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Help Needed

Friday football update
Hi all
I just wanted to update the village on where we are up to with Friday football and request your help.
Friday football continues to go very well. Each week we probably have 20+ children come… most of which are older children, however we have around 4-6 children under 7 years these children are a little small and too young to join the larger children for the main game and therefore they play their own game.
In terms of current support it’s just myself and James Farrar. My current work commitments mean that I am not available every week and rely very heavily on James. Without James’s dedication to the Friday football their would be no Friday football. Also note James has the necessary CRB checks to allow him to work with children.

Our club finances are good… we continue to be very careful how we spend your/our money, the main costs are new balls damaged by the hawthorns located behind the goals.

We will probably take a couple of weeks break over the summer holiday period to recharge our batteries we will post this on the blog nearer the time.

As stated above the Friday Football is currently James and myself… we desperately need additional helpers. These people do not need to have any football skills at all! They would be there to watch over and support the young children… ideally this should be the parents of the young children, but we would like others to help James or myself especially when one of us are unavailable. Our main interest is to safe guard the children and ensure they have a good time (and get them off their PlayStations!!!).
Our commitment and dedication to the Friday football hasn’t changed but we do need more help. If we are unable to get this extra help then we may need to restrict Friday football to the older children only, this is not something we would like to do.

Finally I take this opportunity to thank James for his continued time, dedication and support to the Friday football group…..

If you think you can help please get in touch…. thank you
Jason J

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Irresponsible Dog Owners

This notice is a call out to irresponsible dog owners.

Tonight at Friday football we were unfortunate to find that an irresponsible dog owner had allowed their dog to use the goal area as a toilet…
Dog fouling is not a criminal offence, but not picking up your dogs mess is!..
I have informed the Parish Council of this matter and know that we will have their support to eradicate this disgusting behaviour.
I am sure that most people know that handling dog faeces can cause irreversible blindness in young children, I therefore ask all dog owners who use Parsons Croft to exercise their dogs… please, please, please exercise them away from the football pitch and away from the pavilion…. and pick up!
Thank you for your support

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Friday Football

Friday football would like to thank Parwich Independent Welfare Fund for their kind donation and generosity to the Friday football.

Due to the impending weather we will have to cancel Friday football this week. I think it would be more like ice skating

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It’s a Cracker

Many thanks to John L from Bradbourne for providing these great shots of yesterday’s game

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Christmas Football

A good turn out this morning in dreary conditions. Some better photos to come judging from the number of cameras about!

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Football Update

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Massive Thanks

Again the Friday football group would like to send a huge , huge thanks to the Parwich Charities Trust for what is again an amazing donation! We can’t thank the trust and the village enough for their kindness and generosity and for the show of support for our group.
Merry Christmas and again thank you
Jason and the Friday Footballers x

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