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Sheep Out

I’ve seen this pair wandering round the village since Monday and they have just been spotted trying to get to the veg in my garden.  I suggest the owner rounds them up because if they’re try it again, they’re likely to be joining it on my plate!

Thank you

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Beef for Sale

Parwich Reared Rare Breed White Park Beef

Slow matured

Beef Boxes inc steaks, joints, mince, stew etc £140

 Please call Ben Chadfield 07813857014

Will be ready over the weekend/next week.

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Wandering Cattle

Stuart Chambers has told us that he has found 2 black, horned heifers wandering the village and has secured them in his field. He can be contacted on 390336

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Local Eggs for Sale

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who got in touch – there won’t be any eggs available now until  next week.

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Have you lost your sheep?

The wandering sheep were back in Creamery Lane this morning, but in larger numbers. Having headed down the Smiths’ drive they have been put in the field below Dodd’s Dill. Can the owner please get in touch with either the Smiths tel. 278 or with me next door, Peter T tel. 287.

They have a pale blue marking on the rump and some also have an orange line on the upper back.

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Historic Farm Building Grant

We have received this from the Peak Park:

Peak District National Park to share in £2 million pilot scheme to restore historic farm buildings
 The Peak District National Park is taking part in a £2 million pilot scheme to help farmers and land managers to restore historic farm buildings.

It is one of five National Parks to pilot the Historic Building Restoration Grant, which aims to save some iconic English farm buildings from falling out of use. The pilot is a partnership between Historic England, Natural England and the Peak District, Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor and Northumberland National Parks.

Peak District National Park advisors will be working with farmers and land managers to determine which buildings are most suitable to receive grants offering 80 per cent towards the cost of restoration. This could include roof repair, weatherproofing or other restoration works, allowing a building to be used again for farming purposes.

Sarah Fowler, chief executive of the Peak District National Park, said: “We are delighted that the significance of our traditional buildings is recognised in this scheme. Particularly in upland areas, these historic buildings are vulnerable to falling out of use. We look forward  to working with farmers and land managers to help them restore buildings that contribute so much to the landscape character of the National Park.We hope that this pilot scheme will be a success and will build a case for future funding to conserve more of these important buildings.”

Lord Gardiner, Defra minister for National Parks, said: “The British countryside, including those historic farm buildings that dot some of our most iconic landscapes, is a truly precious natural asset. I am delighted that we are able to open this new set of grants supporting the restoration of traditional farm buildings.”

Sir Laurie Magnus, chairman of Historic England, added: “Historic England warmly welcomes this scheme and its endorsement of the value and importance of traditional farm buildings. The partnership approach being piloted by Historic England, Natural England and upland National Parks will be of immense value in helping owners to maintain and conserve these buildings and to retain their significance for future generations.”


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Lost Sheep

Rita and Tony have had some sheep in their garden (just off Creamery Lane) this morning. They are young sheep, marked with a blue line. Presumably the same ones that escaped a few days go? Does anyone know who they belong to?

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