October Film DREAM HORSE

A small village community in Wales comes together to help bartender Jan raise a race horse. With little money and no experience, Jan convinces a motley crew of villagers to chip in their limited earnings to help raise a foal on her allotment and compete with the racing elites.

See the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSOybientng 

Based on the incredible true story of Dream Alliance, Dream Horse is a classic tale of triumph against adversity, as an ordinary woman makes her wildest dream come true and their horse becomes a beacon of hope in their struggling community.


FRIDAY 22nd October 7.45PM

Free Entrance.   Social Distancing      Raffle

Parwich Memorial Hall

  • Silent projection 
  • Hi Fi Sound  

Oil Price Up

Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

We have seen a huge spike in rates this week due to the demand on suppliers for heating oil. In fact we have not put rates forward for a number of areas due to some rates being too high, and a lot of suppliers are unable to even take on new orders.

Delivery times is 7 to 14 days, but due to demand and driver shortages in some areas these times are now an estimated delivery time, so please allow plenty of time for your order to be delivered. If you are low on heating oil this group order will not be suitable.

Rate:  £0.5248 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

For full details  Continue Reading »

PDHS Gardening Talk

Missing Cat

A kind lady contacted me the other day about my missing cat Leo and unfortunately I’ve lost her number would she be able to re-contact me please or my sister on either number below. Emily B

07494273071. Or 07595386212

This weekend at the Legion

Blue and Green Bins on Wednesday

No foody caddy

Green bin payment scheme now in operation.

Oil Price Up

Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

Brent Crude hits a two-month high passing $77 a barrel today, as oil inventories dwindle further and 20% of the Gulf of Mexico production is still off line due to Storm Ida.

Delivery times 7 to 12 days, but due to driver shortages in some areas these times are now an estimated delivery time, so please allow plenty of time for your order to be delivered. If you are low on heating oil this group order will not be suitable.

TIP: Supply chain delays are growing! We are already seeing a number of issues developing in the industry causing delays on deliveries, including driver shortages, a sharp increase in demand for oil, as well as production cuts. Delivery timelines are now heading up to 14 working days, so please be sure to order earlier than usual to ensure you don’t run out before a delivery can get to you.
Our recommendation to our members is now to order when you have 5+ weeks worth of oil left.

Rate:  £0.4995 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

For full details  Continue Reading »

The final curtain descends upon the crown green bowling season; a season that for so long gave the Parwich Team aspirations of glory. As the summer blazed on I had certainly considered that the Thursday League trophy was to have our name on it.We’ve finished second, and in doing so have also secured promotion to the higher division, which after reflection is an achievement of note though the anguish will take time to fade. We floundered in our last Thursday match of the season at Matlock Bath, in itself a particularly difficult arena on which to complete our campaign: a remarkably small, tight and viciously contoured green that without a doubt offers considerable home advantage and we ended the day well-beaten by a remarkably friendly and welcoming team, going down by 134 points to 119. I believe we all knew then that it was not going to be enough, especially as rivals Bradwell triumphed with a thumping 143 to 83 win that same day, but we were left with nerves hanging until this weekend to see how they had got on in one of their two games in hand. Another convincing win put them only a whisker behind us and, as I understand, the award of average points per game for their other unfulfilled fixture means that Bradwell will take the title. So it’s hats off in our sincere congratulations to the Bradwell Team, you kept us on our toes all summer and provided great excitement. However before we consign our woods to understairs cupboards for the long winter months there is one more Tuesday fixture to fulfill in the other challenge, when this week we travel to – and yes, you’ve guessed it – Bradwell! A chance to let them know we’re still a very good outfit and to preserve one’s honour. So that’s it. Our much-cherished green is undergoing its winter maintenance, the ground has been smartened by the members and that leaves the only remaining business to be the end of season lunch at The Sycamore, whom I know will do us proud as always. A huge thanks to all the Team for making it such a compelling season and to all who have followed via these reports and have wished us well along the way. I for one will look forward with much anticipation and with not just a little pride to the chance of being able to go one better next time out.

Mark J…

PDHS Gardening Talk

Race Night – last weekend to get tickets

Legion Bike Ride and/or BBQ

This weekend at the Legion

Tiny black bantam hen – OWNER NOW FOUND

There is a a tiny black bantam hen which has been around Walnut cottage on and off for a few days…. It is currently up Jo,s tree escaping one of her cats.

We can think of several hen owners in the vicinity of Walnut cottage, but none that have bantams….
Jo,s no is 390182 if you are missing a bantam please can you call her to sort.

Lucy M

Any questions just let me know lucywigley@googlemail.com

Lucy M

Village Bonfire and Fireworks

You can also download the poster.

Any questions email lucywigley@googlemail.com

See you there

Lucy M

Sycamore Kids Halloween Party

Saturday 30th October, don’t forget to let Kirsty know if you will be attending.

Lucy M

Suspicious vehicle

Patti B has reported suspicious looking men driving around the village in a white transit van this afternoon. They were enquiring about scrap and stayed around the Creamery Lane area for some time. Please be vigilant.

Parish Council Minutes

Click this link to read the draft minutes of the meeting of Parwich Parish Council held on the 15th September 2021. Please note that the minute number 9-15-26 agreeing to the Oddfellows request to place 5 benches in the Village is the minuted decision of that meeting. This is unchanged by any subsequent discussion unless a new resolution is passed at another properly constituted meeting. An extraordinary meeting has been requested to allow this issue to be discussed. If this is agreed details will be posted on the Blog.

Road Closure


WHEN: 23rd October 2021 Night time closure 19:00 to 23:59

WHERE: Bradbourne Road, Parwich at White Meadow House between junction with B5056 and junction with Ballidon Quarry road.

REASON: To facilitate STW Pipe Repair.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: Smithy Lane Parwich Dale A515 A5012 Aldwark B5056

Access will be maintained, whenever reasonably possible, on the affected length of road. The road will re-open as soon as the work is finished. This may be earlier than advertised.Derbyshire County Council apologises for any inconvenience caused while work takes place. Anyone needing further information should ring Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190 .The County Council intends to make/has made an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to prohibit its use by traffic.

Increase in dog mess – AGAIN

I’ve yet again had to pick up dog mess on Parsons Croft and a neighbour has also had to pick up someone elses dog poo this morning too. The school are regularly using this field and so are small children and this just isn’t acceptable. The dog mess is from a large dog and it isn’t a small amount!

We will all be keeping an eye out and if anyone is spotted leaving dog mess they will immediately be reported for a possible fine.

If you are using Parsons Croft for dogs, which like many I do too, then be responsible take your dog to the bottom of the field to do its business away from where the kids play and PICK IT UP! Don’t just let them run around and don’t watch them as that’s when it happens! We are watching you.

So the moral is don’t be a moron and face a big fine, bag and bin it and everything will be fine.

Lucy M

Grey Bin Wednesday

No food caddy, put food waste in grey bin.

It’s a Bugs Life

Thank you to David G for some more stunning shots


Big thanks to the PDHS committee, helpers and entrants for a great show!

PDHS Gardening Talk

Legion Bike Ride and/or BBQ

Misty Mornings

Thank you to David G for these absolutely stunning misty morning sunrise shots.

Oddfellow Race Night

Have Your Say on DDDC Services

Have your say on council services

Derbyshire Dales District Council is undertaking a Resident Survey this month, asking for views on the services it delivers and how local people feel about the area. The information will help the District Council to improve the policies and services it delivers while finding out what matters most to local people. 

A randomly selected group of residents are receiving a copy of the survey through the post, which they can complete online if they wish. Members of the District Council’s online panel of residents will also receive a link to complete the survey.

Any resident can also complete the survey now at https://www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/residentsurvey21

A District Council spokesperson said: “This year’s survey has two new features. First, residents will be asked to record their views and the reasons for them, as well as selecting a graded response. Second, we are requesting postcodes information to assist us in identifying the areas where we need to focus our actions and to follow up on any points raised.”

For more information about the survey contact Derbyshire Dales District Council’s Policy Officer on 01629 761240 during office hours [Tuesday to Thursday].

The spokesperson added: “The Derbyshire Dales Online Panel is one of the ways in which we listen to residents and people who work in the Dales. Around 950 people have already joined the Panel and we’d love to have more.

“Panel members respond to online surveys on topics that are of interest to them and receive fewer than six surveys a year.” To join the Panel go to www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/enewsreg

This weekend at the Legion

Day Lilies

Kath and Owen have been doing some garden maintenance and have a wheelbarrow at the top of their drive (Brook Close Farm) containing dug up yellow and orange day lilies that are free to anyone who would like them….

Village Reports During 2020 Pandemic

Several Village organisations have provided reports of their activities during the unprecedented events of 2020. For the record these have been collected on the Parish Council website and can be seen on the page of reports for 2020-21. If any organisation would like to have a report added to this record please sent it to Clerk@parwichparishcouncil.org.uk.

Blue and Green Bins on Wednesday

No foody caddy

Green bin payment scheme now in operation.

PDHS Show Thank You!

The Committee would like to thank all those who placed such lovely entries into the Produce Show on Sunday.  It made for a very successful event.  We hope that next year there will be a super effort as we are celebrating our 70th Anniversary and would like the event to be even better!

Tensions Rise as the Final Chapter Opens

As the heady days of the summer solstice give way to the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, bowling folk prepare to stow their woods ahead of the coming snowfalls, fireworks, carols on the green and the Six Nations Tournament. Though not, however, before important conclusions of the present campaign’s business over the coming couple of weeks. In the Tuesday competition we have our last home match this week when we entertain Whitworth Park, finishing next Tuesday far north in the wilds of Bradwell. Whilst in the much sought-after Thursday league our account closes this week with a must-win encounter at Matlock Bath, as the aroma of a thousand industrial deep fat friers will waft gently o’er the green. (Hmm, may even partake when the game’s over, methinks.) It will then be left for us to chew our nails over the following week while Bradwell fulfil their 2 games in hand in their quest to overturn us.Last week’s matches were certainly noteworthy. Tuesday we were at home to Chatsworth, whose strength of personnel is commendation indeed considering that the Duke himself appears not to be able to get a place in the team. That it was a close one cannot be denied and as the last pairing was played out mental arithmetic was being performed in heads of all those present: a point here, a point there, would make the difference. Hush descended as the outcome of the final end produced a tie, 73 points apiece, honours even and warm handshakes all round. Thursday then saw our last home game in this league, a tense affair against Matlock Golf Club. Once again it was close, could have gone either way for long periods, but Parwich did overcome in the end by 122 points to 104. Was this margin enough, you’ll all be asking? Well there’s no easy answer to this, you’ll just have to read next week to find out. 

Mark J…

Legion Bike Ride and/or BBQ

Mis-delivered parcel

Message from John Micklefield:

We were expecting a delivery to Gardeners Cottage today, from Amazon. It was addressed to friends staying with us – Vidal Brownlee, but unfortunately he got the post code slightly wrong – DE6 1QD rather than 1QB. 

Amazon say it was delivered but there’s no sign up here.

Please contact Jon on 075 if was delivered to you.

Oddfellow Race Night

Legion Takeaway Night

Oil Price Steady

Update for Bradbourne & Parwich Heating Oil Club

Around 80 percent of Gulf of Mexico oil production remains shut in after Hurricane Ida according to BSEE data, holding oil at around $73 a barrel for Brent Crude this week.

Delivery times 7 to 10 days, but due to driver shortages in some areas these times are now an estimated delivery time, so please allow plenty of time for your order to be delivered. If you are low on heating oil this group order will not be suitable.

TIP: Cut back any overgrown greenery – As we come to the end of the summer months, greenery is at its fullest. Therefore it is a good idea to cut back any overgrowth that may be surrounding your tank or obscuring access to your property, so that the tanker drivers are able to access your property, inspect whether the tank is safe, and to deliver your oil safely. Drivers are required to inspect at least 3 sides of a tank, and may not be able to successfully complete a delivery if this is not possible or their access is obscured.

Rate:  £0.4301 (pence per litre excluding vat [5% for Domestic use])

For full details  Continue Reading »

PDHS Village Show

Click this link for a printable PDF listing of show classes and entry form.

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