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The driving ranges of Solihull or the roundabouts of Slough?

Having so far failed dismally to create a challenging observation task, here is one last go.  All the photos below have been taken in the lanes of Parwich in the last three days.  In which gardens or in front of which houses are these wonderful flowers (or vegetables) growing.  Putting my money where my keyboard is, I will donate £25 to Project Parwich if anyone manages to get all 25 correct.  Further if anyone submits a post with all correct by 6pm on Sunday 15th June 2008, I will double this, and give a box of chocolates to the winner.  (If a number of people get them all correct by 6pm on Sunday, the winner will be drawn out of a hat or nearest equivalent.)

Peter T

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Thanks to Debbie W. for alerting us to this opportunity to raise funds for Project Parwich. Debbie says:

Just a reminder to everyone who is attending or participating in one of the many fund raising activities taking place in and around Parwich: TAKE YOUR CAMERA AND TAKE LOADS OF PHOTOS!

Then go to and enter the Volunteer Centre’s photography competition.

Prizes include a cash donation to the volunteer using organisation of your choice.

Good Luck!

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Money raised to date for Project Parwich is: £382.50!

Jo-anne’s make up demonstration 300.00
Don & Audrey’s Quiz night 42.50
Mike’s Osmonds ticket sale 40.00 Thank you everyone.

Next funding event for Project Parwich is on the Open Gardens Day – 22nd June 08 in ‘The Studio’ at Mrs Littlewoods.

Just a reminder – please let me know how much monies your event raises for Project Parwich so we can keep a record for funding purposes.

Thank you to Ruby for sending this Post in.

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Jo-anne’s make-up demonstration, held on 19th May at The Horns in Ashbourne to raise funds for Project Parwich was a great success! Thanks to the Horns for absorbing most of the costs for the food and wine, the evening raised £300 for Project Parwich.

As an added bonus, those who attended had a fantastic evening and are better informed in the art of applying make-up! Thank you to Jo-anne, The Horns and Becki, of Red Square photography for all their efforts and for providing a great night.

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PARWICH.ORG received this photo today.  The person who sent it will donate £5 to Project Parwich, provided that someone can guess the identity of the young man in the picture.

Please leave your guesses in the comments box!

Please click on the image to enlarge it.

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Quiz Night

What a great night at The Sycamore.  The questions set by Don and Audrey were varied and fun.  Some tested the brain unless you were the Euro Team with Amanda, Graham, Mike & Ben, but others were straightforward so no-one felt left out.  There was one famous person present, Overend Watts from Mott the Hoople.  He is walking from Lands End to John O’Groats, and valiantly joined one of the teams.  The winning side were The Euro Team well ahead on points.  Five teams participated and £45 was raised.  What was so great was the atmosphere, everyone was there to enjoy themselves but it would have been even nicer to see more people there.

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Don’t forget tonight’s quiz at the Sycamore!

19:45 for a prompt 20:00 start.  All proceeds to Project Parwich.

All prizes for the raffle are gratefully received

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Ideas for Sunday

Stanton in the Peak Open Gardens – 1-5pm with 20+ gardens open, cream teas, plant & craft sales.  This is a small estate village on a steep hillside with some stunning panoramic views.  There are twisting roads & paths by which you can explore some hidden gardens.  £3 per person, all funds go to the British Heart Foundation & the Village Fund.  It is within 20minutes of Parwich, between Birchover & Bakewell.

Sunday evening – Quiz night at the Sycamore – 7.45 for a prompt 8pm start.  This quiz has been organised by Don & Audrey for Project Parwich.  It’ll be a real good fun evening, a mix of questions & a chance to catch up with friends & neighbours.  Raffle Prizes will be gratefully received so look through your cupboards for any unwanted gifts or an odd bottle or two.

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Since originally posting this the Big Lottery Fund have asked that we do not currently use the logo as it may seem to indicate that the grant is more certain than it currently is.  Only if we are successful with the final stage of the application process should we be using the logo. (2nd June 2008 )

As most people will know the Memorial Hall has received a £23,350 grant from the Big Lottery Fund to help us go for planning permission and prepare the final bid.  A condition of the grant is that publicity for the redevelopment project includes reference to the Big Lottery Fund.


If you are creating any publicity for Project Parwich and want to include the Big Lottery Fund logo click here to download it from their website.  It is not strictly necessary to use it in publicity just for Project Parwich events, however with some events you may feel it is helpful to include it. 

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Sunday 1st June

Quiz Night at the Sycamore

Bit of sport, Bit of film, Bit of General Knowledge
& a Bit of Something Different!!

In Support of “Project Parwich”

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Due to unforseen circumstances, I have a spare pair of tickets to see The Osmonds at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena (NIA) on Bank Holiday Monday (May 26th).

I’m offering the tickets at the knock-down rate of £20 each, which is less than half the original asking price.  The money will be paid directly to Project Parwich, so this is a great chance to enjoy a night out and do your bit for the Memorial Hall.

This will also be no ordinary Osmonds show!  To celebrate their 50th anniversary in show business, the whole family – Donny, Jimmy, Marie, Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay – will be reunited on stage in the UK for the first time in over twenty years.  So if you fancy rolling back the years to the strains of Crazy Horses, Love Me For A Reason, Let Me In, Puppy Love, Paper Roses… and yes, even Long Haired Lover From Liverpool, then this is the show for you.

The seats are situated on the lower tier of Block 4, in row J.  Click here to view the seating plan.  Unlike the cavernous Birmingham NEC, the NIA seats a relatively modest 4,500 people, so the view of the stage should be a good one.

If you’d like the tickets, then please e-mail

To view all of our classified adverts, please click here.

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Cards for any Occasion

Peter Trewhitt has offered to create posts in the form of greetings cards here at PARWICH.ORG in exchange for donations to Project Parwich.  Cards can be provided for any occasion (birthday, get well, thank you, good luck, congratulations, etc.) and the intended recipient will be notified by email.  The cards can be made from photographs you send us or we will find an appropriate image.

To order a card either email (indicating it is for Peter) or phone him on 287.

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Already exciting news from Project Parwich

The following are the latest calender of events/funding ideas/offers of help to date for Project Parwich – I have a list of volunteers if people wish to contact me for more details:

Events with Dates

  • Meet the Gnomes – Sycamore Cottages – Summer 2008 on-going
  • Make-up Demonstration Evening – Monday May 19th May 08  – at the Horns, Ashbourne – Wine & Canapes
  • Art Exhibition on Open Gardens Day – Sunday 22nd June 08 in ‘The Studio’ Parwich (Mrs Littlewood’s) with a percentage of any sales going to Project Parwich
  • Quiz Night at the Sycamore Inn – Sunday 1st June 08 – 7.45 for 8pm start – Raffle Prizes appreciated please

Other Planned/Suggested Events (dates to be confirmed)

  • Strawberry Cream Tea – June 08
  • Milionaires Evening – Oct/Nov
  • Dressage Demo
  • Children’s Sports Day
  • Card/Jewellery Evening
  • Fete
  • Barbeque
  • Long Walk!
  • Parwich Run (more…)

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If you’re quick, there are still a few tickets available for the make-over demonstration event at:

The Horns (see previous post

Monday 19th May, 7pm for 7.30pm.

Tickets are £20 and there will be a raffle on the night. All profits will be donated to Project Parwich. For tickets please contact Jo-anne on 390722

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If you go down to the woods today you will see – gnomes – and lots of them.

Jane Harris’ garden has long been a source of attraction for gnomophiles. It has a reputation far and wide as Derbyshire’s Premier Collection of Garden Gnomes. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are known to multiply when no-one is looking.

The Collection is of particular interest to those of a whimsical and youthful nature, and visitors to the wonderful village of Parwich are often drawn to this collection.

This year Jane is extending a warm invitation to those who visit it to show their appreciation by making a donation to – hurrah, hurrah – PROJECT PARWICH.

Thanks, Jane!

– submitted by Patti Beasley

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The following has been provided by parwich film:

Last night’s very well attended showing of St. Trinnian’s marked the end of our successful third Season (2007/2008).

We are now planning our 2008/09 Season.  Up to now we have focused on mainstream block busters, but we are looking at a more varied programme next season, with possibly additional showings for children, young adults and minority interests.  Do let us know what you would like to see, either by putting comments below, or by speaking to Arnold, Martin or Peter, or by emailing us on  We would particularly welcome input from teenagers and young adults, and would welcome any ideas how parwich film can support Project Parwich, for example you might be organising a fund raising event and would like to show a film or music videos as part of that event, or even just have photographs projected onto the screen.

Thank you to all that have supported us, to everyone that helps out with the film nights, and an especial thanks to the Memorial Hall Management Committee for setting up the group and providing our administration and accounting.  We are a very good example of how new groups and new uses of the Memorial Hall can be promoted.  Click here to find out more about parwich film

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Not content with setting up The Horns and looking after her family, Jo-anne Jewett has been busy writing a book to help “empower” normal women by dispelling the myths about make-up and teaching them how to achieve a professional look themselves. The book, which is due to be launched at Bennetts in Ashbourne in July, is called:

‘The Beautiful Truth’
Don’t believe the hype!!

More about the book later, because not only is Jo-anne launching her book but, inspired by the “before and after” photo sessions that were done for the book, she is also taking a more hands-on role and fulfilling her original passion as a make-up artist and training coach. The models for the book are not actually models, they are ordinary women, aged from 13 to 68 and mostly from Parwich! Do you recognise the person in the before and after photos below….?!

before...and after...


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There was an impressive turn-out at the Memorial Hall last night for the launch of Project Parwich.   Val Stevenson began the evening by giving a presentation on “The Journey So Far“.  After giving us some useful historical background on the rebuild project, Val went on to explain the committee’s strategy in more detail, and to give us some context for the approach that is being taken.  In particular, she stressed the importance of our needing to demonstrate that a new hall will offer the potential for increased usage, from a wider range of users. 

Having already secured a development grant of £23,500, we are now four months away from our next deadline: the submission of our application for a grant of £500,000 from the Big Lottery Fund‘s Community Buildings Programme.  As applications for this programme are no longer being accepted, the message was clear: in terms of a full rebuild, it’s now or never.

If the grant application is successful – and we have every reason to feel confident that it will be – then a further £255,000 will still need to be sourced from elsewhere, in order for work to commence in Summer 2009.  Although the fund raising group (led by Brian Beasley) is working hard on this, there is still a role for the rest of the village to fulfil.  This was expanded on further by Patti Beasley, who explained the aims of Project Parwich.

As many of you will already know, Project Parwich is a twelve-month fund raising campaign by the village itself.  The idea is to raise as much money as possible, while having a good time in the process.  This will have the additional benefit of demonstrating that we are a self-organised community, who are taking an active and lively role in making the Memorial Hall project a successful one.

Last night’s suggested events included an auction of promises, a “millionaire’s night”, a 10k road run and a party/disco.  There will be many more to follow.  Ruby Hickmott is our official Events Organiser, who will be keeping a list of volunteers and putting together a calendar of events.  (You can e-mail Ruby, or phone her on 323.)  Everyone is encouraged to get involved, whether by planning their own event or by helping out at the many events that will be taking place between now and mid-2009.

The third and final speaker was Steve Riley from Marsh Grochowski Architects, who talked us through some of the current ideas for the new Memorial Hall.  Although Steve was keen to stress that the building plans were still very much at a draft stage, he was able to give us a fairly detailed glimpse at the sort of building we might expect to see.   (more…)

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Here are a few words forwarded to us by Patti Beasley who is organising the PR for next weeks launch. The text of the Project Parwich letter is posted further down.

Hello Everyone – well by now you should all have received a letter, cheerfully delivered by Jane Harris and hopefully also seen the posters dotted around the village, inviting you to come to the launch of Project Parwich on May 7th.

While you are being plied with alcohol and enough nibbles to stop you from getting too tipsy we shall be explaining all about this exciting Fun and Fund Raising venture. It will be our opportunity to show that as always Parwich folks can rise to the occasion and get stuck in by having a great time while we raise money.

Don’t worry that (more…)

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By now all households in Alsop en le Dale, Ballidon, Parwich and Pikehall should have received a letter announcing the launch of Project Parwich and your opportunity to see the plans for our new Memorial Hall. However just in case you have not seen the letter here it is:

What WE CAN do for OUR New Village Memorial Hall

‘Project Parwich’

You will probably know that we are getting nearer to realising our dream for a new Parwich Memorial Hall. Obviously the cost of this is substantial and as a village we could not possibly find all the money ourselves. We hope to be successful with our £500,000 bid from the Big Lottery Fund and other grants for which the Fund Raising Group is busy applying. However every penny we can raise will go towards making the hall a better-equipped building. If you think of the actual building of the new hall as a slice of bread then we could make the whole thing tastier by fund raising for the jam! This is where every member of our community can help. We will be showing the Lottery Fund that we can help ourselves, we will be having fun and making our contribution all at the same time. (more…)

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Project Parwich

Project Parwich – the Launch

Notices have gone out to all residents of Alsop en le Dale, Ballidon, Parwich and Pikehall announcing the launch of Project Parwich and an opportunity to see the architect’s plans for our new Memorial Hall:

7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th

Project Parwich & our new Memorial Hall
Wednesday May 7th at 7.30pm at Parwich Memorial Hall

Come and join in with ‘Drinks and Nibbles’: to view the final plans for the new Memorial Hall and to launch ‘Project Parwich’, our Fun and Fundraising year for the Hall.

7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th

7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th

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