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Sorry but this week Friday Football will be cancelled… children may wish to go and have a game together but there will be no adult supervision. Thanks Jason, James and Charles

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Friday Football

This week Friday Football is Cancelled we start again next week. Thanks Jason

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The Legion will be showing all three of the final matches this Saturday, starting with the Italy v France game at 12.30, through to the England v Scotland game at 17.00….!

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Sadly the weather has beaten us….. I have had a look at the weather forecast for the rest of the week and taken the early decision to cancel this week’s Friday Football (1st February).  Sorry kids.

For the safety of the children (and the adult helpers) we will not play on an icy tennis courts, it’s just too dangerous.

Jason J

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Football Update

Firstly I would like to thank the Parwich Independent Welfare Fund for their amazing donation to Friday Football.
We would also like to thank the Parwich villagers for their continued support for Friday Football and to James Farrar for helping run this group each week…. thanks James
James and I are now going to take 2 weeks off. Friday Football will return 11th January 2019.

Tomorrow (Christmas Day) is the annual crazy football game played on Nethergreen. We start at 11.00 and normally last about an hour. This year we have a guest referee, who understands our lack of rules!
I think it’s going to be the muddiest year ever and therefore the most fun ever! hope to see you there!

When we finish the Legion will be open for business… we might need a beer or two…

Remember the small print all players play at their own risk….

Jason Jones

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This Friday children’s football restarts at the cricket pavilion at the usual time of 5.30pm… see you there!

Jason J

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Football Help Needed on Wednesday

To parents and children of Friday football, and other helpful villagers

I was wondering if you can spare a maximum of an hour to help repair the Parsons Croft Football area.

You may have seen previously reported on the blog that due to the dry weather the lines on the football pitch have cracked and opened up making the pitch a little unsafe. Thankfully Peter Trewitt has provided us with approx.. 600kg of fine soil (free of charge… thank you Peter!) to fill in the affected areas. I was hoping for some help doing this.

We will be on the football pitch between 7pm – 8pm this Wednesday evening (18th July). Small trowels, small spades and buckets are all that are required.

Note: If you have any spare bags of sand or soil hidden at the back of your garage feel free to bring this down as I am not sure that 600kg’s of soil is enough. Smaller children can also help.

We understand that eventually the cracks should close together naturally, but this may take many months, so to help speed up the process we are giving the land a helping hand.

Thank you for your continued support, hope to see you Wednesday.


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