Our Busiest Month Ever

This evening saw the number of page views here at parwich.org for this month (July 2014) exceed all previous months. So far there have been just under 50,000 page views, and there are still two days to go.

Furniture for sale

Janice W is selling a variety of furniture from three piece suite, dining table set, display cabinet, drawers and wardrobe as well as crockery and other bits and bobs all for very reasonable prices. Come to 3 West View over the weekend or contact Janice on 390281 or email lucywigley@googlemail.com to enquire. Below is a selection for sale:

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Our Weatherman in the Village says:

The wonderful 2014 summer continues, and rain gauge or not it’s pretty irrelevant.

Some high temperatures were recorded this past week, but the weather has changed into a cooler, fresher pattern, maybe with some showers in the coming week. In the longer term, things look a little more changeable, but not much prolonged rain is forecast.

Bugs with designer sunglasses‏

Photos by David G

Lights Out – Monday 4th August

 lights out parwich poster

Please click on ‘continue reading’ for full details….

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Swallows by the pond

Photos by John F-S

What’s on Where this Week
Day Time Event Location
Sun 27th 9.30am Mattins Parwich Church
Sun 27th 11.15am Mattins Alsop Church
Sun 27th 2.30pm Methodist Service Parwich Church
Mon 28th 7-8pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
Open Evening
Parson’s Croft
Tue 29th 6.15pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
vs Whitworth Park B
Tue 29th 7pm Keep fit run/jog/walk – all abilities Sycamore car park
Tue 29th 7-10pm Badminton: book via Janet at Sycamore 212 Memorial Hall
Wed 30th Green bin, Blue bin and food caddy collection Parwich
Wed 30th 6-10pm Badminton: book via Janet at Sycamore 212 Memorial Hall
Thu 31st 11am to 1pm Evie’s Artistic Session
More info: 390488
Memorial Hall
Thu 31st 1.15pm Parwich Crown Green Bowls
vs Matlock Bath
Thu 31st 7-10pm Badminton: book via Janet at Sycamore 212 Memorial Hall
Fri 1st ynot? festival Pikehall
Sat 2nd ynot? festival Pikehall
Sun 3rd ynot? festival Pikehall
Sun 3rd No services today Parwich & Alsop

Click here to see the full Diary page; please email any event information to parwich@hotmail.co.uk


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