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Art Exhibition This Weekend

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News of Ballidon Church

Dear all

I’m delighted to say that the church at Ballidon has now been saved and repaired by a tiny charity called the Friends of Friendless Churches. We own nearly 50 churches which we have saved from demolition and decay, and there is now a page on our website about All Saints Ballidon:

Please do get in touch if you want to help at the church as a keyholder or to keep an eye on it for us – we are a very small charity relying on local people to help us look after these important buildings. And we need local contacts at Ballidon.

We also welcome new members – so if you are no longer local but want to support us, please consider joining us as a member!

Best wishes
Caroline Welch, Web Manager at Friends of Friendless Churches .

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We’ve been living at the Vicarage for the last few months, but sadly we’ll be moving out in June (the Diocese want to sell).

But we just wanted to say how welcome lots of people in the village have made us feel. 

And to tell you (though you all knew it anyway)  just what a fantastic place Parwich is.

 We’re not going just yet – but whilst we’ve been here we’ve been busy setting up a travel company. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch – it’s aimed at people from abroad travelling to the UK. 

But here’s a little blog that I’ve written that you might want to point people to.

I suppose it’s a bit of a love-letter to some of the land here-abouts.

Hope you like (but don’t worry if you don’t’).

 With best wishes


Stuart Gillis
Mob: +44(0) 7837 004298
Tel: +44(0) 1335 390040




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The recent poll here at indicates some 75% are in favour of the principle of 20mph speed limits in residential areas, with the following thinking it would be a good idea for our local villages:

  • Alsop en le Dale 76%
  • Ballidon 71%
  • Parwich 74%
  • Pikehall 70%

These are the results so far (recorded at 4pm Sunday 27th Sept).

We encourage people to respond directly to the Council (click here to see their consultation on line), but there is still time to also add your thoughts to the following polls or comment below. Our poll results up to midday Wednesday 30th September will be sent to the County Council that afternoon.

Do you think 20mph speed limits are a good idea in some residential areas?

Do you think a 20mph speed limit would be a good idea in our local villages? (more…)

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Derbyshire County Council’s consultation on the idea of 20mph speed limits in some (as yet unspecified) residential areas in the County ends next Wednesday (30th September). Click here if you want to find out more about the consultation or participate on line.

The Council plan to enter into further consultation with any neighbourhoods if they consider introducing specific schemes. However this is something that has been raised a number of times in the past both with Parwich Parish Council and here at, so what do you think?

We encourage you to respond directly to DCC’s consultation, but we will also forward any comments added to this post and responses to the polls below to the Council next Wednesday.

Do you think 20mph speed limits are a good idea in some residential areas?

Do you think a 20mph speed limit would be a good idea in our local villages?

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Ballidon Quarry Exhibition

Lafarge Tarmac are keeping the planning application display relating to Ballidon Quarry up from last week for a few more days:

We are intending for the exhibition to remain up until next Thursday 16th. Should any one wish to view on their own they are welcome to go up at any time. If the door is locked a key can be obtained from reception.

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Lafarge Tarmac, operators of Ballidon Quarry, are intending to make a planning application to the Peak District National Park to modify the existing restoration and development schemes at the Quarry with the intention of providing significantly enhanced restoration.

These proposals are reserve neutral and will not extend the end date of operation estimated at approximately 15 years.

An exhibition to illustrate these proposals will be held at Ballidon Quarry on Tuesday 31st March 2015 with Lafarge Tarmac staff being available to answer questions and explain the proposals in more detail. The exhibition will run from 16.30 to 19.30.

More information about this exhibition has been been circulated to those on the local Electoral Roll. Everyone is welcome to attend the exhibition. Click here to view the invite for the exhibition.

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