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Swallow Ripples


Thank you John F-S for taking this photo at the Millenium Pond

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Cruise Control

Thank you John F-S for sending in this photo of a heron cruising over the village today.


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Thank you John F-S for sending in these swallow photos taken at the Millenium pond.

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Swallow in trouble

Thank you John FS for sending in these photos of a young swallow in trouble, but still being fed by its parents.


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Tea Time?

A little robin waits to join its siblings in the big wide world


Thank you David G for sending in this lovely photo.

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A Loyal Duck

Thank you John FS for sending in this perfectly timed photo of a female mallard.


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Nature & Nurture


David G’s baby Robin is growing. It’s a lovely photo David thank you for sharing it with us all.

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