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Online Safety

We received the following message regarding attempted fraud –

Diane and I have detected attempted fraudulent activity on one of our accounts.

The transaction appeared on our statement as JS Online grocery.

Fortunately, Diane picked up on this and it has been successfully resolved.

We would just like to warn others to be aware and to check statements for unusual activity.


Jim & Di T

While it is not certain how this particular fraud was accomplished with more and more of our lives being conducted online much of our personal data is at risk of compromise by fraudsters. If anyone is worried about their online security Derbyshire County Council are offering help and advice at



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Merry Christmas!


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Mrs Monty’s Uttoxeter Tips

16:45 Dartford Warbler

17:50 Midnight Magic

You heard it here first 🙂

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Merry Christmas!


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Kevin S writes:

As a user of O2 for my mobile phone for longer than I can remember, I have been getting increasingly frustrated by their intransigence and lack of respect for loyalty. Having just had another very unsatisfactory call with O2, I have now decided to leave for an alternative service provider.

I’ve currently got a very good offer from “3”, but since the mobile reception in the village is so poor, I would like to ask readers of the blog for their experience of the signal on “3” in Parwich.

Indeed, I am sure it would be interesting to everyone to hear people’s experiences on local reception for any of the service providers.

From my perspective, I feel that the O2 signal strength has been dropping of late – but that could just be a reflection of my frustration.

Kevin S

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Thursday 17th November 2011
at 8pm, Calver Village Hall

Please visit our website.  Contact us by email: or 01433 631436

“Peak ParkWatch are an independent organisation, and the opinions expressed on their website do not necessarily represent the opinions of the PARWICH.ORG blog team.”

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The planning application from Robert Gosling at Hill Top Farm has been registered with Peak District National Park. Application number: NP/DDD/0911/0933 Proposal: Erection of a single wind turbine and stone build plant rooms.

All the planning documents can been seen on the National Park website or by visiting the Peak Park at Bakewell.

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