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Dear Parents,

Please take a few minutes to read the attached ’12 Days of Online Safety’ which provides advice from an approved online safety consultant.

Christmas is upon us and with it often comes children asking for internet devices. 
Also, during the holiday, there is much more time to be online.

This can cause heightened safeguarding risks. 

Merry Christmas,

The Parwich School Team.

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Too Wet for Sunday Football

Due to the continued flooding of the football field there will be no Sunday football for the foreseeable future… next game likely to be Christmas Day on Nethergreen field. Many thanks I will update the blog when things change. The field is a mess !!!

Jason J

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Football Cancelled

Football cancelled due to flooded fields,


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Children’s Friday football to become Sunday football???

Due to work commitments James and I are thinking of moving the Friday football to Sunday morning (9.00am – 10.00am).

Sunday works for us both and the early start time still allows everyone to make the most of the day.

It will also give us an advantage that we could play for longer in the year on the grassed area, as opposed to the hard courts.

I have discussed this idea with a number of residents at Parsons Croft who don’t see any issues. I welcome any feedback from other Parsons Croft residents and parents of the children.

Many thanks

Jason and James

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End of Term Newsletter

Please click here:

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This week will be our final Friday Football before we take a break for the summer holidays.

During the summer the number turning up for football drop off significantly as people go on their holidays, also James, Charles and I need to recharge our batteries.

The children should be encouraged by their parents to continue to meet up every Friday and play a game between themselves without adult supervision.

We will start back on 6th September.

Many thanks


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