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Green parakeet sighting

Lucy B has contacted us to say that this morning she experienced a random sighting of a bright green parakeet opposite her house.
They are common in London but has anyone ever seen one in our area? Or, has someone lost a pet?
Has anyone else seen it?

Updated later the same day

A pair of ringnecked parakeets (Psittacula krameri) were feasting on yew berries in the church yard this lunch time. Here is a photo of the female. The male did not stand still long enough to photograph him. Presumably they are from the breeding populations in either Manchester or Sheffield touring the countryside. It will be interesting how long they stay. Peter T



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Swallow Ripples


Thank you John F-S for taking this photo at the Millenium Pond

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Cruise Control

Thank you John F-S for sending in this photo of a heron cruising over the village today.


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Thank you John F-S for sending in these swallow photos taken at the Millenium pond.

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Swallow in trouble

Thank you John FS for sending in these photos of a young swallow in trouble, but still being fed by its parents.


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Tea Time?

A little robin waits to join its siblings in the big wide world


Thank you David G for sending in this lovely photo.

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A Loyal Duck

Thank you John FS for sending in this perfectly timed photo of a female mallard.


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