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From Dubai to Parwich

My three pooches were all born in the deserts of Dubai and they’ve only seen snow a couple of times. Looks like they are happy to switch sand for the cold stuff!

Caroline G

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Mist rolling up the valley

Photos from Creamery Lane by Peter T



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Clear Skies

This afternoon saw clear skies but as the temperature drops watch out for foggy patches and icey roads. Photo taken from Creamery Lane.


And another lovely image taken this evening, presumably from further up the Hill, thank you Martin C.img_1199


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Ice Warning

Just a word of caution, the first icy patches of the season are starting to build in places between Bradbourne Mill and the Bentley Brook, also as go out of the village from Pits Lane.   As the forecast is for a continued cold snap, they could get quite nasty.

Cheryl W

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Deliveries Delayed

Deliveries in DE 6 could be delayed.
Truck about 100m downstream from road. A gentle reminder of the power of Mother Nature. Lynette C


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Update: The brook has burst it’s banks as has the Millenium Pond. Alsop Road isn’t passable at the point below.

Thanks you to Rona C for letting us know that Dam Lane is flooded outside Veronica’s. Please let us know of any other problems


Thank you Alexandra S for this photo of the same place

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Super Moon

Clear skies permitting there will be a super moon on Monday 14th November 2016.

The moon will be the closest to Earth it’s been since January 1948. It will appear bigger than it has for almost 70 years. The next time the moon is closer will not be until 2034.

During the event, the moon will appear up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than an average full moon.

Lets hope for clear skies above Parwich.


Photo: Lynn C

Further Reading: The Mirror

Further reading: The Independent



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