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Residents across the Derbyshire Dales are being asked to give their views on the collection of waste and recycling in the district to help shape the future collection service. An online survey can be found here, which closes on 23rd September.

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Operation FireWatch underway in the Peak District National Park

The Peak District National Park Authority has implemented Operation FireWatch in collaboration with the Moors for the Future Partnership.Staff from the National Park, partner organisations and volunteers are in place at moorland vantage points throughout the National Park to look out for fires.

The hot, dry weather means that ground conditions on the moors are extremely dry and the risk of fire is high.Residents and visitors are asked to be extra vigilant to help prevent moorland and grassland fires.

Sarah Fowler, chief executive of the Peak District National Park Authority, said: “With the hot weather set to continue over the next few days, the risk of further fires is a real concern.We have implemented Operation FireWatch to keep a close eye on conditions on the moorlands and we are urging everyone to get involved by doing everything they can to help prevent fires starting.

“We have put fire risk warning notices at moorland access points to remind everyone of the dangers but we need people enjoying the moors to observe a few basic rules:

“Leave your barbecues and fire-pits at home. Don’t drop cigarette ends or matches. Take glass bottles and litter home with you. Don’t light fires or barbecues on or near moorland. Report fires immediately to the fire service by phoning 999.”

Fire-fighters have been tackling an extensive moorland fire in the north-west of the National Park, near Stalybridge, Tameside, since Monday (25 June) – some 2,000 hectares of moorland habitat has been destroyed. Working with fire-fighting team and other partners and moorland managers, the National Park Authority is providing staff, vehicles, supplementary equipment, logistics support and local access expertise in the hard to reach places.

Sarah Fowler added: “As we have already seen this week at Tameside, in these dry conditions moorland fires spread very quickly and are devastating to the landscape, lethal for wildlife and a threat to people and homes.

“It’s breeding season for nature at this time of year on the moorlands; we have birds nesting on the ground – plover, curlew and lapwing, insects such as the bilberry bumblebee, mountain hare and other mammals, and reptiles like the tiny common lizard. Many of these species are rare or under threat – it’s vital that we all do what we can to protect them and prevent any more fires breaking out.”

The fire at Tameside is the third moorland fire in the Peak District National Park in 2018. In May, around 40 hectares of moorland were destroyed at the Goyt Valley and five hectares of moorland were damaged by fire at Big Moor, near Baslow.

The Peak District National Park Authority and Moors for the Future Partnership are working closely together with partners, including moorland owners and managers, to assess the long-term risk of wildfires on the moors as part of a shared long-term vision for resilient, sustainable moorlands in the National Park.

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Destruction of verges

Did anyone see a lorry or van drive into the new section of verge in Creamery Lane, between 1.30pm and 3pm today (Thur 21st June)? Did anyone in Creamery Lane or Monsdale Lane have a delivery this afternoon?

The new turf was laid just over three weeks ago. I know it was after 1.30pm as I spent a couple of hours repairing another section of verge not long reseeded this lunch time that was churned up by an oversized delivery vehicle several weeks ago.

If anyone saw who it was I will contact the company to get them to pay for repairs.

Contact Peter T or email

Update 5.30pm Thur: A possible culprit was a Birmingham Fuel Oil tanker, unfortunately their office is currently closed (see ).

Update 10.30pm Fri: The Birmingham Fuel Oils driver says it was not his fault, but that he saw a TNT lorry in the area. Can anyone confirm that, before I contact TNT?

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Good Work at the Pond

Thank you to JFS who just happened to be at the pond when there was more activity than usual….

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The government has launched a review into the UK’s national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONBs).

Nearly 70 years after the country’s national parks were first established, aimed at opening up the countryside and allowing more people to connect with nature, DEFRA announced on Saturday that an independent panel will look at how these “iconic landscapes” meet the UK’s needs in the 21st century.

The review will explore how access to parks can be improved, how those who live and work in them can be better supported and their role in growing the rural economy.  In addition; part of the review will look at whether there is scope for the current network of 34 AONBs and 10 national parks to expand.

Click here for a link to the full article.

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In preparation for discussion about Pump Hill at the Parish Annual meeting on the 16th of May residents may wish to visit the site at around midday on Sunday the 13th of May during the Village Maintenance Day. The Clerk will be present to either answer or note questions and to record your views.

It is hoped that this will give people an opportunity to think about how they would like the area to be used and maintained in the future.

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