October Over 60s Trip


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Weedkiller Weekly Extra Dose # 22


By Paul B

Dog fouling in Parwich village

A range of people have asked the Parish Council to take action in relation to the ongoing dog fouling problem in the village:


It has been brought to the attention of Parwich Parish Council that there has been an increase in the number of incidents of dog fouling in the village.

This is of serious concern to members of the parish council and residents but is of particular concern to the staff at the primary school as dogs have been allowed to foul the public areas used by children. The affected areas include: the pedestrian walk way down to the school from Kiln Lane; the former cricket pitch, football pitch areas and the problem is also regularly occurring on other public areas such as village greens, playground areas and the rear of the Memorial Hall.

The health of vulnerable young children is of great concern to the school staff and the parish council members. The practice of allowing dogs to foul these areas must cease.

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A Most Important Meeting


Enjoying the Sunday Sunshine

Photos by John F-S

October Lunch


Paul B’s Weedkiller Weekly #90

Hello Possums,

Parwich film presents ‘Carry On In The Great British Bake Off Kitchen’. Starring the delectable Barbara Windsor as Mary Cherry, David Walliams as Paul Bollywood and the Krankies as Mel and Sue. Oooh, titter, titter matron. A hilarious cornucopia of double entendres, a plethora of soggy bottoms, lashings of tongue in cheek tittilations and a good old helping of risque innuendos, stiff peaks and buns in the oven. It is awful, but you’ll like it.

David Cameron was forced to make a humbling apology to Her Majesty The Queen, after he revealed her purring response to the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. However they are now back on amicable terms and even shared a saucer of Duchy Original organic milk together.

Podey Pizza, a specialist food company in the US, have launched their latest creation: a cannabis infused pizza topping to give the customer a high, and at the same time satiate the associated post joint munchies. A specialist pot noodle is also in the pipeline.

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