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Road Closed?

It appears that the road out of Parwich is going to be closed tonight from Dale’s yard to the triangle for water mains repair. The signed are already out but no sign of the water board yet.

Thanks to Cheryl W for the info.

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Burst Pipe

There is a burst water pipe up here opposite Hallgates at the top of the snicket that takes you down to the school. I’ve tried a few times unsuccessfully to report it to Severn Trent & just can’t get through !!!!!! There must be quite a deluge collecting at the bottom near Arnold & Sandras!!!! I’m hoping that someone will have managed to get through to Severn Trent but I’ll keep trying anyway. Karen R

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Mains Water Leak

There’s a mains water leak on Creamery Lane next to the playing field and opposite Blanche Meadow Farm. The field and road are now quite wet! Severn Trent are aware and we are waiting for an update on when they will attend.
Francis and Marie, Blanche Meadow Farm.

Update; this has now been fixed 

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Pikehall Road Closure

Proposed road closure for Backhill Lane, Highway Lane Parwich from 6th to 10th July, 2 kilometres south of Pikehall Lane for BT Fibre installation

You can view the order on this link

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Before mains water, local water sources and water management were essential for successful farming and ultimately survival. For example Parwich had an ‘ancient’ water meadow system designed to get grass growing as early as possible in the Spring to feed livestock as early as possible before the Winter feed stores were used up and the beasts had to be slaughtered.

The History Society hopes to undertake an archeology project investigating aspects of water management in our area. At this stage we are gathering what information we can about water usage in our area and also trying to find out what people are most interested in.

Domestic well found at Church Farm

A lot of houses had their own water supply and there was a system of wells and springs serving the community as a whole.

Communal water sources in Parwich, marked with green dots

The communal sources we know about are

  • the Village Pump (now the bus shelter)
  • Staines trough
  • Pump Hill trough (supplied by pump that also took water up to the ‘dew pond’ at the top of the Hall gardens)
  • Kiln Lane troughs
  • spring below Knob Hall
  • step down well at Church Farm (now in Court House garden)
  • springs on hillside opposite the Crown Inn, now in the garden of Pool Croft

There may have been other sources used communally such as the covered well behind West View or the step down well by Brook Cottage but we need confirmation of this.

Given mains water arrived here with in living memory, there is potential to gather what information and stories people have, in addition to studying the evidence of remaining features and of old maps.

Nether Green Farm itself has at least two wells, one of which a very unusual design for Derbyshire (so far the only parallels identified are in Cornwall), but also there are seasonal springs that fed the water meadow system and interesting but not yet understood underground water channels and sluices.

Come along on Sunday to perhaps find out where your house used to get its water from, help us map the water sources in Parwich and the surrounding area, share any information you might have, have a look around Nethergreen Farm or even participate in archeological investigations there.

Updated 26/4/19 Come for all or part of the day, 10am to 4pm Sunday 28th April, Nethergreen Farm.

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Severn Trent are handing out water at Sainsbury’s in Ashbourne to people who are experiencing low water pressure

Helen P

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It’s Back!

Water, water everywhere………..

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Water Supply Problems

I think there are water supply issues in the village. Martin C

Thanks to Martin for sending us the following from Severn Trent’s website:

Updated Monday 5th March 4.15am
We’d like to apologise to customers in and around the Hulland Ward, Kirk Ireton, Bradbourne and Kineton areas of the Peak District who are experiencing little or no water after one of our bigger water pipes burst on Sunday night.
We’ve got teams on the ground working on isolating the burst which will then allow us to move water around our network in a different way to get supplies back to normal.
We know its hard when you have no water, but please bear with us – we are doing everything we can to get supplies back on as soon as possible.

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Christmas Bin Collections


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Christmas Bin Collections


For more info  (more…)

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We have been asked by the Parish Council to publish the following –

The Peak District National Park Planning committee has rejected this Planning Application.

The reason given was that

“The proposed installation by reasons of its height and exposed position would appear as an intrusive feature in this open countryside location, detrimental to the visual amenities of the area.”

No further public consultation had taken place as the application was regarded as a “permitted development”.

Further details can be found here

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Clarke Telecom have sent the Parish Council photomontage images to illustrate the location of the proposed mobile phone mast. These can be seen on the Parish Council’s website here

It seems likely that the Parish Council will be asked to comment on the Planning Application at its meeting on Wednesday the 19th of July.

any comments on this proposal should be sent to the Parish Council clerk, Andrew Martin

tel: 01335 216238
address: Fernlea, Parwich, Ashbourne, DE6 1QJ

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Reminder that the Community Forum takes place next week in The Memorial Hall at 7 pm on Tuesday 25th October.

Items for discussion will include:-

o Promotion of Community Oil Buying scheme – information on the launch of a new LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) service and promotion of smart meters
o ‘You Said – We Did’ feedback session
o Good News
o Efficiency Plan & Savings – a short presentation followed by a workshop session to include a budget game to allocate Council funding and identify savings
o Waste & Recycling Service
o Question Time – an opportunity to ask questions to representatives from the participating authorities and air views

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A further reminder that Derbyshire Dales will be holding a Community Forum in the Memorial Hall on Tuseday 25th October at 7.00pm.

It will now also include Emma Simpson, of Rural Action Derbyshire, who will be talking about the launch of a new LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) service. Emma is also a Smart Energy GB partner promoting smart meters to vulnerable (rural, off-gas) households in Derbyshire. There will be information available and a chance to ask questions of Emma.

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With the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday discussing feedback received and possible next steps I’m a little concerned that many people may have missed the information posted here on the blog as these posts have now disappeared down the page.

I think it’s worth pointing to the information concerning the proposal and also issues and concerns raised in comments on the blog.

The Council website pages has a comprehensive set of information concerning the plans which can be found here

A number of people have expressed concerns to us and have quoted the Mast Sanity site as a good starting point for researching possible negative consequences of a mast so close to the village. Their information on masts can be found here

Mast Sanity and other research expresses concerns regarding health issues for residents within 400m of a mast. Others such as the Government and the NHS say  there are no health issues.

just for interest, here’s the plan of Parwich with 100metre distances from the proposed mast location that was posted previously in a comment.


In posting this I wish to make clear I am neither endorsing nor opposing the mast plans but merely seeking to make sure residents of the village are aware and can find the relevant information.

Steve J

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Although we plan to continue posting information and encouraging discussion here at, we also encourage anyone interested to look at the very helpful and well laid out information section on the Parwich Parish Council website

Mobile Phone Mast Information

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Oil Club Update


Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

Oil continues to shrug off oversupply fears after US Federal Reserve’s decision to hold interest rates, lifting prices above $48. Crude prices now almost 70pc higher than the 12-year lows of around $27 a barrel seen in late January. With the continued cold snap, please do check your tank levels.

The rate and offer details for our clubs group orders for this weekend are as follows:

  • Rate: £0.2859 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])
  • (more…)

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Reminder – Shaw Lane Closure

We have received a letter from Severn Trent regarding a temporary closure of Shaw Lane to allow maintenance work outside Hopecroft. The work is scheduled to begin at 9.30am on 24th January and take up to 2 days.


The diversion route looks interesting!

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Shaw Lane Road Closure

We have received a letter from Severn Trent regarding a temporary closure of Shaw Lane to allow maintenance work outside Hopecroft. The work is scheduled to begin at 9.30am on 24th January and take up to 2 days.


The diversion route looks interesting!

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School Closed Day 2

The main has burst again and the vast majority of the village including school is without water. We have no other option in cases like this other than to close the school.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Jenny W

Caroline H messaged at 8am:

I spoke with the men from Severn Trent who are working on the burst pipe. There is no intention to turn the water off again today but the pressure will be much lower for the time being, while repairs are taking place.

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School Closed today

Apparently Parwich School is closed today because the water is off. Earlier there was no mains water running in at least part of the Village. At present on the Green (8.45am) I have water but with very low pressure.

Please add comments if you have any updates.

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Does any know what has happened to our water supply……?

I know it’s off at several house across the village but I don’t know if everyone is affected.

8.30 am update (of sorts) – Severn Trent don’t know what the problem is, they have had several calls from Parwich and are in the process of investigating.

 There is a website for incidents  –, currently showing disruption to supply in Parwich…..
The website was upadted at 8.30 am this morning and says

Customers in this area may experience a temporary loss of supply or low water pressure. A problem was reported on 16/10/2014 and we are currently working hard to resolve this as soon as possible. We aim to restore all supplies within 6 hours.

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Vodaphone Signal Query

We are moving to Creamery Lane at the end of the month, I wondered if anyone has had experience of using a “Vodafone Sure Signal” device in their homes to boost the reception for Vodafone or Orange mobiles (currently no signal at all). We are aware that we will get a good 02 signal in the house but as we all still have existing contracts with Vodafone and Orange, I am investigating to see if we can avoid having to have two contracts each for the next year!!
I can be contacted at if any one has any experience of this.
Many thanks
Lynn & Nigel

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20 foot fountain!

1.30am The, hopefully temporary, fountain at the Green end of Church Walk has been reported to Severn Trent and an engineer should be on his way. It looks like a stop tap has blown. Peter T


The Severn Trent reference is 2001673031
Paul and Caroline

The Engineer got the water turned off and effected a repair around 3am

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e-on Electricity Bills

A personal note:

Is anyone else having problems with their e-on electricity bills? I received, this lunchtime, an electric bill for the last quarter, based apparently on actual readings, that amounts to well over twice the normal charges for the full year. This would mean I have increased my consumption some eight fold. This is for a one-roomed cottage, in a very mild winter, when I had been away for nearly four weeks of that time. A near neighbour reports they are currently in dispute with e-on in a similar situation.

Peter T

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Mystery Night Time Phone Calls

A number of people on the local exchange received a mystery phone call in the early hours of this morning. At approximately 2.20am their phones rang until answered, but they then were greeted with approximately 20 seconds of silence before the line went dead.

1471 responded with ‘we do not have the caller’s number’. So far we are aware of six local numbers involved (the numbers are not consecutive, the last three digits ranging from the 200s to the 600s). Interesting that all seemed to be rung around the same time. Any answers to this mystery?

Updated 3.15pm: although not every one got this night time call, a significant proportion of Parwich seemed to have been woken.

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Buckets Back Out Time!

Just a quick reminder that we are expecting Severn Trent Water to interrupt the water supply on Monday 21st February from 8am to 6pm.

Many years ago, Parwich people must have bathed in the pond. See you down there!

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You Can Put Your Buckets Away!

We have confirmed with Severn Trent Water that the village water supply will NOT be interrupted on Monday 14th February and is now replanned for Monday 21st February.

The reason for the change is to enable Parwich Primary School to stay open. The rescheduled date falls in half term.

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