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Fly Tipping

4 tyres thrown into my field on Monday night. Same place as the TV . Looks like they could possibly be motor bike/trail bike/trailer tyres to me. Does anyone have any information? Fiona 191


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Churchyard Footpath

Yesterdays high winds took its toll across the county and Parwich was no exception, a dead tree was blown down in the Church Yard, fortunately it fell in line with the brook course and did not bring down the retaining wall into the brook. But if using the footpath you would need to be careful as the branches are protruding onto the footpath.
Also another large branch has been blown down onto the footpath from the horse Chestnut tree and is on the footpath, please be careful especially in the dark
Terry P


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Recycle your Christmas Tree

Free Christmas tree recycling in the Dales

From 9 January Derbyshire Dales District Council will be helping local people recycle their real Christmas trees.

All residents have to do is place the tree at the edge of their property on their usual green/recycling day collection and the tree will be composted along with other garden materials.

Any tree over 5ft in length must be broken/sawn down to a manageable size, with decorations and plant pots removed.  Alternatively, trees can be taken to the nearest household waste recycling centre.

Plain Christmas cards and wrapping paper can be included in residents’ kerbside cardboard and paper recycling to be collected by the District Council’s contractor Serco.  Foil-backed and glittery cards and paper should not be included, but placed in general household waste grey bins or black sacks.

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Tonight’s Moon

The rising moon was a gorgeous deep orange colour this evening.

img_2728img_2736Photos: Lynn C

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Foul Hikers

A group of six young adults walking along the limestone way left this mess of socks, band aid and rubbish on Creamery Lane this afternoon.  Wonder what organisation they were from, they appeared to have a leader with them. This is not the first time.


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Pooh 2

Rona C has pointed out that it is not the lack of bins which is the issue. There is a pile of pooh not very far from this bin



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Fly Tipping

If anyone can shed any light on who might have been responsible for dumping a television in my field I should be delighted to hear about it!

Fiona 191

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