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Sadly, but understandably, the organisers of the Parwich Panoramic Five have made the decision to cancel the PP5 for this year. It would have been on Tuesday 4 August but with the current Covid situation they felt it inappropriate to be inviting 100+ people in to the village unnecessarily.

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Video: Please watch.

This weekend, a number of pubs across the county will re-open after almost 15 weeks of lockdown.

As much as we’d like it to be, the experience won’t be one we recognise.

Please remember that social distancing rules continue to apply. You may be expected to queue outside venues or at the bar once you are inside and provide your details at each premises you visit to assist with test and trace.

We all have a responsibility to stop the spread of Coronavirus so please maintain a distance of two metres from those around you.

In this short video, Chief Inspector Becky Webster and Mike Kay, Head of Licensing at Derby City Council, discuss the extra steps that licensed premises across Derbyshire have had to take.

Staff at the Holly Bush Inn in Makeney let us in for a glimpse behind the scenes, showing how the pub experience has massively changed to ensure people can visit safely – with new measures such as face shields for bar staff now in place.

Covid-19 still presents a significant and deadly threat to public health. People should continue to wash their hands regularly and maintain social distancing.

Please reconsider your plans if you arrive somewhere and establish that distancing isn’t achievable.

Be aware of how excess drinking and violent behaviour may impact the emergency services at this time.

Extra officers will be on patrol this weekend to make sure that people can enjoy the county’s pubs, clubs and restaurants safely.

We want everyone to have a good time, but please do so safely, responsibly, and with respect for the public health measures in place.

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Sycamore Reopening

I saw this on the Sycamore Facebook page. I know not everyone has Facebook so this might be useful information for some regarding the reopening.

⭐️Hi everyone hope your all keeping well as we plan to reopen on Saturday 4th July 🍺🍺🍾things will be a little different for all of us we shall only be serving drinks on Saturday to give us and you the chance to get used to the new procedures in place , one way system around the pub , sanitizer station , regular disinfecting between table uses and any touchable surfaces along with various other measures that will be in place , we feel there’s no need to rush as it’s all new to us all. We will take bookings for our indoor tables but as you will be aware we only have a limited number of tables inside we can now use so please give us a call if you wish to reserve one of these 01335390212
⭐️Our outdoor space we have a large beer garden and those tables will be on a first come first served basis as we will be relying on the weather for those to be usable 🙏for sunshine
⭐️We will also have tables Available in our Marquee these can also be reserved as well the marquee will be lit in the evening. And we are arranging out door heaters for this aswell for the not so warm evenings but is a great covered out door space with plenty of social distancing room
⭐️Food we shall resume our take away food service from Sunday 5th we are only going todo takeaway food for the first few weeks till business becomes more viable but if you wish to eat it on the premises we are move than happy for you to do that it. It will just limit the number off staff we require at first to make things easier to run we will soon announce when our normal food service will resume at the pub
⭐️Hope this all makes sense and we have made things as clear as possible for you and hope you will all come and join us for a cold pint , large G&T etc we look forward to seeing you all again
⭐️For any more info please call us 01335390212 or give us a message
Opening times will be announced shortly, Saturday we will be open from 12pm onwards


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Playground Open


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As businesses such as pubs and restaurants open their doors to the public from Saturday 4 July, we are offering advice to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please remember that social distancing rules continue to apply and you may be expected to queue outside venues or at the bar once you are inside and provide your details at each premises you visit to assist with track and trace.
We all have a responsibility to stop the spread of coronavirus so maintain a distance of two metres from those around you.

We anticipate that the city, and towns across the county, will be busy when establishments re-open for the first time so if you need to book a taxi, make sure you do so well in advance.

The advice is that you should avoid using public transport where possible but if you do need to use a train or bus, remember that face coverings must be worn.

Extra officers will be on patrol this weekend to make sure that people can enjoy the county’s pubs, clubs and restaurants safely.

Owners of on-licences premises will need to have the appropriate risk assessments and plans in place to ensure both staff and customer safety. Owners should seek advice from their local environmental health officers and licensing teams for further advice if required.

Inspector Emma Marshall said: “It’s great for the local economy that the pubs and restaurants can re-open, however people visiting need to be aware that their evening out is likely to be very different from previous nights out in the towns and cities.

“People will need to be patient as queues are likely to be longer than expected and respect the rights of other to socially distance while everyone takes the opportunity to enjoy themselves. We will be supporting our colleagues in environmental health to identify breaches and take appropriate action where necessary.”

Councillor Jonathan Smale, Cabinet Member for Communities, Neighbourhoods and Streetpride, said: “Derby has been awarded Purple Flag status as a safe and welcoming place to come and enjoy a night out for the past six years. Coronavirus isn’t going to change that. We’re working really hard with our great venues to ensure that it’s going to be just as safe to come into Derby and enjoy a really good night out whilst following the necessary guidelines to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

“Things are obviously going to be different and so we’re asking people to be respectful, patient and work with us to make sure we can continue to enjoy a safe night out.”

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All of the District Council’s political groups have signed up to a joint statement calling on central government to ensure that the needs of local communities are fully considered as coronavirus lockdown eases.

The statement – issued by the leaders of the Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat groups – calls on Secretary of State Robert Jenrick to review all strategies and regulations “to make sure that our communities are protected from uncontrolled excess visitor numbers that could contribute to a second wave of the virus”.

Read the full statement >>

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The District Council’s 10 public toilets will reopen from 22 June on a restricted-hours trial basis between the hours of 11am and 3pm, ensuring the facilities can be operated and cleaned safely during the continuing coronavirus crisis. During this time they will be cleaned by council staff on three occasions and the situation will be reviewed after a two-week trial.

Bakewell stallmarket will also reopen on 22 June, with a maximum of 90 stalls and a new social distancing configuration including a one-way configuration for shoppers. The market’s opening hours will be reduced from 9.30am to 2pm while the coronavirus crisis continues.

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Emergency Committee to discuss markets and public toilets

The possible reopening of public toilets and the popular Bakewell stall market will be discussed by Derbyshire Dales District Council on 11 June.

The Emergency Committee “virtual” meeting will be broadcast live on the District Council’s YouTube channel.

The Prime Minister announced at the weekend that outdoor markets can reopen in an easing of Government coronavirus lockdown measures.

At the 11 June meeting, the Council, which is currently consulting with licensed stallholders, will present an amended market layout that takes into account coronavirus social distancing requirements.

Also on the agenda is an update on the 11 public toilets operated by the Council, which, during the lockdown to date, have remained closed. Risk assessments have been carried out and officers have made it clear that the facilities cannot be reopened until the safety of users and its own cleaning staff can be assured.

Public participation at meetings is currently suspended and members of the public are asked to read the reports first – available online from 4 June at – before submitting any questions.

After that date, questions can be submitted to the meeting no later than 12 noon on 10 June by email to, by post to Democratic Services, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Town Hall, Matlock DE4 3NN or by phone during working hours to 01629 761300.

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101 Calls

We are experiencing a high number of calls to our 101 non-emergency number this afternoon so you may have to wait longer to speak to an operator.

If you want to contact us, please consider using alternative methods;

• Facebook – send us a private message to /DerbyshireConstabulary
• Twitter – direct message our contact centre on @DerPolContact
• Website – complete the online contact form

To report a potential breach of Covid19 guidelines, please use this form on our website:
Remember to call 999 only in an emergency.

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Lestor Lowe?

I imagine that with more places open there will not be much of a call for a delivery from Lestor Lowe, however if you would like a delivery please can you let me know by Wednesday and I can see if there is enough interest.

Fiona 191/

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The Leader of Derbyshire Dales District Council is asking would-be visitors to think twice before making a trip to one of the most beautiful regions in England.

The relaxation by the Government of coronavirus travel guidelines means many people who live both inside and outside the area may be contemplating a trip to the Dales’ visitor hotspots.

But the Council’s Leader Councillor Garry Purdy said: “While I totally understand the temptation to seek some respite from the constraints placed on all of us by the coronavirus crisis, my appeal to anyone considering a trip is not to focus so much on what you can now do but rather what you should do.

“Visiting the Dales right now will undoubtedly create tensions in our communities as well as placing pressure on our roads and emergency services, and, as a former police officer myself, I have a massive amount of sympathy for the policing job now facing the force.

“I am fortunate to represent an area of the Dales that includes Matlock Bath, which is a magnet for tourists at this time of year, but I am asking visitors to respect and protect the residents of Matlock Bath and all of the district’s many honeypot villages by staying away for now.

“We will welcome you back with open arms when this virus is properly under control – our leisure and tourism businesses, most of which continue to be closed, need your support in the long term. But, for now, please don’t put our already limited local services under unnecessary pressure.”

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Hartington Cheese

Due to the lock down caused by the Corona Virus and the closure of Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Shops, Food Fairs, Hartington Creamery based at Pikehall has lost over 80% of its sales. Many locals bought our cheese from Hartington Cheese Shop, which has  temporarily closed. We wish therefore, to make as many previous customers (and potential new customers) aware that we are as a food business still operating and our cheese can be bought locally at Tissington Butchers, or on-line through our website.
Any enquiries please ring 390308
Robert Gosling
Update: Now available at the shop/Sycamore

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The foodbank collections on a Friday from the bus shelter has been cancelled until further notice. Many thanks to those who donated for your support and generosity. Parwich donated a total of 21 bags of groceries over a 3 week period (7 + 11 + 3) which will have been a great help to those in need of assistance.

You can still donate to the foodbank via various collection points in Ashbourne. These are at M&S, Sainsbury’s & Co-Op. Thank you. L.B.

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Saskia’s Good News Stories

No ‘good news’ stories? Well, I certainly have one: whilst clearing out one of my storage units in the pantry (a once-in-a-lifetime-activity for me), I came across a small tin of mushy peas, use-by date: March 2003. I don’t like mushy peas. Needless to say the contents were flushed down the toilet … but I’m really pleased with the extra space in my unit, thanks to Covid19.

Now a more serious good-news story: I like this invisible benefit of less air pollution as a result of Covid19, clear(er?) skies, less traffic, birdsong is more obvious. I also keep wondering if the village can continue with some of the ‘silver linings’ of Covid19, e.g. the positive joint activities, like the Lester Lowe orders, that save numerous individual car journeys (= air pollution). I also like the idea of a village collection point for (small and light) parcels once life is back to normal. I know it’s been discussed in the past, but it would save the numerous delivery vans trundling through the village. I myself had 2 (small and light) parcels delivered over the past few days, one by the postie (fine – no problem), the other one by a separate delivery van. I would have been more than happy to collect it from a collection point in the village, thereby avoiding the delivery van having to drive up to my house. Have you had some similar thoughts and ideas as a result of the Covid19 lockdown?

And lastly another good news story: I’m delighted to hear that a certain DT is supporting trials to cure Covid19 patients by zapping people with a good dose of UV light and rinsing their inners with disinfectant. I’ve already been out in the sun (a lot), so that’s fine for the UV, and have a bit of Dettol left that I can use for my inners. (Please don’t try this at home).

Saskia T

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Thank You

Thank you so so much to everyone who’s donated fabric and pillowcases, I’ve just dropped the second batch of scrub bags off for Royal Derby Hospital. This drop of 65 bags brings the total to 101 scrub bags donated so far!

Thank you all again, Rosie

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DDDC digital exercises


Targeting exercise during the coronavirus lockdown

Exercise videos targeting every age group and fitness level are being posted online daily by Derbyshire Dales District Council’s sports development team.

There are family videos too where children can join mums and dads to do simple exercises to encourage family activities together.

The videos can be watched on the sports development team’s Facebook page at and on their YouTube channel at

A District Council spokesperson said: “Exercise and wellbeing are so important during the coronavirus lockdown and we’ve recorded a range of short 10 minute videos focusing on different parts of the body such as legs, upper body, abdominals and waist.

“We also have workouts suitable for those new to exercise, some chair-based workouts and strength and balance exercises suitable for older adults.

“In the coming days and weeks we will also be adding stretch and relax routines and exercises at your desk.”

Staff members also go live each week with a strength and conditioning class and a total body workout

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Good News Stories

Here at the Blog we would like to hear your good news stories. We have heard about Alan S celebrating his birthday, do you have something to celebrate?

Let us have your news and photos to spread a little cheer in our community in these difficult times.

Blog Team

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It has been brought to our attention that many of our most vulnerable residents A088AD78-FF63-4AF1-889C-9D70151E2792may be missing out on essential support because they haven’t responded to a recent NHS letter, delivered to them as they are classed as being clinically extremely vulnerable to coronavirus.

Unfortunately, as a district council, we have no way of knowing who these residents are. Worse, some are likely to be difficult to reach via our usual communications channels. It would be much appreciated therefore if you could spread the word in your communities.

We have today launched a campaign urging family and friends to register for support on behalf of people who have received the NHS letter – anyone can do this online at

We’re also again encouraging anyone not classed by their GP or hospital clinician as being clinically extremely vulnerable, but still needing support, to register for help via the County Council’s Community Response Unit or call 01629 535091 Monday to Friday 9amto 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 1pm.

You can share our Facebook campaign post here or re-Tweet our Twitter post here. We are also issuing this to our e-newsletter database and to local media.


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Lestor Lowe Delivery Clarification

Our Parwich delivery is a collective delivery to one point in the village. This reduces social contact for everyone, including the delivery driver, and enables one delivery charge to be shared amongst us all. If you want a delivery to be made to your own house then you will need to order separately and pay the delivery charge.

We have had a really good response for the delivery so any charge for the collective delivery should be small.

Fiona H


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Free Range Eggs

If you would like some free range eggs delivering to your local door step in these times of social isolation/distancing please get in touch. £1.25 per half dozen

Fiona H 191/

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Lestor Lowe Delivery is On!

There has been enough interest to justify a Lestor Lowe delivery. Please place and pay for your order with Lestor Lowe and let them know that you would like to be part of the Parwich delivery which is coming to Nethergreen Farm. When it arrives I’ll contact everyone to come and pick up individually allowing for social distancing.

It is helpful to have an idea of who is ordering and a rough idea of what they are ordering as it helps in coordinating with Lestor’s and also with splitting up any delivery charge. So if you haven’t been in touch already and you place an order it would help me if you could let me know.

Lestor Lowe’s number is 01335 342472. I think they will be closed today (Easter Monday). You may have to persevere to get hold of them as they are very busy.

Estimated delivery date Wednesday 22 April. Orders in ideally by this Friday (17th)

Fiona 191/

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Ice Cream!

Calling all ice cream lovers of Tagg Lane Dairy, Monyash. They are selling their ice cream stock at a reduced price because of the cv.

12 x120ml tubs on a plastic tray, 2 of each flavour for £12 – only 7 trays left
5 litre chocolate ice cream tub for £20
There are a small amount of other flavours available in smaller tubs.
Call 07794496213 to have a chat further

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Food Bank Thank You

ASHBOURNE FOODBANK thanks everyone for their generosity and support and has said
that: “Local demand for your foodbank has gone through the roof and we wouldn’t be able to support so many local people without your help. Please could we ask a massive favour from all of you, could you please pick some of these items in your next shop. It would mean the world to us.”
The next collection for Ashbourne Foodbank is from the bus shelter on Parwich Green and will be at 1.30pm on Friday 17-4-20. Items they are in particular need of, are in their poster.

Thank you

Lesley B

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Parwich’s Sleeping Policemen?

The Jones Family

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Lestor Lowe Update

If we can get enough people interested LL delivery will be around Wednesday 22 April. Please let me know by the end of Wednesday 15 April whether you would like to be part of the delivery. There is no restriction on what you order, it is not just for animal feeds, compost etc is fine!

If I know that we have enough people by Wednesday I can let everyone know whether we are going for it or not in time for you to order and pay LL direct by Friday. I currently have 5 people interested, last time we had about 15.

Fiona H 191/

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Lit Up for the NHS

Thanks to Karen R for sending this photo of PArwich Hall lit up at 8pm for the NHS

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Lestor Lowe Delivery

Since the last Lestor Lowe delivery a number of people have asked me whether we will be having another delivery. I have spoken to LL and they tell me that delivery would be in about 2 weeks time . Could you let me know as soon as possible if you think you would wish to place an order so that I can see whether it will be worth while booking a delivery slot?

Fiona H  191/


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Pillowcases / Fabric Needed

Hi all,

I’m using some of my time on furlough to make scrub bags for the Derby Royal, and others who need them. The idea is that at the end of their shift nurses, Dr’s etc put their scrubs straight into a washable bag and tie it up before taking it home and putting it straight into their washer, removing the need to touch contaminated clothes once home.

I’ve made my first batch but am now running short of fabric. Would anyone have any pillowcases, duvet covers or fabric they be happy to donate. Pillowcases would be ideal as they’re quick to convert, fabric would need to be a half meter minimum.

If anyone could help donate then please contact me via or 07712 481 197.

I’m happy to collect from wherever you’re located. Any help at all would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,


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Help for Ashbourne Food Bank

With so many people struggling financially, Ashbourne foodbank would welcome extra donations. They are currently short of tinned meats. I’m sure they could also use some inexpensive easter eggs (for the kids), as well as other food items . If people left items in the bus shelter by mid day on Friday, I will either get the foodbank to collect the donations or take them to a drop off point myself on Friday afternoon. 

Lesley B 605

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Some eggs have now appeared outside our house too so take a stroll up the lane to spot them…Viv & Jon M (Gardeners Cottage) Viv M

Here the Easter Bunny is keeping it’s babies safe from the hens. Fiona HLily and Doug’s Easter Tree has now appeared as well as an entry for the under 7’s (creativity is not our strong point!!)

Eggs grow on a tree at Saskia’s

Easter eggs

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First off the post is Glynis D. Send us your Easter bunny photos to help those on the trail

Hope these help! Perhaps a competition for the grown-ups- which Farrow and Ball match pots were used to paint the bunnies and the eggs!!
Glynis D

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Prayers Zoom In

Church meets on Sunday

It’s Palm Sunday on Sun 5 April.  We can’t meet in St Peter’s but a congregation from Parwich and surrounding villages will be meeting on Sunday at 1800 via Zoom to say Evening Prayer together using words from the 1662 Prayer Book and 21st century technology so we can see and hear each other (but not singing!).  To receive:

  • the Zoom link shortly before the service please e-mail Rev Carollyn McDonald on  You will only need to click on the link which will take you to a screen where all those joining in are visible; there is no need to search for any software in advance;
  • the words for the service in advance or for any other query please e-mail or phone 390684.

We hope to see and hear you.

Andrew Collie

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Flour Supplies

Just a heads up for anyone needing flour supplies . I’ve been to Caudwell’s Mill @ Rowsley this morning & they have plenty of flour available except normal self-raising flour . They also have a limited amount of dried yeast too .

Open daily 10.30-4pm

Karen R

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Parish Council Update

The Parish Council have published an item on their website regarding the affects of the coronavirus outbreak on their work, here

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Then latest news on bin collections can be found  here

From DDDC-
Recycling backlog
We are very conscious that some residents where recycling collections have been missed this week and last are getting concerned about when we might have capacity to react to the backlog as the coronavirus crisis continues to impact on this service.

Please be aware that a contingency plan will be announced very soon that seeks to address how recycling collections will happen during this emergency situation.

In the meantime our appeal to households is that you stockpile any recycling rather than being tempted to burn it – which is bad for the environment – or to dispose of it in any other way.

Your continued patience and understanding in these exceptional times is much appreciated.

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NHS Nightingale Needs You!

NHS Nightingale would like to fill it’s new wards with bright & beautiful drawings and paintings by children. They need to be A4 so they can be laminated and kept clean and germ free.


Once completed, people are asked to share them online using #rainbowsfornightingale

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Local Fruit & Veg Delivery

Hi Everyone, Beckii (who works at the pub) has let us know that her parents Lynne and Matt have a fruit and veg shop. As they live within Parwich they are happy to deliver in and around the village. They can deliver on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you would like a delivery, please phone or text them between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. the day before you would like a delivery. You can contact them on:
07730 028 877
01335 390 799
or text orders on 07730 015 351.

They will confirm that they have received your order. They accept cash, cheques, card, Paypal and bank transfer.

This service will begin on Tuesday 7th April.

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Shopping Update

We are indebted to Sue and Mike H for this information on Ashbourne shopping –

Shopping possibilities in Ashbourne for those self-isolating or just wanting to avoid more contact
I just wanted to let people know the measures a couple of shops were taking against Coronavirus. Natural Choice is limiting it to just 2 shoppers at a time (and are still doing refills, wearing gloves) whilst Fresh Choice now serve you from the shop entrance, picking what you need, wearing gloves. Both shops are closing earlier (from 3 or 4pm) to process their deliveries. So if you are heading to their shops, best to go well before. Both places were not busy, with only a couple of people in the queue when we went yesterday after lunch. I have to say, they have all had a pretty exhausting few days but have devised brilliant new systems.
The following shops below are offering deliveries. As Fresh Choice are dropping veg orders off at The Butchery in Tissington, they confirmed to me that they could coordinate just one drop-off there too. But people would have to place their orders with each individual shop. When I spoke to them they said they intend this service for those who really cannot leave their home.
Contact Fresh Choice on email or ring 0791 6142050
To be clear, ring each shop to place an order, Pinder at Fresh Choice will only co-ordinate.
ALHulme Fishmonger
Ashbourne Bakehouse
Fresh Choice
Cheddar Gorge
Nigel’s Butchers
Mark’s Family Butcher
Natural Choice
Maison du Bière (hard to write this one when it should be ” de la Bière!!”)
Hope this helps if people are still finding it hard to get a delivery slot.
Sue H

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