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Huge thanks to John L for these amazing pictures taken at the birdfeeder

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Fresh Water for the Birds

Thanks to David G for sending in these fabulous pictures this morning.

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Rural Crime Reporting Form

A new crime form has been launched to encourage communities to report rural and wildlife crimes online.

Sergeant Chris Wilkinson, from the force’s Rural, Wildlife and Heritage Crime Team, said “We want to reassure our rural communities that we are here to support you if you need us.

“By offering an online way of reporting these crimes directly to our team, we can take all the details we need to provide an efficient and suitable police response. This should also save time for the person reporting the crime.

“Whilst we do investigate these crimes thoroughly already, and put other crime prevention measures in place, we do know that rural communities can sometimes feel expected to put up with criminal activity. We are committed to proving that this is not the case.” Read the full article on our website: Specialist rural and wildlife reporting tools launched in Derbyshire | Derbyshire Constabulary

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Tissington Trail winter closures for tree felling work for ash dieback management

Sections of the Tissington Trail between Mapleton and Alsop-en-le-Dale will be closed during December 2022 to February 2023 as the National Park Authority undertakes tree felling operations for ash dieback.

The works are required to minimise the risk to trail users from weakened and potential falling trees affected by the disease. Much of the ash tree population of the Peak District is likely to be affected by ash dieback in the coming years, in particular in the White Peak area.

Many areas already affected by the disease have already been subject to felling operations.

Works along the Trail will only take place during weekdays, with weekends and school half-term periods unaffected and the Trail re-opened for use as normal.

Closures will happen in short sections with each area re-opening after felling is complete. An updated list of affected sections will be available on the Authority’s website and social media throughout.

The vast majority of the resulting timber and other material will be removed from the Trail. However, some small areas of habitat will be left to benefit wildlife. Replacement trees will not be planted, but natural regeneration will be allowed to take place. Routine safety and route management will be carried out where required.

A spokesperson for the Peak District National Park Authority, said: “Ash dieback sadly now has a firm grip in the Peak District, which is why the Authority and many other partners and organisations are undertaking felling works to tackle the impact of the disease.

“Our priority on the National Park’s popular trails network is to minimise the potential risk to trail users from trees within falling distance of the route. Taking comprehensive action now will reduce the need to return in the future and apply additional closures and disturbance to habitats.

“Whilst none of us wish to see the loss of wonderful native trees, we anticipate that felling along the trail routes will open up many of the dramatic views and vistas for visitors to enjoy that are not currently available due to existing tree cover.

“By only closing routes in sections and maintaining access during weekends and school holiday periods in the winter, we aim to keep disruption to a minimum.”

Visitors are being asked to observe all closures and not enter restricted areas at any time.

Smaller felling and ‘pollarding’ operations on ash trees will also take place around the Bakewell station area of the Monsal Trail, however this will not require closure of the route and access will be maintained.

The latest information can be found on the National Park Authority website at

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Another appeal to dog owners to please clean up after your dog – 3 days running now and it seems to be the same dog outside our window on Lenscliffe

This road is used by children as a route to walk to the school so please please clear up after your dog

Thank you

Simon L

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Today’s rain is a suitable reminder that the Flood Agency advise preparing in advance of any flooding rather than during it! The Parish Council has provided sand and sandbags in the store at the base of the Sycamore flagpole. These are available to anyone who feels they would be helpful. If you think you might need sandbags please feel free to fill and take some any at time. Then you will have them if you need them. They work best if they are about two thirds full.

The Clerk also has a small number of “floodsax’ provided as a free sample. These are easier and lighter to store. They can be quickly deployed at the base of a door where they swell up to reduce any ingress of water. These are also best collected in advance, so if you would like one please contact the Clerk on or 01335 216238 or call round at Fernlea.

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Village Clean Up Day

The next village clean-up day will take place this weekend on Saturday the 18th of June. Please come and help us if you can. Full details will be finalised at the Parish Council meeting on Thursday the 16th of June. You can either do your own thing locally or look for Councillors around the village from 10:00am and they will help you find something useful to do!

Please contact the Clerk on if you have any suggestions or questions.

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Village Clean up day

The next village clean-up ay will take place on Saturday the 18th of June. Please save the date and come and help us if you can. Details will be finalised at the Parish Council meeting on Thursday the 16th of June. Please contact the Clerk on if you have any suggestions or questions.

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Pump Shed

I’ve swept out the pump shed this evening and noticed that the garden chair and notice board have been there for some time.

If they belong to you, please could you collect them as soon as possible.

Thank you, Delia P

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Pick It Up!

To the dog owner –

If you live in the village hang your head in shame.

If you are visiting, don’t come back.

If your dog was wandering unaccompanied next time the dog warden will be watching

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Update from Parwich Parish Council Clerk.

Housing Needs Survey for Parwich is currently underway.

It is about halfway through and will run until the 22nd of March. 

Several questions have been raised by residents which I will try to answer for you.

Q. Will this result in new homes being built in the village?

A. Not necessarily. If there is a demonstrated local need then a housing association could apply for planning permission to build. If they did they would be subject to all the normal planning application processes. Without a demonstrated local need though a planning application would not succeed.

Q. How many homes might be built?

A. Developments are typically sized to address a third of the demonstrated local need.

Q. Will these homes be for those who identified their need in the survey?

A.  This is actually quite unlikely. Because of the time needed to develop new homes many people’s current needs may have been met some other way by the time they are built. Or unfortunately they may have found that they had to move elsewhere. The assumption is that if there is a need now, then there will still be a need when any homes are built. But it may not be the same people.

Q. Might these homes just end up becoming holiday lets?

A. Current legislation places restrictions on ownership and rental to prevent this. This restiction passess with the propoerty even if it is sold on. This was not the case in the past where ‘Right to Buy” legislation allowed some properties to end up in the rented holiday or second home sector.

Q. Would these just be starter homes for young people?

A.  No. They could be available to anyone will a suitable connection to the village who could not find housing here which was affordable. For example a relative who wanted to move to the village either to care for, or be cared for by, someone living here.

If you have any further questions please contact

Please encourage anyone who might have, or has had, a housing need which they could not meet in the Parish to complete the survey.

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Tree Blocking Monsdale Lane

Monsdale Lane is completely blocked by a fallen tree, just beyond Littlewood Farm. I have contacted the Council about it who have a lodged a report.

Best wishes
Aniela S (Littlewood Farm)

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Wigber Low

Thanks to Martin C for this atmospheric shot of Wigber Low in the morning light.

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As mentioned at our recent talk, Parwich and District  Horticultural Society plan to only sell plants grown in peat-free compost from 2022. That means that any plants you buy at Open Gardens next year will not have been grown using compost containing peat. The extraction of peat for use in the horticultural industry is destroying our low-land bogs, releasing Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere  and contributing to climate change.
If you plan to donate plants or seedlings for sale please could you ensure that you use peat-free compost. This is widely available but if you have any difficulties please contact Sue H (334 ) and we will be happy to receive plant divisions to pot up for you.
We hope that you will support us in this endeavor, especially as it would mean beating the Government’s deadline of 2024, when bags of compost that contain peat will no longer be for sale.

Peat Facts


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The clean up day is planned for tomorrow Sunday the 24th October and will concentrate on Pump Hill.

Please come to Pump Hill at 10:00am or find a member of the Council to discuss what you would like to do. The most useful task is likely to be the removal of invasive weeds.We will aim to finish by 12:00.Would participants please see the Risk Assessment posted on the Parish Council’s website and note in particular the footnote which reminds everyone that. 

“For the safety of all, Parwich Council expects volunteers to familiarise themselves with parts of this risk assessment relevant to any task they undertake and follow the associated control measures.”

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Fly Tipping

If anyone has any information about this fly tipping (barbeque and gas bottle) please let me know on 390191.

Fiona H

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The next clean up day is planned for Sunday the 24th of October. This time work is to be concentrated at Pump Hill.

If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see done, what you might like to do or how this activity might be organised please contact the Clerk, Andrew Martin on

Final arrangements will be confirmed at the Parish Council meeting on the 13th of October.

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Memories of Parwich

We have received this lovely email from Anne F recalling happy Parwich days:

I discovered your website whilst thinking about my parents who met during WW2 at Parwich hospital !! My mother was a nurse and my father was convalescing and many wonderful and lasting friendships were made during that time. Parwich has always had a very special place in our hearts and I grew up visiting the village and Parwich Hill many times and hearing many stories which we continue to recall to this day. Mum died last year age 98yrs and we have been thinking about how we could perhaps donate something towards the village. We brought Mum for her last visit only several years ago and drove her up the back lane that winds behind the hill and parked by the stile that accesses the footpath across the fields and to the top of the hill. Many memories !

We don’t have a huge contribution and wondered whether we could donate something towards your planting in Pump Hill ? Mum and Dad loved Parwich and spent their lives walking and enjoying the countryside. It would be lovely to contribute something in their memory.Perhaps there may be room for some more woodland flowers ?

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Another Lovely Morning

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Thank You

Thank you Alan Smith for making such a great job of improving the stile to Dodds Hill. Isobel M

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Pump Hill Damage

Having read about the misuse of herbicide at Pump Hill I walked through there this afternoon. I was shocked at what can really only be called vandalism. Plants and shrubs which had been planted by volunteers and using money kindly donated by organisations and individuals have been wantonly damage. It is difficult to see how damage at this level can have happened by someone using herbicide on weeds and accidentally catching the occasional plant. This looks like an outright massacre. Fiona H

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It’s that time again! If you can spare an hour or two tomorrow (Sunday) morning please come the the bus shelter around ten or just find us around the village. Bring your own ideas and tools if you want or find ask of us who will help you find something to do. Gardening, litter picking, kerb weeding and putting up benches are all possible. Litter pickers amd bags will be available for those who want them.

All nice and outdoors and socially distanced.

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One Little Cloud…

Thank you to Alex S for this fabulous picture

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Cardboard Boxes

If you have unwanted boxes, rather than immediately recycling them please consider reusing as a first option. Mairi at Tissington Nursery is always in need for plant sales so either take them to her when passing or feel free to drop at Rookery House and I will deliver them when I go.
In addition I understand that On a Wick and a Prayer have bought a machine that shreds used cardboard for use as an eco friendly packaging material. So they could also be the destination for our used cardboard boxes. 
Thanks Sue H 334

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It is with great regret that we will have to cancel Open Gardens this year. Covid restrictions have created too many complications for our small committee to overcome alongside a smaller number of gardens able to open. This means that there will be no donations available for village groups again this year.

However, we are hoping to hold a casual evening event in July where we can open gardens for folks from the village. 

Definite plans (Boris permitting!) include the Produce Show on September 12th, a talk in October and the Bob Matthews Quiz on November 20th in the Legion. Looking forward to seeing you all then. 

Next year is the 70th anniversary of the Society and with your help we hope to have a bumper year! 

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Thanks to Helen P for the following:

Severn Trent have been out to the footpath between Japonica/Dam Farm to Flat Style. They have cemented around the raised manhole cover and use some of the remaining cement in one of the holes on the path. The footpath is currently roped off. The rope will be removed tomorrow morning.

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Pump Hill Tidy Up

With the weather set fair for the next few days Lynette is planning to do some tidying around Pump Hill and would welcome any willing volunteers to help her. If you want to help you’ll find Lynette either at home or at Pump Hill, trowel in hand!

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Spring has Sprung!

Massively excited to hear curlews across the fields towards Bradbourne this morning.

Spring is not far away👏

Jill L

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We’ve received a number of reports concerning dog fouling around the village. There are numerous signs and bins around the village like this one-

Whilst recognising that the majority of dog owners in the village do clean up after their dogs it is sadly not everyone. Please remember to bag it and bin it.
Also there seem to be a number of dogs allowed to wander free around the village. Please accompany your dog at all times otherwise there is a risk of it fouling around the streets and also getting into fields with stock. During this lockdown there are very few visitors in the village so we can’t push the blame onto outsiders.

Particular “hot” spots at the moment appear to be:
Area around the school;
The footpath beside Smithy Close;
Parsons Croft.

Thank you on behalf of all Parwich residents.

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The Clean up day planned for Sunday the 25th October will be going ahead with minor variations to comply with restrictions due to Covid 19.

Please come to the bus shelter at 10:00am or find a member of the Council to discuss what you would like to do. There are opportunities for litter picking, playground maintenance and management of vegetation.

We will aim to finish by 12:00.

Due to Covid 19 there will be no refreshments provided.

Would participants please see the Risk Assessment posted on the Parish Council’s website and note in particular the footnote which reminds everyone that.

“For the safety of all, Parwich Council expects volunteers to familiarise themselves with parts of this risk assessment relevant to any task they undertake and follow the associated control measures.”

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At last week’s meeting of the Parish Council the lack of a clean up day in the village this year was discussed. It was decided that the Council should be able to hold a suitably risk assessed and distanced clean up day to address most of the usual tasks despite the coronavirus restrictions. This will probably involve a little more pre-planning of who might do what than usual – but hopefully also make the most of flexibility around volunteers and weather on the day too.

The main date chosen for this is Sunday 25th October. It may also be possible/appropriate for individual tasks to be carried out on other days.

If you have any thoughts about what you would like to see done, what you might like to do or how this activity might be organised please contact the Clerk, Andrew Martin on

Final arrangements will be confirmed at the parish Council meeting on the 21st of October.

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Wasp Nest

Thanks to Carl W for this warning

Please be aware there is a wasp nest in a hole in the ground approximately one third of the way up the sledging field/Cowes Close. 

It’s on the right hand side quite close to the footpath.

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Jungle Clearance

The intrepid Phil K has been doing a fantastic job clearing this jungle aka a footpath. Can you tell where it is from these before and after photographs?


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PDHS Poster Competition


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National Park Authority confirms barbecues are not permitted anywhere in the open countryside of the Peak District National Park

Following a spate of damaging recent fires, the Peak District National Park has come together with its partners to announce that barbecues and open fires are not permitted anywhere in open countryside throughout the Peak District.

As landowner permission is required to light or tend a fire, the Authority has said that all major land owners and key landowner representatives within the Peak District have this week confirmed they do not give their permission and so barbecues and open fires are not allowed. The announcement follows a call from the National Park Authority on Monday 1 June for retailers across the region to voluntarily remove disposable barbecues from retail sale.

A record-breaking spring of prolonged sunshine, hot and dry weather and regular winds has created a perfect storm of conditions for fires in the open landscape. Within the last week, major blazes have taken place at Bamford Edge, Dovestone and Swineshaw. All are believed to have started from discarded or unattended barbecues.

Teams from the fire and rescue services, national park rangers, the Peak District Moorland Group, farmers and gamekeepers, water companies and conservation charities have all been involved in both  tackling the fires and speaking with the public having barbecues.

Major landowners – including the National Park Authority – have now come together to highlight the dangers of open fires in the landscape and leave the public in no doubt that items such as barbecues may not be used on access land or on footpaths in the Peak District:

  • Chatsworth Estate
  • Derbyshire Dales District Council
  • Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Fitzwilliam Wentworth Estate
  • Haddon Estate
  • High Peak Borough Council
  • Moorland Association
  • Moors for the Future Partnership
  • National Farmers Union
  • National Trust
  • North East Derbyshire District Council
  • Okeover Estate
  • Peak District National Park Authority
  • Peak District Moorland Group
  • RSPB
  • Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
  • Tissington Estate
  • United Utilities
  • Yorkshire Water

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Setting Moon

Thank you to John L for this stunning shot of the setting moon this morning.

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Family Fun

Thank you to John L for sending in this sweet picture of a new family having fun in the sun.

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Saskia’s Good News Stories

No ‘good news’ stories? Well, I certainly have one: whilst clearing out one of my storage units in the pantry (a once-in-a-lifetime-activity for me), I came across a small tin of mushy peas, use-by date: March 2003. I don’t like mushy peas. Needless to say the contents were flushed down the toilet … but I’m really pleased with the extra space in my unit, thanks to Covid19.

Now a more serious good-news story: I like this invisible benefit of less air pollution as a result of Covid19, clear(er?) skies, less traffic, birdsong is more obvious. I also keep wondering if the village can continue with some of the ‘silver linings’ of Covid19, e.g. the positive joint activities, like the Lester Lowe orders, that save numerous individual car journeys (= air pollution). I also like the idea of a village collection point for (small and light) parcels once life is back to normal. I know it’s been discussed in the past, but it would save the numerous delivery vans trundling through the village. I myself had 2 (small and light) parcels delivered over the past few days, one by the postie (fine – no problem), the other one by a separate delivery van. I would have been more than happy to collect it from a collection point in the village, thereby avoiding the delivery van having to drive up to my house. Have you had some similar thoughts and ideas as a result of the Covid19 lockdown?

And lastly another good news story: I’m delighted to hear that a certain DT is supporting trials to cure Covid19 patients by zapping people with a good dose of UV light and rinsing their inners with disinfectant. I’ve already been out in the sun (a lot), so that’s fine for the UV, and have a bit of Dettol left that I can use for my inners. (Please don’t try this at home).

Saskia T

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Fairies at Pump Hill?

I am reminded by Lucy M’s lovely suggestion that I have been dilatory in putting this on the blog.

This is a special invitation to the youngest members of our community.

Have you seen the fairy stools at Pump Hill Wood?  There are three little seats located in places where you can sit and look around to see if you can spot a fairy. Sometimes they dance in the sunbeams, or in a gentle rain. You can also sit here and see animals in the distance, insects, small birds and different kinds of flowers. You can also close your eyes and make a wish. This magical place is changing every day as Mother Nature has taken charge.

Note to parents . Please, for the next few months, keep children on the paths. We need to ensure that what is lurking below the loose soil can thrive as it comes through.In addition, brambles are starting to poke through. In the next week or so we will have to spray the nettles, so straying into the planted areas is not a good idea. We will as a matter of course advise everyone when this happens, through the blog and with gentle reminders at the two entrances.

Lynette C


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