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Missing Sheep

4.20pm Sunday 23rd June

Three Zwartble sheep, black with white faces, a ewe and two lambs, are missing from a field by Wash Meadow House. If anyone sees them about or has noticed anything suspicious in the area please contact Graham, tel. 07770 ***** or 07956 *****.

If you are looking at this on Facebook please share locally.

Added 8.45pm. The sheep are now home safe and sound, thank you to all who looked out for them.

Open Gardens


Oil Price Up

imageUpdate for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

Brent Crude oil price jumps today passing $65 a barrel, as tensions continue to rise in the Middle East. Delivery times are 5 to 10 working days.

Rate:  £0.4550 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

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Sleepy Chick

‘The sun is out I’m fed and watered, now I just want to sleep’ Another fabulous shot from David G

Next PDHS Trip

July Trip Poster jpeg 2019

Party animal (Moss) returns from the solstice turned into fire breathing dragon. Another great pic from David G

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