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Swallows Back at Alsop

We received this yesterday from Alsop:

On this day exactly a year ago I reported in these pages spotting the first swallows of 2019. Earlier this evening, I spotted a pair (a male & a female) hawking above Church and Manor Farms up at Alsop en le Dale. It was a joy, as ever, to see their creamy breasts catching the golden light of the setting Sun as they performed their beautiful acrobatics in pursuit of their quarry. Of course, they have returned to a (temporarily) very different England. It was unthinkable a year ago that we’d be facing a pandemic such as this, but here we are.
A sign of continuity and renewal, the swallows’ return traditionally signal better things to come, and I hope you will not mind my re-posting a comment I made last year at this time:
Throughout his long life, my late father (Tideswell family) looked forward to swallows returning in the Spring following their annual epic journey home from sub-Saharan Africa. As a child, I remember him watching the skies around this time of year and, having spotted the first, announcing with a happy smile: “Swallers are back!”. Now he is gone, I make a point every year of whispering on his behalf, and with the inevitable tear: “welcome back”, to the Swallers.
Stay safe and well everyone.
Anthony C

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Unusual Garden Visitors

Thanks to David G for this lovely shot of some visiting birds

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Confirmation of Early Curlews

Thank you to JFS who thinks David S is correct in suggesting that this year’s curlews are early. Here are JFS’s photos of the previous years early arrivals on 12 March 2019, 25 March 2018 and 13 March 2017

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Curlews are Back!

Curlews on Port Meadow,  early this year, is that a good sign??
David S

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Thanks to John F-S for these great shots

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Sleepy Chick

‘The sun is out I’m fed and watered, now I just want to sleep’ Another fabulous shot from David G

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