorrow’s Election

The candidates for tomorrow’s Derbyshire Police & Crime Commioners election Are as follows:

Richard Bright: Conservative

Police & Crime Commissioners Candidates

Hardyal Singh Dhindsa: Labour


Tom Snowdon: Liberal Democrats



Stuart David Yeowart: UKIP
no photo or statement submitted to the ‘Choose My PCC’ website

Click on the images above to see their statements or click here to access all their statements as a PDF. Our local polling station is as usual in the Memorial Hall and is open from 7am to 10pm.

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Peggy Lees

One of Parwichs eldest residents, Peggy Lees, sadly passed away on 15th January at the grand age of 94 (one week before her 95th birthday). Her funeral will take place at St Peter’s Church, Parwich on Saturday 23rd January at 2.00 pm. Her family invite people to join them at the Village Hall afterwards.

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“Our house is a very, very old house”
“Santa’s reindeer resting up, in disguise, after the Christmas rush”


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It is now over 6 months since part night street lighting has been introduced to Parwich village, with almost 60% of our street lights being turned off between midnight and 5.30am. So it seems an opportune time to review the situation here on the Blog. Use the comments facility at the end of this post to share your experiences of part night lighting in the village.

Plan of current street lighting in Parwich
(click on image to enlarge)

street light plan

(Note. There is currently some discrepancy with at least one of the recent replacement street lights which should be on only part night staying on all night.  This is the case with Light 056373 at the opening of Church Walk between Hallcliffe Barn and Church Cottage. If you know of any other anomalies do add a comment to this post.)

In our previous polls in March 2013 there was strong support for the idea of some part night street lights in the village, what do you think now? Should the County Council backtrack on part night lighting or should it be extended?

Our previous polls indicated a split between the prime access route of Main Street (including Nether Green and Chestnut and Sycamore Cottages) and Shaw Lane, where people wanted some lights kept on all night, and the rest of the village where people wanted all the lights part night. Does this split still apply?

Continue reading to have your say on:

(i) the individual street lights where the previous polls were not implemented,
(ii) the lights along the Main Street/Shaw Lane route, and
(iii) other specific lights that have been raised here at since the introduction of part night street lighting.

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So far there has been a very good response to the poll about the future of the recycling bins in the Sycamore Inn car park. Thank you to all who have participated so far. At the time of writing this some 57 people/households have voted, with 65% feeling the bins are no longer required, but with a significant minority of 35% saying they are still required.

Here at we would argue that although the majority do not use this ‘bring’ recycling point, a significant minority still do, and that it should be retained as it is used on a regular basis with the 3 bins requiring emptying at least once a week. Despite the fortnightly domestic collections this central collect point continues to be used because:

  • Not every household in the village has domestic recycling bins and some people use these bins every week
  • The domestic recycling bins are not always sufficient to hold all that accumulates between collections, if a household misses putting out the bins one week there will be then a month’s gap between collections, so some use this recycling point on an ad hoc basis
  • At times the fortnightly collection may not be enough for an individual household (e.g. a party or accumulated packing) and the Sycamore bins are used for the excess
  • Not everyone who uses these recycling bins has a car to take their recycling to Ashbourne
  • Holiday makers staying locally, visitors and walkers regularly use these bins

Derbyshire Dales District Council are considering closing this recycling point and we will pass this information on to them in early January, however there is still time to have your say by voting in the poll or by adding comments to this post.

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Carols on The Green: a video clip

Thank you to John F-S for this clip.

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Broadband Speed?

Has anyone noticed broadband speeds dropping in the evenings recently? Last night, for instance, it was incredibly slow just to load up web pages. I am with TalkTalk.


Previously when this problem has been raised before it was a matter of which service provider you used. Have other readers noticed any change in their broadband?

(Note. I am using AOL TalkTalk at present but receive a very variable download speed, it varies by a factor of 1,000, between aprox. 2 or 3am, when there is a good speed and 8 or 9pm when it is virtually unusable. I plan to change providers when I move. It does seem to have got worse recently. Peter T)

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