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Based on our current readership stats, we are expecting PARWICH.ORG to welcome its one millionth visitor before the end of 2012. The most likely date looks like being Saturday December 29th.

Will YOU be our historic millionth visitor? To find out, keep a close eye on the stats box, which we are temporarily moving to the top of the right hand column.

Anyone sending us a screenshot showing us the magic number will win a lifetime’s free subscription to the blog!

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Watch Out For The Puddles!

You might have noticed that there has been a raindrop or two in our area over the last 24 hours. There are some pretty big pools of water on the roads so we advise taking extra care. There is a particularly big ‘puddle’ on the way out of the village just before the Ballidon turning that may be challenging for some cars.



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Festive Fun!

Please click to enlarge these festive photos!
(Large PDF, might take a short while to open.)

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Church Christmas Flowers 011Church Christmas Flowers 013   Church Christmas Flowers 018 (more…)

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The Winster Guisers will be at the Sycamore at around 8.30 pm and then at the Parwich Legion at 9.00 pm (Friday December 14th).

The Winster Guisers perform at various venues around the White peak villages of Derbyshire throughout the Christmas period bringing a traditional mix of colourful drama and festive cheer to an unsuspecting public. Guising is a local tradition better known around England as Mumming. The dictionary tells us that a ‘mummer’ is one who ‘masquerades’ in a folk play usually at Christmas whilst a ’Guiser’ is a person in disguise.

Winster Guisers Dec12

The characters enter as follows, the Enterer-in, dressed in formal attire, sets that stage for the ‘conflict’ between St. George, a noble champion dressed in Red and riding a hobby Horse, and the Black Prince of Paradise. St George is victorious and the King of Egypt then berates him for killing his son. An old woman then calls for a doctor and a Quack Doctor enters with his potions to cure the dead prince. This is done by ‘uplifting’ a pint of beer from a member of the audience and is drunk in one swallow by the prone prince. A departure from the narrative now occurs as a devilish Beelzebub enters followed by Little Johnny Jack, with his wife and family on his back, and then Little Devilly Doubt. The climax of the ‘show’ is the appearance of the Groom and the Horse, a real horse’s head operated by a concealed Guiser, who captivates with his antics. A final song rounds off the performance and a welcoming beer is then supped by all to bring good luck to all those present.

Over the last quarter of a century the Guisers have become well known and liked visiting traditional hostelries and houses on a regular basis. Refreshment is taken to bring ‘good luck’ to the hosts and a collection is taken for Charity.

(The above information has been taken directly from the Winster Guisers’ web site)

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According to details on the PDNPA website, planning permission has been granted for two wind turbines at Hill Top Farm, each at a tower height of 24.5m, with a further 9m rotor radius. This is smaller than the originally rejected proposal, which measured 48.4m from base to blade tip. Note also that this is a time-limited consent, which expires after 25 years.

Click here to read the letter of notification, and click here for links to all the publicly available documentation.

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The newly decorated British Legion threw open its doors to host its first Christmas Fayre. Mother Nature obliged with a rain-free, starry night. Guests were greeted in the forecourt by a wonderful candlelit stall of Christmas greenery and decorations by Bill and Ann . Inside the aroma of mulled wine and home baked mince pies permeated the air. Stalls were set up all around the ground floor with some wonderful wreaths, made by Delia, hanging from the balcony. The new dimmable lighting system could be adjusted to show off the many talented offerings from participants and lowered at the end of the evening providing a convivial atmosphere for socialising. All in all, a triumph for those who have worked so hard to give us such a welcoming venue in the village.

If you missed the event, or wish to contact the participants, links to some of the email addresses or phone numbers are given above each photo.

1. Bill and Ann at Leatherbritches Nursery (077137432295).


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